blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


57. So do you?

Pearls P.O.V

The Boys eyes widened, Me and Nicole giggled. Then ran into the water with our arms over our chest. I did a bomb right next to Harry. "Well go skinny dipping..... but only if yous do" Nicole smiled, as soon as she said it Louis and Harry already had theirs off, and threw them onto the rocks. I smiled at their courage, next was Zayn, then Niall. Liam hesitated, but took them off. I slide mine down my legs, then flicked them onto the rock, so did Nicole. I loved these Boys we could do anything together and didnt give a shit.

I swam to Harry and Louis they were sitting on a log not far from the group, I held onto a strong branch coming out of the log, so I wouldnt float away with the current. "Hello Love" Louis said cheerfully. I smiled "Can I talk to Harry for a minute please Lou?" I asked nicely. He smiled "Of course", He stood up on the log, so his whole body was out of the water, "Oh Lou" I giggled, covering my eyes, "What", "and Harry dont forget" He smiled before diving into the water and swimming over to Zayn and Liam. I sat up on the branch, the swift current bushing just over my shoulders. It was silent before I started talking "Sooo, I was you have a girlfriend, I only ask this because in the car it sounded like you did, so do you?" I asked.

Harrys P.O.V

"No I dont" I blurted out before thinking, I actually did, shit I thought to myself, but I was caught between her and the sweet, bubbly, kind girl infront of me. Louis' been telling me not to do this but, I dont know. whats wrong with me.

Pearls P.O.V

A wave of relief washed over my body, not like I liked him or anything. I pulled myself up between his legs, My hands on each thigh. I moved my head closer to his face, his lips met mine. I pulled away before he started getting more into it. I laughed at what I was thinking. He looked at me funny "Whats so funny?" He asked, "Oh nothing" I smiled. I looked around at everyone. I sqwintted my eyes close to under the bridge, I saw two bodys up against the big concret wall............ Nicole, I shook my head "SLIP IT IN!!" I yelled out making the other turn and look, they whistled and 'woohooed', I could just see she was holding both her hands up pulling the finger at us "FUCK YOUS" she shouted before her mouth was covered by Nialls. 

Nicole came over to me after her and Niall had finished. We swam to the rocks, "Lets do it" I smiled. Me and Nicole sneakly put our bras and undies back on while the boys splashed eachother. I grabbed  the Boys jockeys and boxers. We snuck up to where our other stuff was on the bridge, I completely forget about the wine. Nicole grabbed the bag and shoved the other clothes in it. "HEY BOYS!!!" Nicole yelled out, They all looked around then up at us, holding their jockeys, they freaked, We laughed as they ran out of the water holding there crotch. They stumbled up the bank. "Shit we better go" I smiled at Nicole.

We ran down the street as fast as we could, The Boys just getting off the bridge as we turned the corner to go down Vincents road. "I dont think thell catch up any time soon" Nicole smiled, we slowed down to a jog.

Strangers P.O.V   

I was driving home from work, when I saw 5 naked Boys running down the street, It was th wierdest thing i had ever seen, Everytime a street light came up you could see them then they disapear into the black. I turned my head back to the road. swerving back onto the right side of the road.

Zayns P.O.V

I couldnt believe the girls did this, it was pretty funny tho. cousins......

Liams P.O.V

I ran as fast as i could to get out of the veiw of the passing cars.

Harrys P.O.V

These girls are gona be in big shit when I get to them, but it was good to have their cheekyness back......

Niall P.O.V

This sucked they just had to do this while the young people are out. They didnt know what they were getting them selves into.

Louis' P.O.V

This was awesome, I felt so free. smiling at the other and laughing as we ran. it is funny seeing the peoples faces, the lucky thing is they didnt notice who we are. thats what also made it awesome.

Pearls P.O.V

we got to the house before Vinnys to stop for a rest, we both were so puffed. We decided to keep walking. I stopped outside the drive way "You have the keys right?" I asked her, "Yeah there in here" She smiled holding up the wine bag. we quickly tipped the bag over the drive to find the keys "Where the hell are they" i heard Nicole whisper. I looked back to see the Boys aleast 20 meters away, "Quick Nicole their coming" I said excited. She fumbled with the keys, they were right behind us I threw everything back into the bag and ran towards the door. I looked back to see them gone.............. The back door I worried to myself. I looked to the door to see Louis at the door waving at us, they started closing the door as we reached it. We pushed on the door, but they were stronger. i gave up and remembered Nicole left the windows open.

I ran around the house trying to find a window that was open, but being five of them and only two of us, they already closed and locked everything. Me and Nicole ran back to the door, we both banged on the door "Come on let us in" Nicole said innocently. Louis poked his head out the window "Pay back" He said before closing it just as I reached him. I looked around.

I spotted someone under the light again, holy shit, I got so creeped out. "Nicole.." I whispered tugging lightly on her shoulder, "What?" she said curiously, "Dont look but theres someone watching us" I whispered my breathing getting heavier. "PLEASE!!!!!! LET US IN!!" I yelled urgency in my voice. The door ulocked. I grabbed Nicoles hand and dragged her inside. slamming the door behind me, in fear, I locked it. Me and Nicole slid down the door, breathing hard. The boys looked at us funny "What happened?" Liam asked putting his hand out to help us up, they all were dressed, Vinny wasnt home.

"Look out the window" Nicole said as she went to the room to get us some clothes. I walked over to where Zayn was looking out the window, his face turned from happy to creeped out. He looked at me "What the Hell" he whispered, I nodded "He was there last night too" A shiver ran down my back. Louis moved Zayn out of the way, he pulled his pants down and pressed his butt to the window. I laughed at him, then pushed him away and closed the curtain "Your amayzing Lou" I smiled. We ran around the house closing the curtains. I went back into the room and put dry bra and undies on. Nicole handed me my new onezie. I pulled it up my body then did the buttons up, leaving a few undone by my chest, so did Nicole.


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