blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


73. Nialls Surprise, more like Pearls surprise...

Nicoles P.O.V

Its been about a week. Harry and Pearl are at least smiling and talking to each other, I feel as tho the familys coming together, but then I have a bad feeling, like this is going to happen alover again.......Im not normally the 'shes my bestfriend stay away from her' type but Ive been....Kinda......trying to keep them apart...Ish. I just dont want to see my bestfriend go through the same hurt and pain again....

Im sitting on my bed with my legs crossed, and leaning back on my elbows, awkwardly holding my phone. Nialls lying on my legs, with his head on my stomach. I could see him playing with his phone case nervously. Every few mintues I would peek at him and wonder why he was doing that. After a few moments more I sat up alittle and grabbed his phone, "Niall, whats wrong?" I asked tilting my head to the side. He sighed "Im just........", I scrunched up my face in confusion, "Just what?" I asked softly. I could see his chest rise and fall slowly, ".........did you remeber its nearly my birthday?" He said hopefully.

Why is he getting so worried about that, I thought to myself. "Is it really?!" I gasped sarcastically. I sat up and tipped his chin back with my fingers. I lent forward and kissed him gently, "Of course I did" I smiled kissing him again but more passionatly, smiling halfway through the kiss as Niall tickled my side. "I........." I couldnt say it, he may not feel the same way, why cant I just say 'I Love you Niall James Horan' I thought to myself, who knew it would be so difficult, grrrrr.

Pearls P.O.V

I sat on my bed bored as ever, All I did was flick through the numerus amounts of tweets. I was getting sick of it. Why cant I meet someone as good as Niall, hes so good to Nicole, Im actually really jealous. I sat up looking out at the shitty weather of Londons, Autum season. I fell back down and groaned "This sucks" I said to myself.  Throwing my legs off the bed I decided I needed to do something and what better to do than clean, I thought sarcastically to myself. I wondered down stairs, the house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The only people here is me, Nicole and Niall. I walked into the kitchen looking for something to clean.......I couldnt find anything, it is so clean already. I walked to the large window looking out to the empty spot in the corner of the yard. I smiled to myself before running upstairs and pulling out a pad and pen from my side table draw and walking back down to the window. I bit the end of the pen, my thinking face on. I placed the tip of the pen on the paper and started to scribble down a sloped roofing, then the pillers connecting it to the ground. I held the pad out in front of me and made a that-doesnt-look-right face. I traced over the pillers and made them look abit more modern by making them square, tall ones in the front and shorter ones at the back.

I foldded the page over and started to draw the outdoor couches and fire. I looked at it for a good 2 minutes before ripping the picture out about a few centemeters away from the actuall picture. I Walked backwards and plonked down on the couch. I put the picture of the fire and couches under the roofing in the other picture. I smiled proudly at myself....."Looks good" I heard a deep voice behind me, I jumped up and spun around in a matter of seconds, "Are you trying to kill me" I said with my hand on my chest. Harry just smiled at me "Sorry I didnt mean to make you freak out" He said giving me a sorry smile. I recovered from my 'freak out' As I sat back down on the couch.

"Hello Love" I heard Louis sweet innocent voice come from behind me, I twisted my body around, "Hey Lou and Liam. Wheres Zayn???" I asked curious, "Hes spending time with Perrie before she goes on tour" Liam answered sitting next to me and Harry. Louis snatched the pad out of my hand them sat his big butt on my knee. "Louis give it back" I groaned as his weight started to make my legs go numb, "This is cool" He smiled at me and noticing in my face that he was hurting me, "Sorry love My butt to much for you" We laughed, "Yeah Lou thats it" I giggled then pushed him off me. I shuffled over so he sat inbetween me and Harry.

"Oh shit here" Harry said handing over some envelopes. "Aaaahhhrrrggg Bills" I groaned as I opened them one by one. I came apon one for Nicole I placed it aside. I reached out and chucked the bills on the table. And burried my head into liams arm "I hate bills" I moan into his arm. "Is someone tierd?" I heard Louis say playfully poking my ribs. My body jolted up as he did, I slowly turned my head towards him with a blank expression on my face, I held my thumb and pointing finger up showing that the gap inbetween my finger and thumbs is how tierd I am, "Just alittle" I smiled.

I jumped up and stared at the Boys sitting on the couch, I put my hand over my mouth " Its Nearly Niall birthday" I said shocked I forgot, the Boys laughed "Yup exsactly, 1 day and 21 hours, well thats till the...." Louis looked around the room for no signs of Niall, "thats untill his surprise party" He continued. "Oooohhhhhhh" I smiled, and nodded.

Ive got a whole 1 day and 21, well 20 hours till something excitings happening. The Boys and Niall left so I decided to visit Nicole. I knocked on her door before entering, "We have to get Niall something for his birthday!!!" I yell as i walk in the door. Nicole looked at me like you-dont-have-to-yell, I roll my eyes then jumped on her bed, "Sooooo what should we get him??" I asked annoyingly bring my face close to hers, She looked up from her phone and smiled, she showed me what was on her phone, "Ahhhhh thats a good idea" I grin nodding my head repeativly. She placed her hand on my face and gently pushed me away. We laughed. "I brought them like ages ago" She smiled, My eyes widened "Nicole we have bills to pay first" I wined, "Oh dont worry we got insurrence from the restrant, Were fine. I pretended to wipe sweat of my head, oh thats probably what the letter to her is.I stood up and walked out of the room, "Bye then" Nicole called after me, "Ill be back soon, dont freak".

I grabbed the letter and walked back up the stairs again "I swear to god im gona be so skinny after going up and down those stairs so many times" I said flopping down on her bed, "Well at least you will get skinny" She groaned. "Nicole itll just be a phase, I had one when I was little, but in no time I was skinny again" I reasured her. "Sure sure" She said rolling over. "Oh its not that bad" I said poking her ribs making her giggle. She looked up at me and gave me the evils, then she jumped up onto her feet, "Your moves are powerful but not strong enough" She said putting on a mysterious, kung Fu acsent and making the 'cran' pose. i looked away in shame but them jumped up and made the crouching tiger pose "We will see about that, No one can defeat the crouching tiger.....grrr" I said showing my teeth. We both fall onto our bums holding our stomachs, laughing so hard. "I hope the neighbours didnt see that" I joked. "we make the perfect weirdos" Nicole said wiping tears away from her face. "And thats why were besties" I one armed hugged her.................


The next day.............

I jumped up excited about Nialls Birthday, Nicoles Boys turning into a man!!! I giggled to myself. I cant believe hes 20 how the time flys. I got changed into my matching navy blue bra and undies. I walked over to the sliding door and pulled the curtain back alittle, my face dropped, another shit day and its Nialls birthday, hope it gets sunnier. I slipped on some light blue denim short shorts, that has the fray look at the botton, and the light brown leather label, patch stiched on the back. I put on a white singlet that had a cats eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth, no out line of the face. I didnt buy this beceause Harry likes cats I got it Because I like it. I walked down stairs to the Boys sitting around the kitchen and Nicole serving waffles. "Yum!!!" I smiled as I walked round the corner. Liam got off his chair and pointed for me to sit. i smiled and shook my head "No you sit" i smiled. I walked around the other side of the bench, "Happy Birthday Niall!!!!" I yelled, leaning over the counter and giving him a hug, "Big 20 how do you feel?" I said smiling, "Old" We all laughed. We ate Nicoles waffles and sat around for a bit, pretty much every single one of us almost ruining the surprise.

"So whats everyone up to today?" I asked looking at everyone, "Im taking Niall out for lunch" Nicole smiled, as she stood behind him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek, He smiled. I turned my gaze to Louis, Harry and Liam. "We might go and do somethings in town" Louis smiled looking at Liam. "Were gona pick Zayn up on the way" Liam added. Cool im gona be all by myself again. I sighed, making sure no one noticed, "Ill stay here with you so your not lonely" Harry smiled at me. Thank god. "Ok" I smiled back. I could see Nicoles worried face in the corner of my eye but I just blocked it out.

Me and Harry waved bye to the others and closed the door behind them. I walked towards the lounge, "So what should we do" I asked walking along clapping my hands. "watch a movie??" He asked shrugging his shoulders, "What one?" I say tilting my head to the side.  "Im in the mood to watch a scary one" He smirked at me. Hahaha I know what hes doing, Ill get scared and want someone to keep me safe and of course he'll be there and blah blah blah. dought it I wont give in that easy. I smirk back at him and rase one of my eyebrows, and chuckle. I pull out 'paranormal activity' ive seen this so many times I wont get scared, But when I watched it was light and the weather being crappy, makes it dark. Ill hold in there, I think to myself. I put it in and Sit a meter away from him my arms crossed. Hes gona be so dissapointed when I dont freak out.

Halfway through the movie I haven moved out of my position and I could see him giving me quick glimpses. I smiled to myself, this is how us girls do it, I thought to myself....................I felt a cool breeze run over my shoulder......I cracked, I jumped up and spun around so I was facing the kitchen. Breathing heavyly. I looked at Harry who Look at me surprised. I sat down closer to him and I kept looking over my shoulder every few minutes. I felt him make a sneaky move and place his arm over my shoulder, It didnt really phase me. I could see the hope in his face that i wouldnt move away, but hey when you like someone you should try get close right????? I lent into him, I put my legs up on the couch. I still had my arms crossed.

The movie had alomst finished, and me and Harry had gotten even closer. I had my head resting on a pillow on his lap and he had one of his hand around my legs holding me close to him and the other on the arm rest....... What am I doing, Nicole would kill me but, Harrys just so..........AHHH!!!

The movie finished and I didnt want to move and nether did he. I gave him a half smile. "What happened to acquaintnaces?" He asked. "Who said that we were acquaintnaces" I said playfully, "But your right" I said looking up into his bluey, green eyes, I could get lost in them. I couldnt break my stare and before I knew his soft lips gently touched mine. My whole body lit up. Wow this is unexpected. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as he started to kiss me more deeply. I just went along with it. I couldnt help but smile then laugh. He looked at me curious, "Why are you laughing?" He asked. I shook my head and sat up. "This" I said pointing my finger between him and me, "What Im I doing" I said recollecting myself. He looked at me sadly. I sighed and looked away "You just broke up with your girlfriend, I havnt forgotten what you did to.........." I was intterupted by Harry leaning over me and holding me down by my shoulders, :Im sorry: he said kissing me once more. He doesnt know the effect he has on me. I forget everything as soon and we touch. I had my legs bent and leaning on the back rest of the couch, He was lying next to me.

I wanted to stop but I couldnt, but then it got a bit to far as His hand was slowly making its way up my leg. at this point I was hoping something would stop us but then again I didnt. Just as He undone my button on my pants his phone rang. I felt my whole body relax. but he didnt answer it...Shit. "Umm maby you should answer your phone" I suggested, Hoping he would. I heard him sigh and sit up. He pulled his phone out of his jean back pocket. "Hello...........Oh yeah sure.........thats ok...Im at Pearls and Nicoles, do you know where that is........ok cool........yeah.....see you soon" He said as a smile grew on his face. I looked at him confused. "That was Lou, not Louis but our hairstylest" He smiled, "Yeah I meet her in christchurch" I smiled, he looked at me surprised "Anyway we have to babysit Lux, Lous really busy and needs our help" He smiled at me, I inhaled excitedly, and tried to hold back my huge smile, I love looking after babys and toddlers, mainly 0-5 are my favourite because at that stage they know the oldest are the boss. "Yay I cant wait"  I said standing up and turning off the DVD and turning the lights on then doing my button back up on my pants, Harrys smiling as in to say almost-did. i shook my head. "You like looking after kids?" He asked, "Yeah of course" i said helping heave him of the couch. "How long do we have her for?" I smiled up at him as we stood centemeters apart, It took him a while to reply, It looked like he was desracted by something, He shook his head alittle snaping himself out of it, "ummm....Ummm a few hours or so" He said not taking his eyes off mine. I looked away then moved away from him and headed to the kitchen, "How old is she?" I almost yelled from the kitchen, "Shes just over a year old" He said making his way over to the bar stool. "aww cute, Ive seen loads of pictures of your Boys and her, There so cute, yous would make great daddys" I smile turning around and taking two cups out and pouring orange juice into them. I pushed one over to him. We sat and talked for alittle, slowly getting over what just happen between us..............

there was a knock at the door, me and Harry both stood up and went over. Harry opened the door a huge grin popped onto his face, "Hally!" Lux screamed..............


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