blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


53. Pub

Pearls P.O.V

I felt arms wrap over my forarms, making sure I couldnt move he grabbed the keys out of my hand, I sighed in defeat. How could he get out......ohhh the window I thought to myself. He had just sweat pants on, I gave him and innocent smile. He gave me a serious stare. "Be there soon Nicole!" I yelled out, I started to walk backwards, still smiling. Nicole didnt even call me I just wanted to get away from his taunting stare. I shut the door "Now how are we going to get to the pub, its like ages away" I said to myself. Nicole came back in, holding the keys "Like this" She smiled, my mouth dropped "How did you get them" I asked in curiousity. She licked her lips. I gave her a serious look "Remember....", "yeah, yeah i know" She rolled her eyes, "You cant keep doing this to him" I told her off. She looked down sadly, "Its just I dont know if he still....... wants me" She said sadly. I gave her a hug "Of course he does" I said into her ear.

We walked out to Vinnys car. Me in high waisted shorts and a tie dye singlet tucked into my shorts, Nicole had light blue ripped jeans and a white batwinged top. We got into his car. We got closer to the pub, watching all the clothe stores, they all had sales on. "Stuff this" I smiled putting the indicater and pulled up infront of one of the shops. I got out of the car, Nicole close behind me, She almost seemed excited, she loved shopping. We walked into the store, my eyes were caught by a pair of onezies. I turned my head to Nicole "We so have to get matching ones" She smiled, I nodded. We got to them. They were summer ones, thin material, "What about getting our favourite colours" I suggested. She nodded. I got a blue one that had dark blue around the ankles and wrists, Nicole got the same but green. We looked around a bit more. We ended up getting new bikinis, Nicole red and white polkadot. I got molti-coloured ones, we also got coverse shoes, I got blue and Nicole got white. We left the shop pretty happy with the bargens.

We finally got to the pub and walked in making sure I had my ID with me. We got to the bar, "What could I do for you ladys" An oldish man asked, "I'll have a jug of beer and she'll have some kinda vodka drink" I smiled, "Surprise me" Nicole smiled, "Can I see some ID" He asked, "Both 18 he smiled". I nodded. He handed our drinks over. We walked over to a table. "Im going to get us some food ok" She smiled pointing to the food part of the pub, "What are you going to get?" I asked. She smiled "umm proberly lasagna or something greasy" she replied. I stuck my tounge out " Im fine, Ill have a pasta salad" I smiled, then she walked off.

I drunk my beer straight out of the jug. Nicole came back with our food, half my jug was gone, "Shit slow down" Nicole laughed "Is something bothering you?" She asked. i shook my head "No just thirsty" I lied. She sqwintted her eyes at me, I took a sip of my beer "What?" i asked as she stared at me. "Oh nothing, its just ive known you for oh about 18 years and I can tell when your lying" She smirked. Shit I thought "Im not lying" i tryed to convence her, "Pearl" she said seriously, "I know somethings up, whats wrong", I rolled my eyes, she doesnt give in, "Well im just stuck at the moment, why havnt the Boys txted or tryed to call, have they forgotten about us, im so worried, I dont want the to forget....", "Pearl, jeez, I dont think they will forget" She smiled, I sighed believing her words. 

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