blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


12. Night with Harry

Pearls P.O.V

Standing in silence at the door were five curious boys. I looked down at the ground. They all looked at each other. They all still had their makup and hair done, they looked really tierd. I looked back at them "Hey" I said sadly, also trying to hold back a yawn. Harry turned is head to the side abit "Are you ok?" He asked. I didnt say anything, i just shook my head. The boys were still quiet, but Harry contiued asking questions "do you want to talk about it" I still repled with shaking my head. Harry made a little frown, and before he could say anything else Paul called them to come down to get some rest. Louis smiled at me then stepped forward, He hugged me, I hugged him back. He gently whispered "Hope you feel better" he pulled away, I half smiled at him. Liam gave me a hug but didnt say anything. They both reminded me so much of Leon and Jordan. I kinda think of them being my brothers. Zayn and Niall both hugged me at the same time, Niall whispered in my ear "wheres Nicole?" A smile of happiness for her popped up on my face for a second "shes sleeping" He pulled away and made a puppy dog face. I shook my head alittle and half smiled. Harry turned to face the boys and said somthing i couldnt hear him he was talking so quietly. The four boys gave Harry a nice smile then walked down to their rooms leaving me and Harry at my door. I felt bad making him stand outside, so i invited him in. We both stood in the middle of the lounge not saying anything. I cleared my trought "Um do you want a drink?" He half smiled "What cha got?" I looked up to the roof trying to think "Um.....You wait here, its a surprise" I felt way happier around Harry. He looked at me curiously then chuckled. I pointed to the couch. He went and sat down. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of jagermeifter and a pack of red bull before grabbing two cups. I walked into the room. As soon as Harry saw me, a big grin popped up on his face. I know he loves to drink, well thats good because so do I. I sat down next to him and gave him a glass. I open the lid and poured it in up to half way, then filled the rest with red bull, I did the same for Harrys. we just sat their not saying anything, refilling our cups when it was empty. When i got abit tipsy is when we started talking "Im sorry for being so quiet" I apologised looking at the ground. He gently pulled my chin up to face him "Its fine, dont apologise theres obviously something wrong" he pulled his eyebrows together. "Yeah your right there is something wrong, something missing" I allowed a tear to run down my face but it was quickly wiped away by Harrys thumb "you can tell me its ok" his gentle husky voice made me want to tell him my whole life story but i decided just to go with my brothers, "When i ran out..." a tear ran down my face but i continued "it was because my mum tell me my brothers had......" I sighed more tears rolled out of my eyes "they died in a car accident. Drink driving" Harry sat there in shock then he hugged me. I placed my head on his shoulder "I love having you around you just make things happier, more comfortable" I said through a few sobs. "Well i should really be going to go to bed now" i lifted my head of his shoulder and looked into his greeny blue eyes. He half smiled "ok love, ill leave" I frowned "No your not, your staying here" He smiled "what on your couch" I half smiled and frowned "Yes.. No im just kidding, you can sleep with me?" He turned his head to the side "dont you have a boyfriend?" I shook my head "Harry Harry Harry its not like were going to do anything" he smiled "true" I stood up and grabbed his hand leading him to the bed and pulling back the blankets once more. Harry climbed in first then me. I pulled the blankets up. He didnt even mind me just being in my jockeys and bra. As much as i didnt mind him in grey jockeys and a black top. I turned to face him. He smiled "You have beautiful eyes" I scruched up my nose "so do you" I shuffled abit "Goodnight Harry" I lent forward and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled "Night Pearl" I turned back to face away from him. I reach forward and switched the lamp off. I waited and waited for his arm to cuddle me but he didnt. I put my arm behind me and grabbed his arm wrapping in around my waist "thats better" I smiled. I heard him quietly chuckle. I felt his body moved up against mine, he is so warm. I could feel his cool breath shiver down my spine. I had to keep repeating in my head 'I have a boyfriend, i have a boyfriend' I smiled, spending the night with Harry. I fell asleep in his arms.

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