blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


33. Poor Harry

Harrys P.O.V

I woke up to the pain of pounding in my head. I turned over to see Louis still asleep. I rubbed my eyes then got out of bed. I went to the bathroom. I had messy hair and red eyes, I kinda looked a bit pail. I turned the tap on and cupped my hands under the running water before splashing it on my face. I bent over and grabbed the towel off the ground. As I stood back up I felt my body sway and my head pounded even more. I shook it off and wiped my face.

I walked back to bed, Louis wasnt there. I decided to go back to sleep anyways.

Pearls P.O.V

I got out of bed feeling, well good. I didnt have a hangover it was great. I went to the kitchen to make me and Nicole breakfast. I opened the cuboards and scanned the shelves "Wheres all your healthy food Harry" I whispered to myself looking at where pials of junk food were stacked. I shook my head and closed the cuboard then opened the one below it "Ahh thats were it is" I whispered again.

"Who are you talking to?" I heard a tierd voice say. I closed the cuboard a bit so I could see who it was, Nicole. "Just myself" I chuckled. She smiled then walked out of the kitchen.

I pulled out bread and eggs. I went to the fridge and grabbed some bacon bits. I took the pan off the hanger and heated it up on the element. I drizzled a bit of cooking oil in it before lining the bacon out, they sizzled as it hit the hot pan.

I put the bread in the toaster, then pushed it down. I turned the bacon over with the tongs. When they had finished I put them on a plate and cracked and egg into the pan. Nicole doesnt like eggs so shes just having bacon on toast. The toast poped so I pulled them out and put a bit of butter on them, then the bacon "Nicole yours is ready!" I yelled. I heard foot steps coming towards me. "Thanks" She said as she grabbed the plate then pivited and walked out again.

I put the egg on top of my bacon, cleaned up then walked to the lounge and ate it with Nicole.

Liams P.O.V

After I finished my breakfast my phone rang. I looked at the screen, it was paul "Hello Paul how was your morning?" I asked. "Fine thanks. I need you guys ready by 1pm ill come get you" he replied. I felt a bit puzzled. Then I remembered we have a interview to anounce our tour in germany. "Thanks Paul Ill let the others know" with that I hung up and checked the time it was 11am. I walked to my bathroom and washed up before heading out the door and locking it.

I walked into Zayn appartment to see him and Niall having breakfast. "Hey Liam" Niall said as I walked upto them. "Hi Niall and Zayn, We have a interview today" I said seriously. Zayns eyes widened then her fast walked off to his room with a piece of toast in his mouth. Niall just slowly slide off the stool and walked with me out the door. He walked off to his appartment "Dont be too long" I called after him.

I went to Louis place next. I went straight in. Louis was watching t.v and I couldnt see Harry. "Hi Louis, We have an interview in about an hour, just letting you know" He stood up and nodded "I dont think Harry will be going, He can hang with the girls for today" He explained. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

I went to Harrys place and knocked. Pearl answered "Hey Liam, whats up" She amiled. "Me and the others have an interview soon, would it be ok if Harry stays with yous today hes a bit hungover" I chuckled. She giggled "Yup thats fine we will proberly be looking at places today. Might get one just down the road hopefully" She smiled.

I heard the Boys chatting and walking down the hall. "Well I guess I should let you go" She smiled. "Have a nice day Pearl..... and Nicole!" I spoke up on the last part. "YOU TOO LIAM" Nicole yelled back. With that she hugged me and closed the door just as the others got to me "Lets go" I said. We got in the elevator and meet Paul at the bottom.

Pearls P.O.V

"Nicole Im just going to check on Harry" I yelled from the door and closing it before she replied. I walked down the hall, I got to his room. I didnt knock. I walked past the lounge and straight into the room I was prepaered for what the stituation would look like. I looked around and it was fine nothing broken or naked.

I walked to the lump in the bed "Harry, Harry" I whispered poking his cheek softly. He moved abit then opened one eye. "Poor Harry" I smiled "Get up now we need to go hang out and look at some places" I said pulling the blankets off him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the bed "Where are we going" his husky voice was cute in the morning. "To get me and Nicole a house" I smiled "You will have your place back" I winked. He didnt let go of me. I was lying on the bed with my legs over his stomach and my hair hanging of the other end.

I quickly pulled my hand out and got off the bed and walked to a bunch of clothes he had taken from his room. I picked up a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I rolled them into a ball and threw them at him. He moaned then sat up. "Ill be waiting" I said walking out the room and back to Harrys place.

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