blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


34. New appartment

Pearls P.O.V

I heard the door open I walked out of the room to see Harry, he looked smashed. "Yay finally" I smiled. He gave me the evils and went into the room. "You dont want to go........" It was to late. I heard Nicole scream followed by "Im sorry, im leaving, sorry" Harry walked around the corner red. I scrunched my face up and laughed. "Its not funny" He said with a puppy dog face. I poked my tounge out at him. He raised one eye brow then ran towards me. I squealed and ran to the right trying to doge the furniture. I ran around the lazy boy. Harry was on the other side.

He stood on the chair and put on foot up where your head goes and the other one on the butt part. He push his body forward making the chair tip over. It hit the ground with a bang. I ran off but didnt get very far two musculer arms wrapped around my waist. I struggled to get out but I couldnt.

He spun me around so I was facing him. He had a smerk on his face. I raised one eyebrow "ok you win" I gave in, But he didnt let me go. He keep staring at me "What?" I asked weary. He smiled "You have amazying eyes" He said softly. I looked away and blushed.

I looked back and stared into his eyes. our heads moved closer together. What i cant do this were just mates or are we? I questioned myself. We were so close I could feel his breath tingling my lips. He moved in closer...................

"Wooooo" I heard Nicole say as she walked towards us. I turned my head away and rested my forehead on his shoulder and giggled. He let go of me and we walked towards the door.

"I just need to grab something" He said walking away.

"Thanks for interupting, I didnt even get to kiss him" I frowned. she made a face "Plenty of time for boys right now we just need to get us a house" She smerked. I gave her the evils and we laughed. Harry finally came back, we walked to the elevator.

We got into his black truck thing and drove to the first house it only took about 10 minutes. The whole time we just listened and sang along to the radio. When we pulled up to it. The whole look of the house made me cringe. It was white concret and had a broken fence out the front, you couldnt really see much else the trees were in the way. I looked at Harry and shook my head then I looked at Nicole funny. She smiled "Harry step on it" She said quickly. He drove off to the next one.

I checked my phone maps to see where it was "Turn left at this next intersection then right" I smiled. He nodded and kept his eyes on the road. We pulled up to the house all our mouths dropped "WOW!" we said at the same time.

The house was a modern white two storied house. There was a deck down stairs and  two belconys at the top, both seporated. I jumped out of the car no hesitation and ran to the gate. The other caught up. "This is perfect" I heard Nicole say as we went into the front yard. There was gardens on both sides of the cobble stones leading to the deck. over the gardens were a abit of land and on the other side was a little pond and a bridge going over it, on one side of it was a bench seat.

"What a great setting" I heard Harry say before picking me up bridle way and carrying me to the deck. He pushed the door open with his back. I couldnt stop laughing. He turned around. The realesate agent was standing there looking at us like we were crazy. Harry cleared his throught and gently put me on the ground tring not to laugh. The man smiled "He im Ben Jones, Would you like me to show you around or are you fine looking by yourself?" I nooded "Well be fine" I said before walking through an archway with the other behind me.

It was huge, There was the kitchen with an open lounge. The walls were all windows apart from abit in the kitchen part. Out side the windows were a deck and bushes it looked nice. The kitchen was white, with white benches, fridge, cuboards, oven and dish washer. The floor in the kitchen was tile. We moved onto the next room which was just an open space next to the stairs. There was a down stairs toilet with a shower-bath. We went up stairs were there was a hall which lead to two rooms. They were both the same size and had onsuits with shower-baths. They both had walk-in wardrobs and belconys. The doors to the belconys were completely glass, The sun shone through it and heated up the rooms I didnt want to leave and I dont think the others did ether.

I looked at Nicole and smiled as we stood out on the belcony "This is great. do you even want to look at other place" I giggled. She tilted her head "Not really I have a feeling this is it" She smiled. "I think so too" We turned around to see all the boys standing at the ranchslider. I smiled "This is our new home guys, Party house" I smiled. Everyone smiled and woohooed. They had another look around before we asked what the price was. "The people want $400,000 for it" My mouth dropped and I felt kinda sad, it was so much we didnt even get that much from the restrant this week. "Sold!" I heard the voices behind us say. Me and Nicole turned around "You cant do that" Nicole frowned "Save your money on something you want" She explained "This is something we want for you two" Niall smiled. Nicole had a tear in her eye "thanks babe" she said before walking over to him and kissing him on the cheek and hugging him.

I stood there in a trance. So this is our house now, We have to aleast pay for some. I looked up and squealed before running up to all of them and having a group hug "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" I said while hugging them. "Me and Nicole will go and get some money so we can help pay" I smiled grabbing Nicole and pulling her with me. "Wait" I heard a highish voice say. "What is it Louis" i asked. "We will pay for it and you can pay for furniture" He smiled. I shook my head "I cant let yous do that, Were helping pay for it too. Just wait here and we will be back soon" I pulled Nicole to the truck not caring about what they had to say next. i put the keys in and started the engine. Harry was proberly thinking how we were going to start the truck with no keys but Nicole grabbed them as we had a group hug. We knew they wouldnt let us have them if we asked. Me and Nicole laughed excitedly as we drove off.

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