blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


23. Skype

2 days later................................ I unpacked my bag since i didnt do it when i got home. I pulled out all my toiletrys and clothes. I took the clothes to the washing machine. I always check the pockets, if there was anything in it because once i had my ipod in it and now it doesnt work. I havnt been able to afford another one. I put my hand into my purple jean pocket nothing. I tryed the other one. I wrapped my hand around a piece of paper. I unfoled it;

Keep in contact xx Harry_Styles ...........Skype

I smiled at the piece of paper, then silently mouthed 'YESSSS' I already felt happier. I ran to Nicoles room and showed her the paper. She looked at me then the paper and a huge grin showed up on her face "NIALL HERE I COME" she shouted. We both laughed. I checked the time it was 10am that means it would be 10pm in London. I ran to the laptop and flipped it open pushing the 'on' button. I was getting fustrated waiting for it to turn on. I tapped my fingers on the mouse pad and wiggle my foot. When it finally was on I had no hesitation to skype them. I clicked on the skype site. Clearing all the ads that popped up. I signed in then grabbed the piece of paper and typed in his skpe name. Heaps of Harrys came up but i scrolled down till i found the right one. I clicked on his name it came up with a box asking if i wanted to connect with them i imediantly clicked 'Yes' The little box had a loading thing and the word connect by it.

I sat there and rolled my eyes as i watched the bars slowly load. When it did i fell back onto the bed......He was offline. I sat back up and went back to my skype file and on the side it had all the people i could skype and if they were on or not. everytime i saw Harrys it made me feel like getting angry. Nicole was waiting at the end of the bed. We waited till 10:30am but he still wasnt on. I pulled a angry face which made Nicole crack up.

As I went to exit off a box popped up it said 'Calling' and a signal bar. I smiled "This could be Harry!" I shouted not even reading who it was from. I waited until Nicole came and sat next to me "I look fine ae?" I looked at her sexual "you look hottt" I smiled and turned back to the screen. Our hearts sank it was Alicia and Alice. Nicole gave me a dont answer it look. So i didnt. Nicole gasped. I looked at her funny "What?!" She pointed to the screen.

Where Harrys name was there was alittle circle that had a green tick, which means...... hes online!!. I couldnt stop smiling. I clicked on his name it started calling. Me and Nicole waited there happier than ever. It was answered it took alittle to load the picture but we could hear them, Nialls sweet irish acsent "Liam give the chips back" We could hear Liam and Louis Laugh. I missed their laughs. We sat there waiting for the picture when suddenly it worked and we saw Harry and Zayn looking at the screen trying to work the thing out like their never been on it before. I didnt say anything because it was funny watching them get fustrated. Louis looked into the camera, and smiled he opened his mouth to yell something, but i quickly placed my finger up to my lips 'sssh' He smiled and told Liam and NIall who flicked his head to the camera and looked straight at NIcole. He made a heart shape with his hands, NIcole blew him a kiss. I couldnt take it any longer. I started cracking up so did Nicole. Harry and Zayn looked to the screen "Hey!!" Harry smiled. I smiled and shook my head "weve been watching you for about 5 minutes" I giggled, Louis, NIall and Liam did too. They all crowded around the computer. I pushed the laptop to the end of the bed, then slid down so i was on my stomach, Nicole next to me. I sqwintted my eyes at the screen then clicked the mouse pad, which made the video of them go full screen. I smiled at Harry "So what have yous been upto?" Harry looked at the Boys "Nothing, just touring"

Nicole and Niall couldnt stop staring at each other. I rolled my eyes and carried on with the conversation "How long are you on tour for?" Zayn smiled "About 4 months" I raised one eyebrow in shock "Shit that long, man Eleanor and Danielle must miss you ALOT" I giggled. Louis half smiled "They do! but when you get home...." He smiled sexually. I made a awkward but funny face.

We talked about lots of things like; touring, London,New Zealand, our home towns, friends/family. Nicole and Niall really hadnt said much. I stared at her until she looked at me "What?" I shook my head "are you ok?" She gave me a phacastic face, then replyed "of course im ok diddle" We giggled. The Boys had gone off to do something, they left Zayn sitting at the computer. I smiled at him "Hey cuz" I scrunched up my nose. He smiled "Hey" I lay there thinking of what to say "Can i trust you with something?" He looked away for a second "hmmm maby........Yeah" I sqwintted "you better not tell" Nicole was looking at me like what are you going to tell him. I lent over a whispered in her ear "ohhh" she smiled. I turned back to Zayn "Promise?" he smiled and nodded. I continued "Well we were thinking over moving to London by Christmas" His face suddenly was happier "I wont tell, thats great! Niall and Harry will be so happy!......Oh and the others" Me and Nicole smiled at each other.

The Boys came back after about 20 minutes. They were smiling, Niall staring at Nicole again. I frowned "Where did yous go?" Louis smiled "secret" I smiled "ok" i rolled my eyes and sighed. It would be pretty later over there. It was lunch time here. I grabbed the laptop and sat up "I guess we should let you guys sleep" I said smiling. They all nodded.

Niall smiled at Nicole "seeya later babe" Louis raised his hands in surprise "HE TALKS...YAY!!" everyone laughed apart from Niall "Haha funny" he said phacastically before getting of his seat and jumping on Louis. They were rolling all over the floor wrestling. Zayn turned to the Boys on the ground "VAS HAPPENIN!" Next thing he was on the ground too. Harry sat at the computer with Liam who was on his phone proberbly txting his girlfriend. Harry smiled tierdly and poked his tounge out "Have a good day love" He smiled. I poked my tounge out at him "have a good sleep"

Just before he went to turn the chat off i pulled out my phone "hold on" I flicked through the tools. I came to the thing i was looking number. I held it up to the screen. I saw Harry pull out his phone and put it in "Thanks love" i smiled "the only suck thing is it costs 80 cents every txt, so emergencys only" i smiled "see you another time"

Liam looked up from his phone and smiled "bye, have a nice day"

Me and Nicole both waved and just as Harry clicked off we saw and heard Zayn,Niall and Louis yell out "Baaiiii"

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