blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


70. Sydney

Nicoles P.O.V

I woke Pearl up after the movie I watched was over, the hostess said we will be landing in 10, "Pearl, we have about 10 minutes till landing" I whispered nudging her shoulder. She looked up at me glumly. She really doesnt like to be woken up. I rolled my eyes. She rubbed her hands over her face fastly, then exhaled, "Im awake" She smiled. We sat there watching the safety thing on the monitors. I was getting so bored, and it had been more than 10 minutes. I sighed, "I just want to get off this fucking plane" I said angrily. Pearl looked at me shocked and so did a few people around us. I thought they were over reacting. I just want to see Niall.

Finally the light blinked for us to put our seat belts back on, I helped Pearl click in hers she couldnt be bothered like always. It was a bumpy landing, made mine and Pearls stomachs feel like we had mager butterflies, we both laughed. I grabbed my carry on bag and stood up waiting for Pearl. She took her time, "Come on, I wana get out of here" I groaned, "Hold up, jeez have patience" She replied. I sighed. She stood up, "Lets go" I smiled pushing out into the line Pearl behind me apologizing to the other people. I stepped out of the plane and the same heat wave hit me, like last time. It felt so weird to leave New Zealand at night and come her and the suns still out. My face suddenly started to get damp. Pearls was too, she wiped her face with her T-shirt showing her tummy. I frowned and pulled her top down, "There are kids around" I teased, a tad jealous.

We got inside, It was much bigger than Nelson and Gold Coast. I grabbed Pearls hand and dragged her to the nearest starbucks, "Can I have a hot chocolate and a Moccachino" I said as we walked in the shop not even at the counter yet. The girl half smiled, obviously she knew who we were, "Hey I was just wondering do you go out with Harr........." She asked before getting interupted, "No, I dont" Pearl said sounding a bit angry, "Good cause hes mine" She replied before going to make our drinks "Actually hes Taylors" I said making sure Pearl didnt hear me........... "Bloody hell Some Auzzies these day" Pearl rolled her eyes, with crossed arms. I giggled then took our drinks and handed the money over. We walked around for the exit, asking some people, to find the bus stops. 

1 hour later..............

We got to our hotel luckily. We missed about 3 buses and got on 5 wrong ones. Our hotel was only like 20 minutes away but we didnt think about where it was before. I flopped on the bed, "Why do we have to stay here when we're leaving tomorrow" I moaned before slipping under the covers, "You know its only 5pm right?" Pearl smiled, "Mmmmhmmm" I said before slowly closing my eyes and falling asleep..........

"Nicole..............Nicole................NICOLE FOR FUCK SAKE!" Pearl yelled making me jump, "Whhhhaaaaattttt" I said rolling over, "Are you having anything to eat? like dinner?" She asked standing at the bed side, "No im sleeping" I said as she walked out......I groaned, I thought it was morning, I checked my phone. You got to be kidding, Ive been asleep for half an hour, it seemed so much longer. I sat up and looked around, I really gotta Pee, I thought, before quickly jumping up and running to the onsuit. "Ahhhhhh" I said in releif. "Good pee?" Pearl asked laughing as she walked passed the other door. "Yup" I giggled. I washed my hands and went back to bed......falling back to sleep.

That night all I dreamt about was Niall, nothing but him. I woke up not wanting it to end. I really Like him.............actually to be honest I Love him....................I wonder if he feels the same. I got up and ready to get on the plane again, but this time the plane ride was gona be so much longer. Pearl came into the room ready and packed, she sat on the bed, "Shit I thought you would be ready.. "We leave in like an hour" She continued. I widened my eyes, "Come on then what are you sitting around for help me" I said worried. She laughed. The word Love ran through my head as we packed, "I think I Love Niall" I blurted out, shit I thought about it so hard it came out, "OOOOOOOO you L.O.V.E him, Snap" Pearl said sarcastically, "Nicole of course you gona Love him, why would you be going out with him if you didnt" She stated. "Good point" I smiled, "But I dont know if he feels the same" I said sighing, "Im sure he does" She winked. I smiled, she was right. I packed the last of my things. Pearl called a taxi and had already put our bags in the boot, she was waiting in the taxi as I handed the room key over to the front desk, and thanked them before getting in the taxi next to Pearl. "OMG Pearl we're going home" I said shaking her arm excitedly. "Yeah" She rolled her eyes, "Dont let him make you unhappy, it was his mistake not yours, now smile" I Demanded, She gave me a sarcastic smile and held her thumbs up, before facing the window....................... "Its harder when you still like the guy" She muttered. before turning back to me, "Its not a good feeling trust me" She said before turning back to the window. Shit did I just make this plane trip a silent, sad vibe ride.....................Yup. 

30 mins later..................

We sat on the plane in silence, "Come on Pearl, you have to talk" I explained, "You dont get it, you havent been in my position" She frowned. I held my hands up in defence "Shit ok, you dont have to get angry at me" I said not looking at her. She chuckled in anger, " You really dont" She whispered before tilting her seat back and plugging in her earphones, pumping her music up loud, I could even hear it.

We are 4 hours into the flight and she still just looked out at the dark sky. I rested my head on my hand, feeling lonely. I decided to watch the movie that is on 'Beautiful Creatures'

Pearls P.O.V

I turned my music down after alittle and read the message I recieved before we left Auzzie,

'Be careful when you get off in London :) crazy fans......Paul will meet you, we are to busy sorry, cant wait to see yous x' Louis

How much I wished that message was from Harry. I locked my phone and put it in my pocket the music still going. I sighed, I might as well make the most of this silence, Once we hit London everythings going to start again.

20 hours later................

I woke up hoping to be landing.................But no we still had an hour, i thought as I checked my phone. Nicole was asleep, I got up and tried to slip past her with out waking her up, I succeeded. I made my way to the toilet. Pretty much everyone on the plane was asleep. I walked into the toilet.............I washed my hands after, then left. I still felt half asleep. I walked past everyone looking in every seat. Where ever I looked I saw curly brown hair. I stopped and sighed. I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, "Are you ok miss" The hostess said as I turned, "Yeah Im fine thanks" I replied walking back to my seat.

Nicole woke up a 30 minutes later. As I was watching a movie. She sretched, "Im just going to the toilet" She whispered, I nodded, before she left. I tilted my head back, This is taking ages i just want to go home and sleep in a bed. I thought to myself. I decided not to watch the movie, but listen to music. I pulled the window cover up and looked out at the sky and clouds, it looked like it was going to get pretty bumpy and rough, Just as I thought that the plane jolted, Nicole jumped back in her seat, abit scared. I rolled my eyes, "Dont worry we're not gona crash" I said reasuring her, "Oh so your talking to me now" She smiled, "Yes well theres no one else to talk to" I half smiled.

The plane did get pretty bumpy, me and Nicole grabbed onto each other at some points but laughed in fright after. The light came on for us to put our seat belts on, "We must be landing" Nicole said excitedly. I smiled in hope.

'Hello this is your captain speaking, we are almost flying into London but it will be a very bumpy ride down so keep you belts on, thank you' The captains voice came over the speakers. I looked at Nicole who was looking at me really excited, "OMG PEARL WERE GOING HOME!!!" she yelled making everyone look at her. I was shocked I didnt know she was going to do that, I covered my face in embarrassment. She laughed at me. I checked my phone remembering the message Louis sent me, "Lou sent me a message before we got on the plane he said, they wont be there to pick us up, but paul will be" I explained, "Yeah thats ok as long as we get home" She smiled.

As we were landing, the plane was jumping up and down giving everyone mager butterflies. We hit the ground hard. I looked out the window, It was pissing down. I made a funny face at Nicole who laughed, "Welcome to Londons shitty weather" Nicole smiled. We took off our belts and grabbed our carry on bags then got up and stood in the line to get out. We got to the plane door. We made our way through the corridors and found our way to the bag section. We stood around hoping no 1D fans would see us. We stood there for about 20 minutes and didnt see our bags, then the same bags started to come back round. I sighed, "Hope they didnt get lost" Nicole said worried..... She jumped as a hand touched her shoulder, She spun around to see Paul holding our bags. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back before giving him a one arm hug "Hey Girls, the safest way to get out would be the back.....but theres still loads of papz and fans out there too, so which one" Paul smiled. "We'll go with the back" I smiled. Paul turned around and gave one of the bags to the other body guard with him.

Me and Nicole followed behind him unexpectedly. We have never had the papz and fans waiting for us, I felt a bit special, but anxious. Paul stopped at the door "Ready?" He asked holding onto the door handle, Me and Nicole linked arms, and nodded our heads. He opened the doors......... We walked out into the flashing lights, the rain pounding down on us, fans screaming, I didnt take notice of what any of them were saying, My mind was blank. Paul rushed us into the range rover. We locked the doors, paul got in after putting our stuff in, People were right up by the window taking picture and screaming. I dont know why people do this. Now i know how the Boys feel when they go out anywhere.. but this isnt as bad. Paul got in and drove off down the road tooting at the people in the way. I started to get so excited.

"Hey isnt this Niall Rover?" Nicole asked Paul, He smiled into the rearvision mirror. She grinned "Knew it" She whipered to herself. We pulled up outside the house, Nicole grabbed my arm and squeezed it tight "Pearl oh my god Pearl were home" She said excitedly, "I know Nicole" I said a little freaked out by how excited she was, "But we have to sort out the furniture" I groaned, She let go of my arm "Oh yeah true, aleast were home" she beamed. I rolled my eys getting out and going to the back to get our bags. Paul came around the corner, "Ill do that for you" He smiled, "oh ok thanks Paul" I smiled leaving the back and heading towards the house Nicole jumping around excitedly, "Wait I dont have the keys" I said frowning, Nicole looked at me worried "I dont" She said checking all her pockets. Paul came up to us "Here" He said holding up the keys, "Oh thanks again" I smiled, "Your our hero" Nicole smiled at him.

I put the key in the lock and in-haled looking at Nicole, her smiling at me. I turned the key and pushed the door open...........................................     


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