blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


28. Restrant!

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up to the dim light filtering through the fog outside the window. I sat up rubbing my eyes. I streched my arms above my head. I looked to my side to see that i was the only one there. I pulled the blankets off me and sat on the side of my bed, I could barely touch the ground. I slid of the side and walked to the big mirror he had in his room. I looked better than normal. I ran my fingers through my hair before grabbing my tooth brush out of my bag. I slopped some tooth paste on it and ran it under the tap, then shoved it into my mouth.

I walked out the door in a bra and sweat pants. I walked into the big kitchen and saw Nicole ready to go and Zayn ready too. I was still brushing my teeth. Zayn smiled "Morning beautiful" I smiled back, I couldnt really say anything with foamy tooth paste in my mouth. Nicole looked at me angrily "Hurry up we need to go" she said pulling her phone out and checking the time. I imitated her angry face and rolled my eyes, then turned around and walked back to the room. I spat the tooth paste out and cleaned it then put my brush away. I pulled a cute blue dress out of my suitcase. I wore black ballet flats with it. I tied my hair in a messy bun the walked out to the kitchen.

Nicole sighed "Finially" She muttered under her breath. I shook my head. Zayn smiled "Well lets get you to you restrant" He said almost sounding extremly excited. He led the way to the door. When we reached the door we heard the other Boys voices. Zayn looked at us worried "Their going to come in" he whispered as he took us to the first bathroom. We heard the door open followed by Harrys loud laugh. Zayn faced us "When i walk pass the door i will knock and thats when you make your escape. Do it as fast as you can" he said seriousy, before reaching over a grabbing something. He gave us two hats "Tuck your hair in these so you look alittle different" he smiled. The hats were pretty cool.

He hurried off closing the door behind him. Me and Nicole sat there in scilence waiting for the knock. We could hear them laughing and talking. I just wanted to go out and hug them all but i faught it back. We heard them walk straight past the door which made us hold our breath then a quiet knock sounded on the door.

We quietly pushed the door open and hurried out. I looked back noticing someone was missing. I shook it off and closed the door behind me. As we walked down the coridor picking up the pase. I heard someone walking towards us. I looked up ever so slitly then quickly looked back down it was Louis. I saw in the corner of my eye him stopped and look at us. We kept walking. "Pearl?" he wondered. I tryed to control my breathing, but as we pulled into the elevator i felt safe. Nicole looked at me with wide eyes "that was so close" she said shaking her head in shock. I sighed and lent against the wall.

The doors opened and i had to drop my head again but this time it was paul. We got past him and were out of the appartment building. I spotted Zayns car it was open. I jumped in the passenger seat and Nicole in the back, we waited. It felt like we had just clocked a spy game we were so releved.

Louis' P.O.V

I got into Zayns appartment still surprised to see two look alikes of Pearl and Nicole.... maby it was them. I walked to the lounge to see the other guys there. They looked at me as I got closer. I pointed to the door "Is Pearl and Nicole here?"

Niall suddenly sat up straight, I chuckled to myself. Zayn looked a bit uneasy "No I dont think so they would of told us"

I shrugged my shoulders "I guess"

I noticed Zayns shoulders relax. Ill keep a close eye on him. I thought to myself.

Zayns P.O.V

When Louis asked if they were here I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. As Louis sat down I stood up "Um I have to go now... um...... Perrie wants to meet somewhere" I lied, grabbed my coat and walked towards the door "dont forget to lock the appartment when you finish" I yelled closing the door behind me. As soon as I was out of site I ran.

Pearls P.O.V

I felt a shock of worry everytime I saw any boys. I hated waiting here it was nerve racking. I watched as the people went in and out of the building, then I saw Zayn Just squeaze his way through to men going in the door "Excuse me" I heard him say. He ran to the other side of the car and jumped in. I saw him lean back on the seat. He turned his head and gave me the evils. I frowned alittle then smiled "What?" He shook his head "Louis said he saw yous" He looked at Nicole then at me "But I dont think hes shore it was you. Any way lets go" He said pulling out and driving off through all the traffic. I didnt really look out the window, I was to busy on my phone. I could hear coming from the back "WOW" or gasping. When we pulled up I felt like I didnt want to look up, just in case it wasnt what I planned it would look like. I slowly turned my head up my jaw dropped. Its exactally what I planned it would look like.

The out side was done but I could see through the windows people were still putting furniture in.

I got out of the car. The front was amazing. There were two big windows on each side and stopped about 10 cm from the door frame. The door was double and had a band of gold running through the middle. Ingrved in it was the name of thr restrant 'L&J Restrant&Bar' I smiled as we pushed open the doors the whole room was a rusty gold colour there were art work on the walls of Kiwi's and other New Zealand things. I looked to my left and saw there was a Bar bench that was made of marble in had little bits of paua placed in spots that had been dug out and been cover with resin.

There was 10 bar stools with red tops. All around the room were tables and chairs all spaced out perfectly. There was a stand at the front of the room for when people check in.

I walked to the end of the restrant where the door to the kitchen was. I wanted to look in there last. There was also stairs going up to a V.I.P dinning area, for celebs etc. As we walked up the red carpet covered stairs a huge smile apeared on Nicoles face. She was looking at, just behond the V.I.P tables and chairs was another door you could just see through the door. In side was a dance room. We walked in the door. to my right was a huge DJ set, with speeckers placed up on the walls of the room. There were strobe lights, coloured lights and more. The dance floor even flashed colours. I looked at Nicole who was still, eyes wide with surprise "You never told me we would do this" She said in shock. I giggled "I thought it would be a good surprise" I looked at Zayn and smiled.

Zayn walked to the DJ set and turned the music on it was loud. I looked at Nicole who was rocking to the music. I pointed to the door and we left. I closed the door leaving Zayn to play around. As soon as we got out. We couldnt hear anything. I smiled again "Sound proof" I said proly, Opening the door and closing it again proving it was sound proof. We walked back down the the stairs and towards the kitchen.

I pushed one of the doors open and looking around in shock. It was huge. I let the door swing back. On my left and right were silver benches. The right side stopped were the chiller and a few fridges were. Then the door to the back of the building. Next to that was a huge storage room. I walked around the bench in the middle of the room which had elements on it. Under the elements were the ovens. The other side of the room had microwaves, cupboards, draws and othe kitchen stuff.

I walked out the back to were a fruit and vege garden grew, also had a picnic table for sunny days when staff want a short break at shifts.

We walked back to the main area to now see a bunch of people dressed in waiter and cook uniforms. I was lost for words at the whole thing so I just smiled. I walked to them "Hey Im Pearl and this is Nicole and were the owners of this restrant"

They all smiled and introduced them selves.

I was so pumped I wanted to open tonight. The staff agreed. I told them to settle in to the kitchen and other things.

I went up to the check in desk and looked in the book. I couldnt believe we were already booked out. I ran my finger down the people;  Olly Murs, David Bowie, One dircetion, Simon Callow, Henry Cooper etc. I turned the page which wasnt V.I.P. It had peoples names; Ben, Sam, Jake, Trish, Mike, Sharon and more. I decided I better get things sorted and let the check in man read the book. I stepped out of the way and for the rest of the night I helped perp food and set tables. When everything was done we all meet up in the middle of the main room. Peoples nerves were high. I cleared my throught "Today is the biggest night of this restrant. We have to do the best we can do to want to make people come back" I explained "So when those doors open work your hardest. We can do it" Everyone nodded their heads and put their hands on top of each others in a circle. I was confused for a second then placed my hand in too. I felt a hand on top of mine I looked to see Zayn smiling. We all lifted our hands up at the same time and cheered. Then everyone went to their spots. I ran to the car and opened the door grabbing out something from the back then ran back. I ran upto the V.I.P section and positioned the thing on the decrotive table. I pulled the cover off and sitting there happily was the picture of my brothers that I got The Boys to sign.

I went back down stairs and saw Nicole Giving the cooks a pep talk. She smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back with excitement. I walked to where Zayn was standing "Its time" I said trying to hold back my huge smile but it didnt work. He smiled and hugged me "Good Luck" with that he left. I watched as his car drove past the front windows. I walked to the door and let out a big sign then unlocked the doors.

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