blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


64. off roading

Nicoles P.O.V

A black Jeep wrangler came rolling out of the garage. We watched as it drove past us. I sqwintted towards the drivers seat, Defaintly not the same guy who lived there. This guy had short blonde hair, I cold just see he was wearing a blouse the top 4 buttons undone revealing his chest. I looked at Pearl who mouthed 'He soooo Hot' to me I smiled at her and nodded. He looked abit older than us around his late 20's.

He looked at us all in cofusion. "Hey can I help you?" He said in his deep New Zealand voice. Pearl was the first to reply "Oh we were just wondering if ummmm......If ummmm" She lost her words as a dazling smile grew on his face. I continuted for her obviouly she wasnt stable "We were wondering if Mr Jones still owned the batch??" I said with out a sweat. He smiled "Yeah, Im his son. The names Jacob" He said as he climbed out of the jeep and over to us shaking our hands, "Louis, this is Harry,Liam and Niall" louis said pointing to the boys. "Well we were just wondering if we could use the jeep?? Your dad use to always let us" i said giggling. He suddonly realised "Ohhh your Nicole and Pearl?!" , I looked at Pearl, "Yeeaaahh" She said slowy and cofused, "I havent seen you two since you were little" He began "You do remember me right?", "Yeah of course" i said lying. "Nope not really" Pearl smiled being straight up. I rolled my eyes, now hes gona feel bad.


20 minutes later after talking.........................


"Yeah of course you can use it, just make sure its clean and feuls full before you bring it back" He explained chucking Pearl the Keys. "You kids have fun" He smiled full confidence in us. I passed the keys to Louis just as he went to climb in.

Louis P.O.V

The last time I remember going off roading and crazy was making the video for 'Live while were young' This is going to be Sick!!. I backed it out of the drive. I drove down a street I didnt even know "So where are we going?" I asked making everyone laugh. "First thing, Turn around" Nicole giggled.

We got to a dirt road that lead to loads of dirt hills "Man this is going to be great" I heard Niall say.

Pearls P.O.V

I checked my seat belt knowing Louis was driving, I had too. We all did it. Louis and Harry sat in the front, Me, Nicole, Niall and Liam squeezed up in the back.

All of a sudden Louis hit the gas, we went bumping and jumping over the hills. I grabbed Liam arm holding it tight. "WOOHOO!!!" I heard Nicole yell out as we hit a huge bump, making us airborn. everyone in the back grabbed each other and didnt let go. Louis was crazy behind the wheel. I could see Liams knuckles white as he gripped onto the roof handle.

"WATCH OUT!!" I yelled, A huge mud puddle. I knew we were going to get stuck. He slamed the pedal down, just to hear the desapointing sound of the engine reaving but not going anywhere. Liam Me and Niall climbed out Nicole didnt want to get dirty. We landed in kalf deep mud, I sighed pulling my legs up using my hands to help. i got to the back of the truck. We placed our hands on the back of the jeep. "GO!!!" NIall yelle out. We heard the jeep reving, we pushed and pushed, it slid at bit.........flicking mud all over us, I mean face and everthing. "STOP!!!" I yelled out. Wiping my eyes and spitting mud everywhere. "Oh yuck" I heard Liam whisper to himself. "AGAIN????" we heard Louis yell out. "YUP GO!!" I shouted back. We tryed even harder. I Could see the wheels slowly rising "KEEP GOING!!!" I Yelled. We pushed and pushed, the mud flicking on us, then suddenly the jeep wasnt there and I fell foward. The two Boys grabbing me and pulling me back up before I hit the mud "Thanks, I thought that was gona end badly." i smiled and lightly hit them both on thier arms.

We didnt want to get back in the truck and dirty up the inside so we climbed on the back and held on tight as Louis drove us back to the batch. We pulled up just as Jacob was getting the mail. I jumped off the back, "wow Yous got a bit dirty" He laughed at us. "Yeah we got abit stuck and yeah" I smiled shrugging my shoulders. He laughed as he walked back into his batch.

I walked over to the hose turning the tap, I Quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and placed in on the window sill of Liams room. I pushed my thumb on the end making the water spray out faster. I wiggled out of my sweat pants and chucked them over on the grass. I sprayed the hose over my face first, then arms and legs, just to get most of the dirt off. Niall and Liam did the same.

Nicole came out of the garage with buckets and an old spounges. Louis had the hose sqwerting down the truck to get most of the mud off. We all stood in a group waiting for Lou to finish.

I didnt notice untill the water hit me, I gasped holding my hands up to cover my face. Louis was spraying everyone, they all hid behind me laughing and yelling. I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his body holding his arms down so he couldnt move them, As the others took the hose off him. "Duck!" Harry smiled. I hid behind Louis holding him as he was sprayed down by Harry.

By the time we had soaked him, Nicole and Niall had filled the buckets with water. I instantly let go of Louis and ran to the other side of the jeep trying to hide from them .

I could see Niall tipping the bucket on Nicoles head and her gasping and spinning around, splashing the water on him laughing. I smiled. Louis and Liam were fighting over the hose, making it sqwert over both of them. I felt cold water run down my back "HOLY SHIT THATS COLD!" I shouted. I spun around to see Harry with a cheeky grin on his face holding a bucket. I ran.

"Ok I give up" Louis said holding his hands up in surrender. We all put down our weapons. "Well lets clean this jeep" Nicole sighed. We all turned and saw the jeep was clean. "cool looks clean enough to me" Louis said as he walked towards the door to the batch. "We still have to fill it" I smiled before being intterupted, "No its fine you kids get dry" Jacob said walking out from behind the other side of the jeep. I passed him the keys and winked "Thanks" we all said at the sametime. Louis put his arm over my shoulder "Well that was fun" He smiled. "Yup sure was" I giggled. We got inside "First dibs in the shower!" I said running down the hall, everyone behind me and slid into the bathroom locking the door behind me. they all sighed and walked away.

After I had my shower I let the Boys and girl fight over who was next while I got changed. Once everyone was clean and changed I walked to the fridge and grabbed the bottles of wine that we were surrpose to drink ages ago. I grabbed six wine glasses and took them out to the outside table. I popped open the bottle watching the cork fly into the air. I poured me a glass. Nicole was the second one to come out and grab a glass. We both walked out onto the little piece of grass infront of the deck. We both plonked down leaning back on our arms.

"I cant wait to go back to London" Nicole smiled at me, "Oh same one big family again" I said giving her a one arm hug. "One thing Ive been wanting to ask you, why are you jogging?" I giggled, She sighed "I need to loose a bit of weight cant you see im getting fatter" She smiled shaking he belly. "Its not that big" i laughed. "Whatevers" She laughed with me.

"WHOS READY TO PARRRRRTTTAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!" Louis yelled with his arms in the air standing on the edge of the deck. We all laughed.




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