blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


62. shame

Pearls P.O.V

I pulled away... this felt so right but then again it felt so wrong. I gave him a cheeky smile before, turning around to look at how bad it was was worse, I sighed. "Ready 1,2,3 GO!!" I said as I rain off on the 'go', "Hey what, wait up!" I heard Harry yell behind me. I jumped in puddles, getting my shoes wet, as I ran up the road. I turned the corner laughing away. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself, before opening them again, to see a dip in the path............... "Harry?!"

Harrys P.O.V

I heard Pearl call my name, I speed up to try and get to her. i turned the corner to see Pearl sitting on the ground, holding her right ankle. I  squated down by her side, "Are you ok love?" I asked worried. She looked at me and gave me a half smile. "Ok lets get you up and see if you can stand" I explained hooking my arm around hers, I held my other arm on her back with the bag of stuff, just incase she fell back. I pulled her up. She put pressure on her ankle, I could see her face scrunch up "Ah" she winced. "I think I should be good" She said as she tried to walk forward, almost falling back. I shook my head, and quickly scooped her up in my arms.She gasped in surprise.

"Im not going to let you walk if your gona nearly fall over every step" I explained to her, with the expression of Im-not-going-to-put-you-down-no-matter-what-you-say. I smiled to myself. She pulled the hoodie over her face "oh this is shame" she muffled under the hood. I chuckled to myself.

We got back to the batch, everyone came rushing out, "What happened" Louis asked, "Is she ok" Nicole said pulling the hood up, to reveal Pearls red face, she obviously doesnt like the attention. Nicole giggled "Go put her on the couch" She smiled. I walked through the door, then gently placed her on the couch. "Comfy?" I asked, She nodded before running her hand down my cheek, I lent down and quickly, swiftly kissed her. She smiled, as I walked over to the T.V. I put in a Movie, 'Wedding Crasher', I pressed play then walked back to the couch, She started to move around so I could sit down. "No stay there" I said, almost parent like. She rolled her eyes and put her leg back up. I sat down on the single arm chair. What was I getting myself into, I thought as I slumped into the chair.

Nicoles P.O.V

I pulled out the milk and put it in the fridge. I caught a glimps of Harry kissing Pearl, I smiled happy for her. I grbbed the magazine and flipped open the first page, "O......M........G, What, this better not be true" I whispered to myself.

I shook my head, then looked back at Pearl who was laughing and flirting with Harry. What is he doing. I quickly turned the page not wanting to read anymore. I rubbed my hands over my face and sighed. I have to show her but not now.

"Louis! Come here please!!" I yelled out to him. He walked around the corner with his hands in his sweat pants "Whats up?" He smiled, "Come look at this" I said with a annoyed face on. He looked at the magazine and nodded his head "Yeah I know" He said calmly. I grabbed his arm frowning and pulled him into the garage. "Why didnt you tell me?" I said angrily, "He didnt want me too, he thought you would tell Pearl" He said feeling bad about not telling us. "Well shes going to find out" i said stomping away. Louis grabbed my wrist "Nicole please let me talk to Harry, I dont want this holiday to turn out in hate" He sighed. I crossed my arms "Fine, but shes my bestfriend so if he doesnt say anything I will" I said before turning on my heels and walking back into the kitchen, giving Harry the evils as I walk past him, He didnt see.

I felt Nialls arms wrap around my waist, "You feel abit cold" He whispered over my shoulder. "Yeah i am abit" I said still a tad of angry in my voice. "I know what will warm us up" he said, followed by a chuckle. He started to pull me back, I spun around in his arms, placing my hands on his chest, pushing him back. We went through the garage, and to our room. I slid the door closed as he pulled the curtains. I pushed him down on the bed. I slid my hands up his T-shirt, He wriggled at the touch of my cold hands. I pulled his top of before straddling him........

Pearls P.O.V

My ankle started to fell much better after alittle while. I sat up, placing my feet on the ground. Harry stood up and was at my side, "I want to try stand by myself, it feels much better now" i smiled at him. He crossed his arms and still stood by my side. I pulled my self up, stumbling alittle at first, Harry flinching towards me but stopped himself when I flicked him 'the look'. I managing to limp to the kitchen, my leg felt like jelly and it would collapse any minute. I pulled out the milk, pausing just as I went to close the fridge, "Can you hear that?" I asked Harry, He shook his head, in to say he didnt. I put my hand on the wall, It felt like something was hitting it every few seconds..... I laughed so hard, as I realised it was Niall and Nicoles room. I almost dropped the milk. Harry looked at me confused. "Nicole....Niall... in....over...just" I couldnt get my words out proberly. I held my finger up as in to say wait a second. I deeply exhaled. "Just listen" I smerked. We both went silent, 'bump, bump,bump,bump'. As soon as he heard it he couldnt stop laughing.

I grabbed the bowl of cereal I left on the bench this morning. "Its almost lunch and your having cereal" Liam smiled as he walked into the room sitting down at the dinning table. "Yeah Im not just gona leave it here, theyve been waiting this long for me to eat them" I smiled and winked at him. He chuckled. i poured the milk in and sprinkled at bit of sugar on top before hobling over to the table and sitting next to Liam, "So your ankles better?" He asked as I took a mouth full, "Yup" I pluttered out, trying not to lose my food. He shook his head and smiled "Your not surppose to talk with your mouth full" He chuckled. "Well if you dont ask question while im about to take a spoon full, maby we wouldnt have the problem" I said seriously, but giggling after.

i finshed my food awkwardly as Liam and Harry watched me and laughed at how loud the crunching was. We sat in silence for abit. "Can.......can you hear that?" Liam asked curiously. I spat out the little bit of milk I had im my mouth and laugh hysterically, Harry laughing too. "What?, whats so funny?" he asked looking at me then Harry. I shook my head "Nicole....and Niall" i got out before laughing and limping to the kitchen to grab a cloth, and wiped up my spit milk.

I wondered to my room, Harry behind me, "What a shit day" i said as I lent against the door, looking outside. Harry came up behind me I could feel his cool breath tickling my neck. His hands slid around my waist as he moved my hair off to one side. He gently plastered kisses on my neck.

He rested his head on my shoulder, "It is shit, isnt it" I heard a voice say behind us. we both spun around to see Louis with a serious look on his face "Yeah" i said slowly. I felt Harry slide his hands out from around my waist and step back. Louis sighed, "Harry can I talk to" he said sounding alittle pissed. I frowned in confusion as they left the room. I limped to the bed flopping down on it, What was that all about? I thought to myself.

I shrugged my shoulders and decided to see how Zayn was doing.


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