blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


5. "ohhhh, Shits going down"

Pearls P.O.V

He stomped over to us and stopped at the side of the bed looking a Josh "I thought I could trust you" Jordan said through gritted teeth while pulling Josh off me. I looked to the door and saw Nicole and Vincent still pulling their clothes on wondering whats going on. I turned my focus back to Jordan and Josh. He was pushing him and yelling in his face. Josh just standing there and taking it. Nicole ran to me to comfort me, Vincent running over to jordan trying to stop him from hitting Josh i could hear Vincent "Jordan! stop. she old enough to look after herself!" I could hear everything that was being said but i didnt do anything i just sat there staring at empty space. No one was home in my head. I saw Leon run to the room and grab Jordan. Everyone still yelling. I finally snapped out of it and put my dress back on and ran out the door Nicole close behind. Me and Nicole walked out into a crowd of worried faces. A tear of anger ran down my face as two girls walked past "Slut" i heard someone shout out "Shits going down!" i didnt think twice next thing i was punching her in her pretty little face with Nicole pulling her friends hair and yelling something. I felt two warm hands pull me back. I didnt struggle to get out i knew it was my brother. I looked down at the girl and my whole expression changed it was Leons girl friend. Her nose was bleeding. She slowly rose. I looked over to where Nicole was struggling to get out of Leons arms. The girl still on the ground sobbing.

I looked at Leons girl friend as she spat out blood "Leon! you need to keep your MUTT tyed up" Leon nodded at Jordan with gritted teeth. Jordan let me go and i went straight for the girl. I right hooked her in the jaw she fell to the ground. I shook my hand and a blew on my knuckles, Like what they do in the movies. I turned to Jordan and showed my teeth "wheres josh?" Hes face went red with anger "I kicked him out" i shook my head at him and left. I loved my brother with all my heart but this time he went to far.

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