blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


59. Scary Movie!!

Nicoles P.O.V

After we had made and eat tea, I thought it was time for a movie. Me and Pearl cleaned up everything. Pearl went over to the couch trying to squeeze in with the boys. I grabbed the two bottles of Wine we didnt drink last night and took them over to the couch. I gave one to pearl and kept the other one with me.

Pearls P.O.V

When Nicole gave me the bottle of wine I new this was going to be a fun night. After trying to get comfortable I gave up, I got up and walked over to the corner to grab one of the three white bean bags. I put it about 1 meter away from the T.V, Nicole next to me, this was going to be freaky. Nicole pressed play on the remote..................

The start of the Movie was pretty much the same as any other, some young people go on a camp trip, to a place in the deep dark woods. but in the middle is were it got freaky. Me and Nicole had moved closer getting ready. One of the blonde girls ran to a lake, obivously in the dark, the water started to part and something came slowly started to come out of the dark water. Me and Nicole grabbed eachothers arms tightly, I could hear the boys snickering behind us. .....................

"Fuck!" me and Nicole both yelled as the scary Zombie thing jumped out of the water, at the same time Louis grabbed our ankles and pulled on them, making it even scarier. I quickly got up off the bean bag and jumped onto harrys knee, burying my head into his shoulder not wanting to look at the screen. "Its gone now" He whispered in my ear, but the thing is I didnt want to move. A few moments later I looked back at the screen, I saw in the corner of my eye Nicole on Nialls knee, she must of done the same thing I did. I smiled then watched the rest of the movie.

I could tell another scary part was coming up, I grabbed Harrys hand and squeezed it, my heart raced. oh my god here it comes. the music got more intense. I pulled his hand up and covered my eyes. "Is it gone yet?" I asked hopeing. "Yes its gone love" I heard Louis laugh. I took his hand slowly away from, "Raaaaaa" Louis yelled giving me a huge fright. He was standing infront of me making a scary face, "LOUIS!! you meany" I said pouting. I pulled him back down onto the couch, they were all laughing at me "Its not funny" I whispered.

When the movie finshed, we hadnt even opened the wine, I was to focused on not getting scared. Me and Nicole turned the movie off, "Another one!" Louis protested. I shook my head "Its only the first night, we dont want to watch them all now, and you boys should be going to bed......", I explained, "Yeah because you had a late night last night and it was a longish drive" Nicole said very motherly.

They all groaned and wondered off to their rooms. Me and Nicole cleaned up the room abit, and locked the house up, As i walked down the little hallway, i got the shivers, it felt like something was crawling towards me, I quickly spun around, then breathing pretty heavy, i turned back around just as Nicole came out of the bathroom, "Holy shit!" I yelled. Nicole jumped abit too. We both started laughing. "Shit we have the jumps tonight" She giggled, "I think that movie freaked us out a bit to much" I smiled, before giving her a one arm hug, and walking off to my room. "Night" I said just as i closed my door.

I could fell my eyelids suddenly get really heavy. I dragged my feet over to the windows, pulling the curtains across. I moved over to the sliding door that lead out to the deck, from my room. The moon light shone through the door. I grabbed the curtain, but stopped, i think ill leave it open, i thought to myself. I shuffled over to my bed and flopped face frist onto it. I groaned into the blanket. I hate being tierd. I heaved myself of the bed, I slid my shorts and shirt off, so im just in my bra and undies. I walked to the side of my bed throwing the blankets back and jumping into bed. I pulled the blankets right up to my face. It felt so weird sleeping by myself, i normally have someone with me, I actually felt abit scared. I snugglede my head into my pillow. Just as I was going to fall asleep I heard a familiar noise, it sounded a bit muffled but i could just make out what it was "Oh Niall!!!! Harder!!!!", I rolled over floding the pillow over my ears.  "Oh shut up" I groaned to myself. I sighed knowing i wouldnt beable to go to sleep, i felt wide awake.

I grabbed my phone, pushing my twitter app. I noticed the onedirection account was still tweeting, but none of the boys were. I clicked on the tweet box and started to write '

'Cant sleep, people making to much noise in the other room :P'

I tweeted it, my first tweet since forever I decided i wanted to go to sleep. I slide my feet out of the now messy bed and padded across to my door, and silently walking down the hall, turning every light on as I made my way to the garage. I flicked the light on, I could hear them so clearly now, they are pretty loud. I walked to the door and slid it open.

Nicoles P.O.V 

Pearl stood in the door way with her arms crossed, I felt so angry "Pearl get out!!" I yelled. She didnt move "Only if yous shut up, some people are trying to sleep, and i can hear yous" she complained, I rolled my eyes.............................. she still stood there tapping her foot impatiently. "Fine!! Just get out!" I shouted angrily. She smiled "thanks, have a good night" She said calmly before closing the door. I turned my gaze back to Niall, a sweat forming on his face, I gently smiled at him, him smiling back.

Pearls P.O.V

I giggled as I walked back to my room, turning the lights off as I walked back, her face, i thought to myself, priceless. I jumped back into bed, checking my phone before going to sleep,

@Harry_Styles: Im scared :'(

Wow, he actually tweeted, thats a first in so long. I locked my phone and placed it back under my pillow.



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