blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


19. Paparazzi

Pearls P.O.V

I stood there silent, so was everyone else. My eyebrows frowned in confusion "What?! Are you kidding?" I replyed shocked "Im not kidding" He said seriously. I paused for a second "Ill be back" I said before walking to the taxi opening the boot and unzipping by suit case pulling out the picture of my family. I walked back to them looking at the picture then at Zayn, i shook my head in amazment. I flipped the picture over to show him. He pointed to the same man that i said looked like him "Thats my dad" I held the picture in front of my face "What the fuc......" I was stopped by the sound of cars speeding and screaching to a stop as they saw the Boys, Paparazzi. I looked at them all worried. I shoved the picture into Zayns chest kissed him on the cheek. Ran to Nicole who gave Niall and last kiss i quickly one arm hugged Niall, then Nicole dragged me into the taxi. Harry pushed the boot closed, then came to my window and handed me a piece of paper and smiled "ill miss you" He poked his tounge out. I scrunched my nose up then poked my tounge out at him. I blew everyone a kiss. Then Paul told the Boys to get into the hotel. They all ran into the front doors i watched as the Boys who had just joined my life were now leaving. Nicole looked out her window crying with joy "This is the best two days of my life" she smiled. I lent over and hugged her. The taxi driver looked into his mirror at us "where to?" I apologized for taking so long then told him Nelson.

The whole ride back all i could think of was the new memories and not wanting to go back to the sadness in my hometown. I looked out the window to suddenly click on what Zayn had said "ZAYN MALIK IS MY FREAKIN COUSIN!" I yelled at the top of my lungs making Nicole jump and the taxi driver swerve alittle. I continued to look out the window as i apologized. I let out a laugh of surprise.

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