blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


63. Pain

Pearls P.O.V

I knocked on the door and slowly opened it. I saw Zayn on his bed with his phone in his hands. He was so foucused on the screen he didnt look up as I sat down next to him, "Zayn?" I asked worried. He didnt move, he didnt even look up. I frowned at him curiously. "Zayn" I said putting my hand on his phone and pushing it down. His eyes darted to me in fustration, "What?" He asked seriously, "Are you ok?" I asked even more worried, he sighed and his tone less angry "Yes Im fine" I said looking back at his phone. "Zayn, I know your not fine, tell me whats wrong?" I asked trying to make him talk. "I said im fine!" He said, his angry tone coming back. I shook my head at him "I know its not fine, but anyway we're gona watch a movie, you can join if you want" i said gently, as I got off the bed, walking out the door closing it behind me.

I slowly made my way to the lounge, holding the walls as I walked down the hallway. Liam had already put the movie in and came over to help me. I plonked down on the couch, next to Niall and Liam. Nicole next to Niall. Louis and Harry sat on the other end of the couch. "So what movie did you put in?" I asked looking at everyone, squezzed up together on the three seater couch. "Zombie-land" Louis lent forward and smiled at me. I smiled back "I love this movie", "Me too, its so freakin funny" Nicole giggled as she snuggled into Niall.

I sat there wanting to snuggle into someone too. I sighed. Just as the movie started Zayn came through from the hallway, His eyes still glued to his phone. "Yay Zayns joining the family!!!" Louis cheered, followed by Nialls adorable laugh. Zayn sat down on the single seat. Thats not like him, he would normaly try sit with us.

As the Movie went on, I kept taking quick glances at him, everytime his face getting angrier and angrier. I heard his phone buzz, As soon as he looked at it, he jumped up, dropping his phone and stomped off down the hall, slamming the door behind him. We all looked at eachother worried. I picked up his phone, There was a message from Perrie

'Im sorry Zayn but i cant do this anymore'

under her message was a photo of Zayn and some random girl at a club kissing, down the bottom it said 'in Australia', My mouth dropped "Wait but hes not in Auzzy" I said to myself. I looked up to find everyone looking over my shoulder at the picture. "Why would people do this to him?!" Louis said angrily. "I have no Idea" Nicole replied........................................all of a sudden there was a massive thump, all our heads turned to where the noise came from. We all ran down to his room. Louis barged into the room.

Zayn was on his knees cluching his hand, sobbing. The boys were at his side helping him up, Me and Nicole called the local medical center. While the boys tried to help the situation.

"Hello, I was wondering if you were open on a weekend?"

"Hi, no sorry ma'am, we will do after hour work but it does cost more"

"Yes that would be fine, would you beable to come to 23 pohara beach road, as soon as possible?"

"Yes that should be fine, I was wondering what is actually the problem?"

"My cousin has hurt his hand, I think it my be broken"

"Ok thank you, ill come as soon as I can, seeya"

"Thanks so much, bye"

I hung up putting my cell back in my pocket. i walked over to Zayn and the others handing him his phone, giving him a half smile. I knelt infront of him "Zayn it'll be ok" I said giving him a reassuring smile. He closed his eyes a tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away. "I hate this" he whispered, He stood up and started to pack his thing. "Zayn where are you going to go?" Liam asked, "Home, I need to see Perrie" He said almost starting to cry again. I rubbed his back before heading out the door, Nicole behind me we needed to let them talk.

Me and Nicole, went and sat on my bed, we both lay down or heads hanging of the end, looking out the sliding door "Well this didnt go as planned" Nicole sighed, I knew something was on her mind. "Do you need to tell me something Nicole?" I said seriously. She shook her head "Nicole im your bestfriend remember, I know everything about you, when your sad, angry, hidding things, Im always got my eyes on you, so dont mess with me" I said playfully, "no but really you need to tell me something?!" I said going back to seriousness.

She shook her head again, "Ahhhhgggg Nicole" I groaned, but gave up she wasnt gona tell me but ill get it out of her. I sat up as Liam walked in the door, "is he ok?" i asked really curious. "Hes said hes catching the soonest flight he can get, and hes leaving tonight" he said sadly. I closed my eyes and fell back "This defiintely didnt go as planned" I sighed.

I got up as there was a knock on the door. I let the doctor in, he was young, short bown, silky hair, he had a pretty boy face, but wasnt my type. I offered him a seat on the couch "Ill just go get him" I said as I walked down the hall, I knocked on the door before entering "The doctors here, you ok to come out?" I asked him, "Yup" He said as he stood up, wiping his eyes. I sat down on the single chair and Zayn by the doctor, the others stood around.

"Hey, you must be the broken fella" the doctor smiled at him,  Zayn nooded, putting on a fake smile. "Wow thats broken" the doctor said with out even touching it. He pushed on places and waited for Zayn to say if it was sore or not, he got him to wiggle his fingers. He put a bandage, medical tape and a mini thing to hold one of his fingers out straight. After he had finished. I pulled out my wallet before any of the boys did. "Thatll be $100 thanks" He said smiling. I was surprised it cost so much, I opened my wallet, I had a perfect 100 dallor note, yuss!!. I handed it over "Thanks so much for your help" I smiled at him, The boys shook his hand and thanked him. "Wait I know you Boys from some where" He said pointing at them. "Ohhh No you dont, your just imagining things" Nicole said as she closed the door on him, cutting him off. she flicked the lock. We walked back to the couch, and sat in silence for an hour, no one wanted to say anything.

I stood up and hobbled to kitchen, "Anyone want anything while im here?" I asked. "No im fine thanks Love" Liam smiled. "Lou, Harry, Niall, Nicole, Zayn anything?" They all shook thier heads. "Well looks like its just me" I said as I pulled out bread, cheese and ham. I stood at the bench as I ate my sandwhich.

I heard a toot from outside, my head turned to the door, Zayn stood up, and so did the others. "Are you going already?" I asked as he walked past, "Yeah" he half smiled, He headed towards the door "Hold up" I said as I limped over to him. Making him smile at how crippled I was, "Oh dont you start" i smiled, i wrapped my arms around him "See you later cuz, be safe. Hope everything works out" I whispered in his ear. I kissed his cheek and let the others say goodbye. "Seeya later mate" Niall said pulling him into a hug, Louis, Liam and Harry joined in. Nicole gave him the last hug.

As He drove away we all waved out to him. We all walked back inside flopping down on the couch, we all sighed at nearly the same time, making us laugh. I turned around to check the weather, I was getting sunnier, "I know what would cheer us up right now" I smiled at Nicole, "does the same guy still own the batch next door?" I asked, She thought for a second, then a huge smile grew on her face, "Yes and I saw him when I came back from my jog"....... "You jog?" The Boys asked surprised, "Yes I am now" She said shocked at how they wouldnt think she would jog. i giggled to myself.

I stood up "Ok We all need to change into clothes we dont mind getting dirty and then well go have a look ae?" I smiled as I walked down to my room.

We all came out in sweat pants and hoodies. I shook my head at us. We walked out to the fence spliting the houses apart. His garage slowly opened, "Omg" I heard Nicole whisper, "This is going to be amazing" Harry said excitedly.







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