blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


77. Nialls Surprise

Pearls P.O.V

All I could feel was Harrys soft lips on mine, but this time it felt like he really ment it, like he liked me.

I smiled as I saw the door open. "I bet this is Nicole, shes gona be pissed at me" I whispered then giggled. Harry shrugged his shoulders........ "Pearl!!! what the hell?!" Nicole yelled. "told you" I smirked at Harry, "What Nicole" I said smart-assly. "what are you doing , hmm" she gave us a serious look, "were baking a cake", I could hear Harry chuckling at us. "Well shoving you tounge down his throat isn't baking a cake" she smirked, "actually my tounge wasn't even in his mouth thank you" I smirked back and walked back over to Harry and the food, He shook his head and smiled.

Once the cake was cold and ready for the fondant, we rolled it up onto a rolling pin and gently spread it across the cake, then smoothed it out. I left Nicole to do the finishing touches, like the writing and decorations. "Um Nicole wheres Niall?" I asked curious, She stopped for a second and thought "Hes gone do something" She laughed "He left abit after we finished lunch, I don't even know where he went" she said confusing herself. I laughed and shook my head.

We had finished the cake and started to shift the table and couch around, We pushed the couch so it was facing towards the kitchen and moved the t.v out of the lounge and into the storage space under the stairs, we defiantly didn't want that broken. I moved the coffee table so it was against the wall, that's where we will put some snacks and stuff, I thought to myself. "Is that it?" I asked both of them, "yup all we need now is people, food and Niall" Nicole smiled excited.

1 hour later......

Nicoles P.O.V

I cant wait till my Nialls big birthday surprise, its about 8:30pm and people are starting to arrive, Louis, Liam and Zayn haven't come back yet, their ment to bring the food. I paced around the room. "Nicole whats the matter?" Pearl asked me, "Nialls gona be here soon and the boys arnt back with the food and themselves" I said stressing, Pearl wrapped an arm around my shoulder "Just go with the flow, if he gets here and were not hiding and the lights arent off, he will still appreciate it" she smiled at me, "do you thinks so?" I said unsure, "trust me he will love it" she smiled and gave me a hug before rushing back to introduce herself to the new people, the boys had invited.
Liam, Louis and Zayn rushed through the door, carrying bags of snacks and alcohol. I scolded  them, before going over and helping them put everything into bowls and then onto the small coffee table.
All the food was set and people were here, I grabbed pearls arm and pulled her up stairs and into my room, "what should I wear?!" I said with a big grin on my face, I went to the cuboard and pulled out a dress,  



She nodded. I grabbed a pair of brown heels and stepped into the bathroom to put the outfit on. "What do you think?" I said as I walked out, "oh" she wasn't even there. I chucked on a long necklace and some bangles, before leaving the room. Pearl was just leaving her room at the same time, in casual, well what I think causal is,


"Your at a party and your just gona wear that" I said giving her a werid look up and down, "whats wrong with this?" she frowned back at me, "well its just theres some really cute guys here tonight and wearing jeans doesn't you know...want to...well its not easy access" I grinned at her, She shook her head and walked down the stairs, "Nicole I don't want anyone to try and 'get into me tonight'" She laughed walking down the stairs.

I pulled out my phone and gave Niall at text,

~'Hey Babe since its your birthday, I have a surprise for you come over wearing something nice. The doors unlocked ;)'

I sent it and he replied a few moments later, saying he'll be over soon. "OK EVRYONE NIALLS ON HIS WAY SO PLEASE FIND A PLACE TO HIDE" Pearl yelled to make sure everyone heard, "ONCE EVERYONES IN PLACE ILL TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, OK...OK! sweet" She walked over and stood by the light as everyone took there place.

Everyone whispered and giggled as we were waiting in the dark, I heard a car pull up the driveway "Ok everyone ssssshhhhhhh" I whispered.
The door opened "Nicole im here!... I cant see in here" He whispered the last part.

"SURPRISE!!!" We all shouted as he flicked on the light, instantly a massive smile appeared on his face and it wouldn't go away. I walked out from the crowd of people, went over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Happy Birthday Niall" I smiled.

"LETS GET REDICULOUS!" We all sung alone to redfoo, as we danced around the room, drunk, what a surprise, I though sarcastically to myself. At least Niall was enjoying himself. I sat down on the couch feeling abit sick and dizzy. I put my head back looking up at the roof everything spinning. I saw Nialls hands ether side of my shoulders, "Nicole...Nicole are you ok?" I heard him whisper. I felt his arm slide in behind my back and under my legs, "Excuse me... please move" I heard Niall say as we went through all the people, Then I was gone, combered.

I woke up around 1pm in the afternoon, I felt like shit. I was in my undies and bra, Niall must of helped me, I tied my hair in a messy bun and walked out of my room, eyes still half shut and looking pale, I heard laughing and chatting. I made my way down stairs and snuck into the room, but to be spotted by L:ouis "SHES ALIVE!" He said in a  evil voice, I smiled alittle and walked over to the group, "So whats up?" I said quietly still half asleep, They all looked at me funny. "What?" I frowned at them.. Niall let out a quiet giggle "You Love, last night" ,They all laughed "Drunk, falling over, spewing everywhere" Pearl Smiled at me, "Was I that bad?".. "Nah you were fine, even though you clamed of having a sore tummy and feeling really dizzy, then combering, Your were totally fine" Harry smirked, "Haha funny guys" I sighed. 

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