blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


7. Screaming

Pearls P.O.V

As we drove along the windy roads that made me feel sick. Looking out the window all i could see was pure New Zealand, farm animals, lots of bush and cool sight seeings. Nicole was passed out next to me, she has been for like three hours now. I kept waching out the widow until i eventually fell asleep.

I woke up to the taxi man "Miss, miss were here now" I slowly opened my eyes and looked over to Nicole who was still asleep. I nudged her but she didnt wake up, I pushed her put she still didnt wake, Then i punched her in the arm. She jumped into atttack mode, I started craking up at her "were here Nicole" i said as we pulled our stuff out the back. Nicole went to the drivers window and handed him $150 he smiled and we walked off. We stopped infront of the hotel "Oh my fucking god this is the....." i finished the sentence for her "really hori, shit, ugly, rundown, horrible......." she stopped me "ok,ok i get it" she laughed. The place was made of mossy old, crumbly bricks. The front door had a crack in it and the handles were falling off. Nicole grabbed my hand tight "We can do this" she said trying to be serious but the laughter made it funny. I smiled at her "take one last big breath" we inhaled at the same time then exhaled "Lets go" we both said. We pushed open the doors and both our mouths dropped. I let go of her hand and just stood there "oh shit, mabe this place isnt that bad after all" i smiled at Nicole. There was a very fancy clean t.v room and through an arch way was a bar area with a pooltable, darts and lots and lots of alcohol our favourite drink. I chuckled at this thought. we walked to the front desk draging our bags. The lady at the desk had short bob cut black hair, she looked to be in her mid thirtys and wore bright red lipstick. She was kinda pretty. Nicole looked at me "Harry would be into this one" she whispered loud enough i could hear her. She greeted us with a smile "How may i help" I smiled back "We booked a room about two weeks ago, its under the name Nicole Smith" the lady tapped a few keys on her computer then looked up at us "Yes your number 5" she handed us the key and we thanked her and walked off. When we got to our room i jammed the key into the lock then twisted "Its a bit stiff" and Nicole being the sick minded person she just had to laugh "stiff" she laughed again. I rolled my eyes then pushed the door open. It wasnt too flash. There was one room that had a double bed in it, Out in the lounge was another one. The kitchen seemed pretty average, the t.v was a beast like our one at home. The couch was a leather one but was ripped in places. Nicole ran in a straight for the room "Ive got the room" she yelled giggling. I shuffled over to my bed a threw my bag on it. I grabbed the zip and pulled it around then flipped it open "What the hell.......Nicole!!" i yelled. She came running out of her room "What,What!" i looked at her "Why did you put these in here" I held up two A4 pictures. One of the whole Whanau (family) and one of my two brothers. She smiled at me then giggled "Oh..I just thought that you might like 1D to sign them" I shook my head at her then giggled "Make them sign a picture of my family. Thats really cool" We both laughed and flopped down onto the bed on our backs. I held the photo of my brothers above our faces "I love my brothers" I said simling at the photo, In the corner of my eye i could see Nicole looking at me "I love your brothers too" we both smiled at the picture then sat up. "Well im going to go have a shower" Nicole said as she walked off. I turned back to my bag and started pulling out my clothes. I put them into the brown wooden sidetable. After i had finished putting everything away, as i was sliding my bag onto the ground the sound of screams made me jump. I stood up and went over to the window which outside had an emergency balcony and ladder. I couldnt see shit so i ignored the emergency sign and climbed out the window. I covered the sun with my hand so it wouldnt burn my eyes. All i could see was a group of screaming girls all teenagers proberbly 14-17 they were all grabing for something in the middle, but i couldnt see what it was. They were like screaming zombies. I decided it was no use to stay out there and try and see what it was. So i turned around to get back into the window "What the fuck are you doing" I jumped it was Nicole in just a white towel "well, i heard screming so i climbed out the window to see what it was" Nicole looked at me confused "and......what was it?" i looked at her a shrugged my shoulders then jumped of the windowsill.

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