blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


58. Pohara

Pearls P.O.V

I climbed into the bed yawning, I snuggled into Liam and Louis who were already asleep. We all managed to squeeze into the same bed.

I woke by falling onto the hard floor, I opened one eye to see Louis on the ground too. I groaned as I stood up. I went to the kitchen and scavanged the cuboards for food. I found some cocoa pops. I filled a small bowl up and poured milk in. I walked to the curtain and pulled it back, I sat on the couch, looking out at the sky. It was a clear blue sky....

I heard some one coming down the hall. just as I put a tea spoon full of milk and cocoa puffs in my mouth A tierd looking Lou came around the corner, I spat my milk and food everywhere, laughing. Louis hair was everywhere, he still had a blanket around him. His eyes still half closed. "Awww Lou" I said as he walked towards me, sitting next to me and resting his head on my shoulder, slowly closing his eyes.

When everyone was up, Me and Nicole went to our room and packed our clothes in our suit cases, "Dont forget bikinis" Nicole smiled, "And toiletrys" I smiled back. We carried our suit cases to the range rover, as we walked into the house they gave us a funny look "Where are yous going?" Louis asked. I smiled "Pohara you coming?" I said walking towards the door holding up the range rover keys. I saw the boys mouth 'Pohara' to each other. "Id get your suit cases we'll be there for a while" Nicole added. The Boys went and got their stuff and chucked it into the rover. Nicole locked the door then jumped into the passenger seat. "How far away is Po...har..a...?" Zayn asked. I smiled in the reavison mirror, Zayn, Louis and Liam were on the seat, Niall and Harry on the ground again "Ummm about 2 hours away, if i drive slow" i smiled at Nicole, "And trust me she doesnt drive slow, if any of yous get car sick just tell us" Nicole smiled. I hit the gas, Nicole pumped up the stereo. "THIS IS MY OATH TO YOU!!! WHERE EVER YOU GOT JUST ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU GOTTA HOME FOR NOW AND FOREVR!!" we all sung along, as I went up the windy Takaka hill.

We got to the top of the hills in about 20 minutes. I pulled over onto a clear patch of land, just off the road. I got out of the car, streching my legs and arms. The others slowly got out of the Rover "Thank god we stopped" I heard Niall prase. Louis and Liam came and stood by me looking out over the mountain. the veiw was of the town, you could see the orchards, lakes and the beach, it looked beautiful. I havnt seen Motueka from the point in ages, since I last went with my dad 3 years ago.  Louis put his hand on my shoulder "Your not so bad a driving, well youll never beat me" He smiled, I gave him a smirk "You wana bet on that" I said holding out my hand, "Ok, Love its on" We shook hands, "You just wait, when we get to the batch, Ill waste you" I smiled before going back to the Rover.

"Someone else can drive?" I offered holding up the keys, Nicole grabbed them out of my hand and jumped in the front seat, Niall in the passenger. Everyone climbed in. I sat at Zayns feet. I awkwardly pulled my phone out of my bum pocket, I clicked onto messages and typed in 'Holiday time :)' I sent it onto twitter. We got to the town of Takaka, it was really small, it had what you would need supermarkets, DVD shop, Gifts and other shops, high school. We passed it all and went out to the farm lands.

When we goto Pohara, it was about 15 minutes away from Takaka. The shops turned to restrants, the houses were rich looking ones. Nicole drove us up a little hill and towards the batch, Nicoles rich nanas batch. It was a grey looking clour, a dark brown deck out the front, you could see the beach from the deck. She drove up the short drive way. we all jumped out grabbing our bags from the back. Nicole pulled the keys out of her pocket and unlocked the door................

The inside was nice, the floor to the glass door that lead into the actuall house, was flat rocks. As you walked down it abit theres a sliding door that goes into the garge. If yoou walk around the corner it had a conected sleepout, with a bunk that has a double on the bottom and single on top. When you go through the glass door, you look to your right and the small but flash kitchen with a breakfast bar, it has three small lights dangling over the bar, behind the breackfast bar is a wood dinning table. If you looked to you left. The lounge has two lazy boys and a three seater leather counch, the carpet is brown and really soft. The T.V was pushed into a double doored cupboard. The doors leading on to the deck covered the whole wall; one big sliding door. theres a little hallway that lead to the toilet and shower. At the end of the hall is three rooms, two have double and one has two singles.

Nicole and Niall got dibs on the sleep out, and it was proberly so we would hear them doing anything at night, I rolled my eyes as they tickled each other, walking to their room. Zayn and Liam got the 2 single beds, Louis insisted on him and Harry sharing a bed, so I had a double bed all to myself, Im going to have a good sleep, I thought to myself. In each double bed room it has a walk in wardrobe, but I just left my stuff in my bag because her nanas and auntys things were in them. I checked my phone it was almost 3pm. I went out to the kitchen sitting on one of the bar stool, Nicole was in the kitchen getting an orange juice "Do you remember all the good times we had here, when we were little" Nicole said smiling, "Of course I do" I smiled back, "Oh...." Nicole said as she walked over to the T.V "Nana always leave a few movies here" She smiled, I followed her to the T.V we both pushed the doors back revealing 52 inch T.V "Wow the have defantly upgraded since I was last here"  I said in amayzment. Nicole grabbed the 5 movies of the self behind the T.V, She flicked through them "Little mermaid, Wedding crashers, Zombie-land; I love that movie" She explained "Ummm ooooo The cabin in the woods. Sound scary" She said pulling a face at me, I laughed. "And bob the builder" She smiled........ "YUSSSS bob the builder" I said playing around.

Nicole put the scary movie in getting it ready for tonight. We went back over to the kitchen, looking in the fridges to see what everyone left in there. lots of meat, I smiled and nodded my head at Nicole "Sweet" I whispered. We ended up pulling out two packs of steak, and left it to defrost, but it was almost time to start cooking it, I looked at the time it was 5:15, shit the time went fast I thought to myself. The Boys all came round the corner laughing and punching each others arms playfully, "What are you cooking us girls?" Zayn asked, "Always love a girl in the kitchen" Louis added playfully, Nicole smiled and shook her head, "Umm I was thinking Pan fried steak, with red wine onions and salad?" I said shrugging my shoulders, "That sounds soooo good" Niall smiled at us, "Do it" Harry chuckled. they went over to the couch. It was funny because they all sat on the three seater couch, even tho there is two lazy boys. It made me smile and warm in side to know how much they looked after and loved eachother............



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