blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


35. Moving in!

Harrys P.O.V

As they ran off I chuckled to myself "They cant go anywher....."

I paused as the others looked at me wanting me to finish my sentence "Shit" I whispered shaking my head and running my hand over my back jean pocket. Louis and Liam were looking at me funny. Zayn and Niall had gone to look around again. "What?" Liam said tilting his head a bit. I smiled "They took my keys while we were hugging" I explained. Louis nodded his head "What a good idea" He said looking at me then liam over and over. I rolled my eyes "Your weird Lou.....But i love it" I said, we all laughed.

Pearls P.O.V

We got to the bank in one piece. I ran in and got to the line of people. There was lots of offices. I got to the front of the line to see a oldish snobby looking lady staring at me "Yes what do you want" She snarled. I frowned "To get alot of money out" I said emphasizing the 'Alot'. I could see her screw up her lips "How much?" I half smiled "About 200,000"

Her expresion didnt even change "Wait here" She said before getting of her seat and wondered off to the back.

I lent my arm on the bench and looked around. She came back and plonked back down on her seat "Wheres your card" She said. I thought for abit. In the back pocket i thought to myself. I grabbed it out of my wollet and handed it over along with other booklets and papers. She snacthed them out of my hand "Restrant" she whispered. She looked at all the papers then at me and walked to the back again. I rolled my eyes and placed my elbow back on the bench.

She came back but this time she had a full envelope. She swiped my card and got me to sign a few papers before handing everything back "Have a nice day" She fake smiled. "ok" I smiled and walked off.

When i got back to the truck Nicole had changed seats to the driver "Im driving" She yelled out the window. I smiled and nodded. I got in the passenger side and showed her the envelope. A big grin showed up on her face. She lent over and hugged me "This is the start of our new life here in LONDON!" she explained. I smiled and rested my head on the window. This is really happening I closed my eyes and smiled. I wish my brothers were here to share it with me.

I lifted my head back up as we got closer to OUR house. I got out of the car holding the envelope in one hand and the keys in the other. I walked up the deck and into the house. The Boys were standing in the lounge talking. I walked up to them and handed Harry his keys back. Him giving me a dirty but funny look. I winked at him then made my way over to the realestate agent "Got half here" I smiled and place the envelope of money in his hand smiling. He looked shocked "I will need you to sign some forms then pay the other half and everything will be good to go" He smiled.

Me and Nicole signed the papers as the Boys went to get the other half of the money. Me and Nicole walked around thinking of what furniture we should get "Deffantly leather couches" Nicole explained "....and dont forget the flat screen T.V....and the flash computer....o o and coffee table, decorations, beds, side tables......" she went on. "Nicole!" I shouted "I get it" I rolled my eyes and smiled.

The Boys got back and handed over the money. The realesate agent smiled "Easy as that" He said handing over the keys to the house before leaving.

I stood in the lounge looking around. the others under the archway "Well i guess its time to got furniture shopping" I sighed.

Everyone climbed into the cars and they took us to the nearest furniture shop. We were looking for ages. Me and the Boys started to get tierd. Nicole was sitting on every single couch and then say ether 'too hard' 'too soft' 'ugly'. I flopped down on a brown leather couch "This ones fine" I explained. Nicole frowned "No its not" she grizzled. I sighed "Yes it is" I flipped the tag over $6000 for the 3 seater and a lazy boy. "This is perect and its on special" I explain "Were getting it" I got up and walked over to the closest worker and told him what we wanted.

I looked around and couldnt see the Boys. I shrugged my shoulders and followed the worker out the back to were they were loading the couch on to a moving truck that had their logo on it. Me and Nicole inspected the couch before it was put on to see if there was any damage. They started to close the back "I wouldnt close it" Nicole smiled "We have lots more to get" She finished then turning around and walking back into the shop me behind her.

We got to the bed section and of course thats where the Boys were. We walked over to them. Harry and Louis were on a bed testing it out. They were snuggling up to each other like a couple would, they were being diddles. I shook my head at them. Harry sat up "This one would be good" he said quickly raising his eyebrow twice. I smiled and tilted my head to the side and rolled my eyes "mmmhm right" I replied. I sat on it "Wow this is really comfy" I lyed down "I want it" I groaned. Louis looked at the tag "Only $7500" He nodded like it was a good deal. "Nicole come and sit on this" I yelled out to her. She was lying with Niall on a bed being really cute, tickling each other and kissing. I rolled my eyes. She got up and came over then sat on the bed "Wow" was all she said. "I know" I nodded smiling "I want it" She smiled boucing around. I smiled. The same work man came over. "We want two of these" Harry explained. The guy wrote the number code and what it was on a clip board.

The rest of the day we got decrotive things, side tables, lamps, T.V and lots of other things.

1 day later................ Me and Louis pushed the couch over to the right abit "Naaa the left a bit more" Nicole demanded. I sighed then pushed it over. "Forward a bit more" she said. I bit my lip then stood up "If you want it a little to the front you do it" I rolled my eyes and walked off to help Harry and Zayn with the bedrooms.

Everything was in place and the fridge and cupboards were full with cutlery, plates, bowls, cups and food. "FINALLY!" me and Nicole yelled giving each other a high five. Niall came up behind Nicole and hugged her resting his head on her shoulder. The others walked up to us. I hugged all of them "Thanks for all your help guys we couldnt of done it with out you" I smiled. Nicole and Niall made their way over to the group Niall still hugging her "We need to have a house warming party" Nicole explain. everyone nodded "What about tonight" She shrugged. everyone nodded again, we didnt say much because we all were tierd. Liam looked at me "Well I guess we should go out and get some people together and drinks then we will meet you back here later tonight say around 8:00pm-ish" He explain. Then they all left. I gave Harry another hug before he left "See you tonight" He whispered.

I ran up the stairs and jumped on my bed Nicole behind me "Living the dream" I smiled at the roof then at her "Shore are" She smiled back. "We need to get things cleaned up and food made for tonight" She said sitting up. I sighed then we both made our way down to the kitchen, I cooked while she cleaned I didnt want to clean.

We had everything set out and ready. There was a knock on the door. Me and Nicole looked at each other funny "If that was the Boys they wouldnt of knocked" I said slowly walking towards the door. I turned the handle and pulled the door open. My hand slid off the handle. Our eyes widened.

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