blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


60. scared

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up to my door slowly opening. I quickly pulled my phone out from under my pillow, shining the bright light at the door. Harry stood there covering his eyes, "Im scared" I heard him whisper. I sighed in relief it was him, but I knew he wasnt actually scared. I shuffled over, patting the spot next to me. I rolled over so i was facing away from him "night" I whipered as he climbed into the bed. I felt his bare skin briefly brush on mine, and thats when i realised............................ he was naked. I giggled to myself, "What?" He asked confused, "Do you sleep naked with Lou?" I asked still giggling, "Yeah he doesnt mind" He said, chuckling abit. I didnt know what was so funny but i couldnt stop laughing, maby it was just because i was so tierd or, HARRY IS NAKED IN MY BED.............. YUSSS!!!!!!!!, I thought to myself, a huge smile formed on my face, lucky he could see me.

I shuffled abit trying to get comfy, I accidentally bumped into him, "Sorry" I whispered. I wasnt use to sleeping so far apart from someone, it felt so strange, I wanted to cuddle him but, I wouldnt help but laugh knowing hes naked.Deciding i couldnt sleep like this I got up and wondered over to the door, "Where are you going?" I heard his quiet husky voice say. "I cant sleep" I said before walking out and into the lounge, where Zayn was sitting on the couch, he looked up as I walked in "You ok Zayn?" I asked alittle bit worried. He pressed his lips together "Yup im fine" he said almost in a staunch way. I knew something was up, but there was no point in getting him angry or sad. I checked the clock as I walked into the kitchen 2:10am, I streched my arms and rubbed my eyes, I snuck a quick look at Zayn, He was slumped forward and didnt look to happy.

I felt so sorry for him and i didnt even know whats wrong. I walked towards him, sitting on the couch next to him "Hey not to be a pain in the butt, but im worried about you" I said frowning sadly at him, He closed his eyes "Im fine, I really am" he said putting on a fake smile. I gave im a one arm hug before returning back to my room, I climbed back in next to Harry who was fast asleep. I closed my eyes, and hoped Zayn would be ok, I snuggled my head into my pillow and slowly fell asleep.......


Every.....Every was perfact, The freshly mowen grass smell drifted through the wind as I stood under a tall oak tree. I felt his strong arms wrap around around my waist, I could smell the scent of his cologen, taking over the mowen grass smell. His soft lips, gently kiss my neck, I spin around in his arms so where facing each other, I wrapped my arms around his neck, slightly going on my tippy toes , We inched closer to eachother........ a sudden cracking of a branch came from behind me I spun my head around to see what was there. A black sihouette, stood just behond the trees, Ive seen this before, I thought hard but nothing.... I slowly turned back to the emptyness that my arms were wrapped around, I dropped my arms down, where did he go, he couldnt just leave me here, Im scared. I started to run through the trees that were growing at every step I took. I felt trapped, The blue skys faded into a pitch black, unwelcome arms pull me back "HARRY!!! HARRY!!" I yell into the darkness. I suddenly started to fall back, down.............................................


I quickly sat up, gasping for air......."What, what is it, Whats going on!!" I heard a familiar comforting voice say tierdly worried. I sighed in relief"No everythings fine, bad dream" I said giving him a reassuring smile. I slid my legs out of the bed. I think really getting feelings for him, I thought to myself . I rubbed my eyes and sighed, I was hoping this wouldnt happen. I got out of bed a put on some blue high waisted shorts and a blue striped bat winged top. I knew it was going to be a hot day, a swimming day.... I made my way to the kitchen, Passing Zayn asleep on the couch. I couriously frowned at him, whats up with him. I pulled out some cornflakes and a bowl, I opened the fridge to get the milk "Are you kidding me" I said to myself.... no milk. I closed the fridge and walked to Nicole and Nialls room. I slid the door open to see just Niall, what???. Just as I turned around Nicole stood there in shorts, singlet and running shoes, she was sweating so much. "Wow, what have you been doing?" I asked curiously. She smiled "morning jog". "Really?" I asked shocked, "Yeah" She smiled. I went to pat her arm but decided not to, didnt want to get wet hands. "Im just going down to the shop to get milk" I said as I walked away.







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