blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


49. Morning after

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up to the low hum of the car, I sat up to see Nicole next to me, I looked around to let my eyes adjust to the light shining through the car windows. I sqwintted towards the front, Vincent and Justin were laughing at us, I groaned tierdly and fell back on the seat, It felt abit chilli, I felt around for my phone........... "HOLY FUCK" I yelled as I noticed I was naked and these two boys just sat there staring at me, I saw a sandy towel on the ground and picked it up covering myself with it. It was abit itchy but it was better than being naked, I seached around for my bikini but couldnt see it anywhere, I looked at the boys in the front "Wheres my bikini and clothes" I said seriously, getting a bit angry that they didnt cover me up. Justin smiled and handed it over. I slipped my clothes back on and rolled my eyes at them.

I woke Nicole up and gave her her clothes. The ride back was quiet, I didnt want to talk to them. When we got back to Vincents I quickly got out of the car and headed to the door, Justin grabbed my hand and spun me around "Arent you gona say goodbye" He said with a smile on his face, I gave him a funny look "Id rather not" I said angryly, "We were just trying to have some fun" He snapped back, "Maby it was fun for you, but I didnt enjoy lying in the back of his car naked while two imiture boys stared at me thanks" I explained, He rolled his eyes "Its not a big deal" He managed to finally say, "Well.......Fuck. New Zealand boys are so fustrating" I growled as I walked towards the door, shutting it in his face.

When I got inside I just wanted to got to my room and write a big long letter to the boys saying how much I want to come home and that I miss them so much, but that wasnt going to happen. I walked down the hallway to my room, Nicole was in there "Man my periods fucking me off" She said angrly, I half smiled theres always something wrong with it" I said walking over to get some cothes out, "Im going to have a shower ok" I smiled at her, "Yep thats fine ill have one after you" She smiled.

I got in the shower washed my hair and body then got out so Nicole could get in. I tied my hair into a messy bun and got changed, then walked back into my room pulling Nicoles laptop out of the bag and turning it on. i went straight on twitter 'What a night, party at the beach, atleast I feel fine' I tweeted, It felt so good to tweet I havnt in a long time, But I suddenly felt happy I did and I was hoping one of the boys would see it and tweet me something. I waited for aleast 20 minutes but nothing, I sighed then turned the laptop of and went to the kitchen to make some lunch.

I made a healthy salad sandwhich, I smiled at thought of; if the boys were here I would be making alot more than just one sandwhich. "Pearl come look at this!!" I heard Nicole yell from the room. I made my way to the door "What is it" I said walking upto the bed. She was on the laptop still in a towel, and one on her head. I sat next to her and looked at the screen, I smiled, "Thats cute". Nicole smiled "it is ae, shes so pretty". There was a picture of Harry and Taylor holding hands as they walked along the streets. I groaned and fell back. "Somebodys jealous" Nicole said nudging my leg. I rolled my eyes "Im so not jealous, I dont even like him" I said smiling, She raised her eye brow "Oh yeah whatever, Pearl Ive Been your bestfriend for as long as I can remember Im pretty shore Ill know when you like someone" She explained, "Well i dont" I said standing up smiling, "You know im watching you" Nicole smiled, she put two finger infront of her eyes then pointed at me, I smiled then walked of laughing.

I wasnt watching where I was going and I bumped into Vincent, He caught me before I fell backwards "Thanks" I smiled at him, He was so much taller than me, he was almost the same hight as jordan 6 foot, Smiled as I moved out of his hands that didnt seem like they wanted to move, I felt abit awkward. I gave him a smile then headed to the radio, When I turned it on The boys song Heart attack was on. I heard a scream come from my room and the running,  She jumped around the corner "OWW!" She sang along, I smiled and shook my head.............. "AND SEEING YOU WITH HIM JUST DONT FEEL RIGHT, AND IM LIKE OWW!!! YOUR GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK GETTING OVER YOU U!!" Me and Nicole sang along, Vincent came around the corner and gave us a funny look, He was about to yell out something, but Nicole yelled first "DONT YOU DARE SAY THIER GAY!!" she said giving him the evils, He closed his mouth and walked out of the room "THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!" she yelled after him.


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