blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


76. Pearl!!!

Pearls P.O.V

"Noooo!!!" Lux grizzled as Lou tried to pull her off me, "Come on Lux its time to go home" Lou said holding her tight to her body so Lux wouldnt wriggle away. Me and Harry waved as they drove off.

I pulled my phone out as it vibrated......."Hello........Oh! yeah of course I will..........ok see you later" I hung up smiling, I fast walked to the kitchen. "So what are you doing now" Harry asked me, "Well Nicole just called and said I have to bake a cake for Nialls birthday.......Because the one we had made didnt come out right" I said shaking my head, "what do you mean didnt come out right?" Harry asked curious, "Ummm it said 'Happy birthday Neil', spelt N.E.I.L" I said spelling it out, I continued, "And for some reason Nicoles always hated his name said and spelt wrong, so she freaked and stomped out of the shop" I shugged my shoulders, and turned around getting out 3 bowls, all different sizes, the the rest of the equipment.... "so what flavour?" Harry asked with a smirk on his face, I giggled "Vinilla" I turned to the pantry and got out all the ingredients.

Once I had poured the 3 differenent mixes into 3 different cake tins, I walked out of the kitchen and to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up then grabbed my jacket, "do you want to come to the supermarket to get ingredients for fondant icing" I smiled. "Yum!" Harry smiled walking towards me. I turned before he got too close, and walked out the door, "Lock it behind you" I said throwing the keys to him. He jogged up to me just as I was walking out the driveway.

We walked down the street in silence, I could see in the corner of my eye him staring at me. I looked up at him, "what?" I asked, he shrugged his shoulders and looked away "nothing". We got to the shop, we walked down alomst every aisle to find everything, "This is going to get really annoying" I muttered. and kept walking, "For fuck sake where is the shit" I said quickening my pace and flicking my eyes from the paper in my hand to the shelves. I stopped in the middle of all the baking stuff and sighed. I heard Harry chuckle behind me, i spun around "what?" I said abit angry. My eyes came into contact with what is in his already made packet of fondant icing. I half smiled and put the other packets on a random shelf, "I knew that" I said snatching it out of his hand. I grabbed 4 more, 1 extra just incase I stuffed it up.

As we were walking towards the counter, I felt Harry slip his arms around my waist from behind. I jumped alittle, "Harry, what are you doing?!" I whispered to him, "Hugging you what does it look like" I could feel him smirk on my shoulder. "Nooo your not" I said stepping out of his arms and looking at him seriously "Remember what I said early today, about this" I said pointing to me then him, "And the papz and fans" I continued, "Not to mention Nicoles face and what mental state she would be in" I giggled. "Fine" He said looking down like he was sad, im getting use to knowing when hes actually sad and whens hes putting it on. I paid for the icing and we left.

As we were walking down the street I saw a group of girls and a few papz. I grabbed Harrys hoodie and flicked it over his head to cover his extremly notice-able curls. He tilted his head, "You know this wont work right" He chuckled at me, "Hey hey you never know" I said taking a quick glance at the group of girls. We got to the driveway "Told you it woud work" I smiled at him proudly................"HARRY!!" I heard someone yell behind us, "And you were saying" He smirked at me. I grabbed his hand and run up the driveway, pulling him behind me, "Hurry" I said letting go of his hand and running inside, Him straight in after me. I slammed the door shut and locked it just in case.

 I ran into the kitchen and put the cakes in the oven, after it had pre-heated....... I pulled out the icing from the supermarket bag. I handed a packet of the icing and blue dye over to Harry, "kneed the blue into the icing ok", "Will i get dye on my hands?" He asked, "yes" i said turning the timer on the oven on, as i just remembered. "do I have to?" He asked pouting. I shook my head, "You pussy" I said grabbing the blue dye and swaping it with the rolling pin. "You can roll out the white when it needs to be" I rolled my eyes at how much of a girl he is.

While i was waiting for the cakes to be done, I went over to the front door and unlocked it, taking a peek out. There was noone there. I smiled to myself and closed the door, "Its all clear" I smiled walking back to the kitchen. I sat down on a stool next to him, tapping my fingers on the bench top, "Sooo, whats up?" I said half smiling at him, "Well, do you really want to hear whats going through my head right now?" He rolled his eyes, "Yes i do" I smiled, "Ok..........I really like this girl, but for some reason I feel like....well if we go out it wouldnt be right, so Im just trying to make myself think it would, also im not ready for a relationship" He chuckled, I smiled at him "Well if you really like this girl and you feel this way, you will have to sort your shit out, or she wont know whats going on and move on" I half smiled at him, seriously. He just nodded, is that it a nod, what the hell.

I knew this was going to happen, he leads me on to think he likes me then hes not ready for a relationship.....I guess i have to face the fact hes not really gona want to go out.....and to be honest, Im the one who needs to sort my shit out too.

1 hour later..........

The oven alarm went off and i got off  the bar stool and walked around the bench. "Harry can you start rolling the white icing out please" I asked pulling out the first cake, "ahh bitch" I whispered, as the hot cake tin slid and burnt the tip of my finger. I put my finger in my mouth, placing the cake down on the bench with the other hand. I ran my finger under the cool water. I turned around to be face to face with Harry, Wow. " I think ive sorted my shit out" He smiled, tucking my fringe behind my ear. I heard myself swallow hard. I didnt know what to say, I was completely speechless. So does this mean he wants a relationship, or just wants to be 'special buddies'. I have noooo idea......

Nicoles P.O.V

I rushed up the driveway the rain pounding down on me, my hands and arms full of things for tonight. I struggled with the door but got it open, I turned towards the kitchen, pushing the door closed with my foot, "Pearl!!! what the hell?!" I yelled confused....

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