blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


16. Spa

Pearls P.O.V

Me and Harry running after them laughing. We all didnt bother getting in our togs. When we got into the little room we all striped off to our under clothes. Harry in black jockeys, Zayn in grey, Louis in red, Laim in black boxers and Niall in blue boxers. Me and Nicole stood there feeling pretty naked in our bras and undies as the Boys checked us out. Me and Nicole flipped the lid of the spa off "We all have to get in so were standing up, then we will sit down at the same time" Nicole said drunkly. We all sliped our feet into the hot water, hesitating.

We all sat down and half the water spilled over the edge. Me and Nicole sat next to each other with Niall on her side and Harry on mine. Louis asked if we wanted to play, dare, just dare. We all agreed. He had a few new rules " 1:Its just dare no truth, 2: No peer pressure, 3: lets start" He smiled "Pearl you can start" I looked around at everyone thinking of something "Harry go give Louis a lap dance" I giggled. Louis licked his lips and patted his leg, almost laughing. Harry got up and moved over to Louis, He stood up "Wheres the music, i need music?!" Me, Nicole looked at each other then at Zayn, Niall and Liam thinking of a song. Then Niall starts singing "My milk shake brings all the girls to the yard, Daym right its better than yours..." We all joined in "DAYM RIGHT ITS BETTER THAN YOURS" we laughed clapping the beat. Harry started moving his hips and rubbing his butt on Louis, who pretended Harry was a striper. I just laughed at the Boys. Harry moved back to me blowing Louis a kiss. We all laughed. It was Harrys turn "Louis I dare you to give Pearl a lap dance" I smiled at him and sqwintted my eyes "ill get you back" I whispered. Louis stood up "gladly" he said cheekly. He came over to me. everyone sung a different song as Louis wiggled his butt around. I just sat there cracking up and covering my eyes, peaking out through my fingers. Louis moved back. I was still giggling away. "I know you loved it" Louis said giving me a funny, sexy look. I smiled "What would i do with out you Boys?". Louis didnt even look around he just pinned his eyes on Niall "Kiss Nicole.....dum dum dum" I could see that Nicole went red, but i knew she wouldnt mind.

Niall shrugged his shoulders and went in a kissed her softly on the lips. It was cute, but then...... He pulled away then still looking into each ohters eyes. He lent in again. They started passionatly kissing Niall covering their faces. We all looked shocked we all looked at each other "Wooooooo!" They stopped and turned back to face us, Nicole looked happy. We were still in shock "What?" Niall said unfazed. Liam shook his head and slapped his face with his plam. Zayn smiled "What brought that on?" He chuckled. Niall gave him a dirty look then we all started laughing again. The rest of the night was blank.

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