blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


10. Surprise

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up to the jug boiling. I was in just my blue jockeys and a bra. I walk to the bathroom and looked in the mirror my hair was frizzy as it always was in the morning, so i tyed it up into a messy bun. I walked out of the bathroom and turned off the light. As i made my way to the kitchen i heard someone humming, it deffantly wasnt Nicoles voice, as i walked past her room i could see she was still in bed. I looked at the clock it was 7:30am "What the hell" i whispered to myself rubbing my eyes, its so early, the concert doesnt start till 8:00pm. I stepped into the kitchen and froze my eyes widened "oh my god what are you doing here" i said cheerfully, runny up and hugging a shortish boy with dark brown hair, almost black, his blue eyes sparkled against the sunlight shining through the window. He had a white t-shirt with red strips on it and orangy peach stubbies "Hey Pearl, I decided to pop in for the morning since im here" he smiled at me, each side of his mouth reached to the middle of his cheeks. I felt so happy "Its been years since i last saw you, how have you been?" I stepped back. He looked at me in surprise " Great, um where are you clothes" he said trying not to laugh, i smiled at him "ill be back" i walked to the side table and pulled out my black mullet top and purple jeans and shoved them on, before walking back to him. He smiled at me "Thats better" he chuckled. I heard someone coming, moaning about something "OMG" Nicole screamed at the top of her voice "CODY" she ran over to the boy giving him a big hug "Hey Sis, shit youve grown up.....alot" he laughed, me joining in. Nicole let go of him "This is such a surprise, how did you know we were here?" he looked at her and tapped his noise "people" he said in a serious, funny voice. After we had had breakfast, pancakes, and caught up with what Cody had been doing it was almost 1:00pm. I got up of the couch and grabbed everyones plates and walked to the kitchen. I returned with a glass of water and sat down on the floor sipping at the water. He stood up "I guess i should leave you two need to get ready for tonight" Me and Nicole both stood up and showed him to the door "It was so nice to see you again" i said while hugging him with one arm trying no to spill my water everywhere. Nicole hugged him then he left. I went back into the kitchen and started putting the dishes into the dish washer, Nicole wiping the bench "Well that was a good start to the morning" she said with a huge grin on her face which made her dimples show. I nodded and smiled "im going to get ready, we have" i paused to look at the clock "4 hours" I explained as we both walked to the lounge "ok we cant see each other until were finished getting ready" Nicole said with a smile, I smiled back as she walked into the room closing the door behind her. I pulled open the draw and pulled out my leaperd print dress and a pair of black open toe high heels. I took my jeans and top of sliding the dress on before goin to the bathroom to do my makeup and hair. I stood infront of the mirror for, it felt like an hour trying to figure out what im going to do with my hair. I pulled the hair tie out and let my hair flow down, It was realy curly and frizzy but it looked kinda cool so i decided to leave it. I pulled my makeup bag onto the sink bench and unzipped it. I looked in it then in the mirror, I pulled out my masscara and eye liner before zipping it back up. I put it on and placed them back in the bag. I didnt feel like putting foundation on today. I walked out of the bathroom and back to the bed. I clicked the lock button on my phone i had only 5 messages, four from twitter;

@ Louis_Tomlinson: cant wait for the concert!!

@Harry_Styles: All you girls better be ready for this concert xx

I giggled alittle at his. @NiallOfficial: Going to be so much fun preforming for yous tonight. ;)

@Real_Liam_Payne: I hope everything goes well for the concert...Also hope to see Pearl and Nicole watching :)

Then there was one from Leon: Hey sis hope your well. Just giving you a bit of good luck before the concert.. I saw the tweet from Liam Payne. Is he from One direction? Sounds like youve made some new friends haha Have fun Little sis xx

I smiled at the txts but i had no time to reply it was already 6:00pm I slipped my high heels on and knocked on Nicoles door "Are you ready yet? we have to go!" I slowly opened the door but it was pushed closed from the other side "Im not ready. Give me another ten minutes ok" I sighed "Ok, but hurry" I walked to my bed and sat down. I grabbed my phone and fiddled around with it for a little 'why havent i got any txts from Josh' i thought. I didnt really mind i guess hes just giving me space. Nicoles door slowly open and she walked out. I stood up and both our jaws dropped at the same time "Wow. you look great" I said smiling. She had a black mullet dress with a white wiast belt she had her hair tied up in to a messy bun and she had a little bit of makeup on. She had matching black heels. She smiled "you look great too" We walked over to each other and hugged then grabbed our phones and bags before leaving. We walked out the front of the hotel it was just starting to get dark outside "should we walk or get a taxi?" I asked Nicole. She had her thinking face on "Can we walk. I feel like walking" she smiled "its proberly a 20 minute walk form here" I turned to the left and started walking. As we were walking alone Nicole held her hand up "holy crap look at this" she said looking at her hand. it was shaking. We both started laughing. We contiued to walk. We could just see the entrence. I paused "This is going to be a mission" there was a huge line of girls waiting to enter. Nicole looked at me and groaned. We made our way to the back of the line and waited and waited until we finally got to the front. The security asked for our tickets. I pulled them out of my bag, showed them to the man and walked in.

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