blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


3. Party time

Pearls P.O.V

On the way home we stopped at the bottle shop. As we walked into the shop i realised i forgot my wallet and went back to get it as i was making my way to the car about five cars pulled up and tooted their horns at me i sqwintted my eyes to see who was driving they were all Leon and Jordans mates. It was embaressing because i still had my work stuff on. I could see in the first car was Josh and vincent, who were proberly the hottest ones out of all of them. I walked back into the shop and saw Nicole waving out to me and pointing at a bottle of smurnoff. I gave her a thumbs up and she grabbed it. I walked to the counter and cheacked out the prices to the six packs of shots. I waited untill Nicole got to me and placed the bottle on the counter "Should we get some of these too?" she looked at them then smiled "more the maryer" we laughed i could even hear the check out lady giggle. We handed her the alcohol she asked for ID i pulled it out of my blue roxy wallet. She held it up to my face and smiled then handed it back to me "You have a nice night now" i smiled at her "sure will" As we were walking out the shop all the 'Boys' were walking out of a food shop. We heard them shouting out to us, I waved. As i was unlocking the car they walked past us i couldnt take my eyes of Josh his beautiful blue eyes glowed in the night. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a white singlet which showed off his perfect body. I kept staring..... then i realised he was staring back. I was interupted with Nicole yelling at me to hurry up and start the car. I clicked out of it and apologized. I could still see in the side mirror him watching as we drove off. I had butterflies in my tummy, I cant wait till tonight. When we pulled into the garage Leon and Jordan were already there cleaning up from the other night and getting stuff ready "Hey girls, looks pretty good ae?" i looked at him with one eyebrow up "it looks nearlly exactully how it is when you dont trash it" We all laughed. Then i went over and hugged them.

After a few hours of making food and playing around. Me and Nicole went to go get ready i left my hair as it was, little curls and put a tiny bit of makeup on then walked over to my cuboard. I sighed "what to wear, what to wear" i spoke softy to myself before pulling out a navy blue tight, above the knee dress. I walked into Nicoles room. She was still trying to figure out what to wear. I tapped her shoulder making her jump "shit look amazing" I smiled at her and hugged her "hurry up their going to be here soon!" she truned back to her dission making "hey Pearl do you think i should wear this...." she was holding up a pink above the knee frilly dress, she continued "or this" this time she held up a mullet singlet and a high waisted skirt "i think the pink one would be better" i smiled at her then left her to get changed. They all started to show up. First Leons girlfriend. She was a tall skinny pretty, brunette, she had dark brown eyes, which i envyed. But there was something about her that was really fake. She greeted me with a glare and Leon with a light kiss on the cheek and walked towards the mini fridge where the alcohol was kept. She had three other girls following behind her they were all brunettes and wore skimpy black dresses topped of with high heels and lots of makeup. Jordan checked them out as they walked past him. Next to arive all pretty much at the same time were 'the boys'

They all walked in in there 'cool' clothes. They placed their alcohol in the fridge and greeted the girls and the hosts. I spotted Josh hot as ever. He looked over at me and smiled. Then i just realise he was walking over to me. I looked to my side and Nicole wasnt there. He stopped infront of me and paused "you um... look really nice" he studdered. I bit my lip and smiled at him "you too" I hugged him for awhile. Looking over his shoulder i could see everyone settling down into seats and Jordan staring at us 'protective brothers what could you do with out them' I thought to myself. I let go of him and walked over to everyone. Leon looked up at me, his girlfriend sitting on his knee. Leon smiled "so you finally decided to join us" everyone let out a chuckle. Jordan got off his seat and walked over to the stereo "PARTY TIME" i smiled at him and everyone cheered.

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