blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


68. miss you

Pearls P.O.V

After lunch we walked down to the travel agent. As we walked into the shop the smell of rose filled my nose, "Can you smell that, I want some" Nicole said sniffing. I giggled, she looked like an idiot. An oldish lady called us over to sit, We both went and sat infront of the desk, "So, Nicole Smith?" She smiled, her red lipstick reminding me off someone I really didnt want to think about. "Yeah, the flights for London" Nicole answered her leaning foward looking at the computer screen. I decided to day dream for abit as Nicole sorted everything out, Im not very good at sorting things, or reminding people to do stuff, in other words I was hopeless.

She handed over some paper work we had to sign, Before she gave us the time we have to come in, to receive the tickets and pay. "Thanks so much" Nicole smiled before we left. When we got back home, I was so excited to know we'll be going back home, it felt so good to say London is home. After Nicole had stored the paper work somewhere safe. We went out the back to sit in the sun and tan up. "So who should we see first?" Nicole asked leaning her head back letting the sun hit her neck, I did the same "Umm Probably your mum and dad, because they live here" I explained. She nodded " Yeah then we'll see your dad, and then go to Nelson and see your mum" she smiled, I turned over so I was on my stomach, looking at my phone. "Yeah good idea" I smiled. "Not wanting to make you angry but are you going to forgive Harry?" Nicole asked , "Not at the moment, but I really dont know" I replied, "I can see he really likes you Pearl" She smiled at me, "Nicole he has a girlfriend, that he cheated on me with, Im not really wanting to talk about him" I said getting angry, collecting my things and walking inside. I went to the kitchen and lent up against the bench, What am I going to do.

I felt my phone vibrate madly in my pocket, I pulled in out, "Hmm blocked number" I answered the call, "Hello??" I said curious, "Ive waited long enough for yous, I gave you 4 days to come back, your fired and I have found new workers!!!" Lisa yelled into the phone. I had to take it away from my ear. I really wasnt in the mood. I placed my phone on the bench letting her yell her lungs out, while I grabbed out a packet of noodles for dinner, plain and simple, I thought to myself. I boiled the jug and poured it into the bowl that had the noodles in. i waited alittle while they softened before I got a fork and started to eat them.

Nicole came in frowning, "Do you know what im sick of!?" She said almost yelling. I looked at her funny, "Im sick of running and running, but im just getting fatter like really" She stomped to the kitchen making herself some noodles but she put some chicken that was in the fridge in it, why didnt I think of that, "When were you running?" I asked, "I got up at like 6am every morning, even when we were at Pohara, It just not working" She said stomping to the table. I rolled my eyes, dramatic. "Maby your eating too much" I mumbled under my breath As I watched her put two packets of noodles in her bowl. We watched Shortland Sreet, that night, "Im so gona miss this show, after 13 years of watching it" Nicole laughed, How can her moods change so fast, I dont get it, shes weird.

We went to bed pretty early, 10pm. We slept in the same bed, It is so good to have company. We said good night, then turned so our backs were to each other.

I woke up to feet padding quickly along the ground followed by throwing up noises.  I jumped up and went to the bathroom, I got to her and held her hair back, "That chicken I had last night" she spluttered out. I reached over grabbing the towel, by the shower, handing it to her. I qently rubbed her back. "You ok to stand?" I asked helping her up. I got her back to the bed, "Well i guess were not seeing anyone today" I sighed. She shook her head "No we're still going, Im starting to feel better" She half smiled as she got up. How does she do it. i said admiring her as she got changed into navy blue jeans and a plain white singlet. I walked over to my bag and grabbed some clothes, my purple jeans and a pink and white striped top that just showed my stomach.

We had rice bubbles for breakfast, before borrowing Vinnys car and Heading off to Nicoles parents house. we pulled into the driveway of a peachy coloured house that had a deck going from the front door, and around the corner abit. We knocked on the door before walking straight in. "Oh Hey!!" Her mum Shona came up giving us both big hugs, Nicole tried to struggle out but she couldnt. Her dad, Troy came in, "Hey girls" He smiled giving us both a quick hug. "You havent come and seen us since youve been here" Shona said shaking her finger at us. I giggled before we all sat around the table, "would you girls like a drink? snack?" Shona asked as she made her way to the kitchen, "Yes please mum" Nicole smiled. shona came back with hummus, crackers, ham, cheese and othe things, also with a nice hot cup of coffee for me and Troy, Nicole had a hot chocolate, and Shona had a wine.

2 hours later..............................

We talked about our trips and the Boys, they expressed thier sadness for our restrant, and happyness for meeting the Boys. "Would you girls like to stay for dinner?" Tory asked, I looked at Nicole smiling "ummmm n........." I interupted her "Yes we would love to" I smiled, "Oh thats good, Cody should be up around 4pm today" Shona said excited. I heard Nicole breath faster "Really is he coming.............tonight............omg yuss, so excited" She said so fast we couldnt really understand. I grabbed her arm lightly "Calm down" I smiled.

We all migrated out to the deck sitting out there for hours.

We heard a car drive up the driveway, We all turned to see Cody getting out of the car holding a bunch of flowers. Nicole and Shona jumped up and ran to him, Me and Troy laughed at them, Cody got ready to be hit with hugs. I couldnt hear what they were saying, but he gave the flowers to Shona, she rushed inside putting them into a vase. i stood up as he walked onto the deck "Hey Cody" I smiled giving him a big gentle hug. "Hey Pearl, How have you been?" He asked while walking over to Tory shaking his hand, but got pulled into a hug unexpectadly. I giggled. "Ive benn great" I answered, "Thats good" He smiled before sitting next to Nicole, who was still excited. we helped Shona make roast chicken for dinner, We served it up and called to the Boys outside, they came in licking thier lips "It smells good in her" Cody smiled, "Thank you maids" Tory said playfully, Shona flicked him with the tea towel, "You little shit" She smiled before they kissed, "Oh come on guys get a room" Nicole said as she passed them, "Oh get over it Nicole" Shona laughed.

When we had finished our tea we decided it was time to go, "Thanks for the lovely dinner, I will miss you all so much" I said giving Shona, then Troy a big hug, I could hear Shona sobbing, "Oh dont cry youll make me cry" I said wiping away a tear. Before giving cody a hug, "Make sure you visit as much as you can" He whispered into my ear, "Oh I defaintly will" I said reasurringly. "Im gona miss you mum and dad" Nicole said crying in thier arms. Awwww. "Ill miss you too sweetie" They said wiping away tears, Cody stood with his arms out stretched, Nicole wrapped her arms tightly around him, crying all over again. "Ill miss you so so so much" She said tucking her head into his chest. She let go after few minutes later. "Come on Nicole lets go" i smiled. We got in the car waving as we left, going over the bridge, and back to Vincents. I pulled out my phone yawning. we sat in the car while Nicole cleaned herself up. "Oh man its 9pm and im so tierd" I groaned getting out of the car and going straight to bed, I flopped onto the bed, and sighed, Before sitting up. I pulled my jeans off and threw them on the ground next to my shoes and socks. i climbed into bed, And fell asleep before Nicole even came to bed.

I got up around about 9am and made breakfast for Me, Nicole and Vinny. I made pancakes. Niole came out ready to go, she loved seeing my dad, she said he was a nice, funny person and was like her second dad. She scoffed down her pancakes having seconds, no wonder why she getting fatter. I rolled my eyes and covered the rest with a tea towel so no flies would get on then. I wrote a note; 'For you Vinny' it said I placed it on top. We took his car again, I didnt know if he needed it or not but ohwell, I made him pancakes. We drove through town and passed the mini air strip, we went down a long drive to get to a grey house, my sleep out was gone, Thats weird he wouldnt sell that with the amount of kids him and Nic (his girlfriend) has between them. I pulled up under the carport, I could see through the kitchen window it was empty, I turned my head to Nicole "you got to be kidding" I sighed before getting out of the car and placing my hands up to the window.........Suddenly an old mans face poped up out of no where, making me jump and fall back on to the hood of the car, I looked in the windscreen Nicole was pointing and laughing at me, I flicked her the bird, before knocking on the door.

The same old man answered it, "What do you want" He snapped, I frowned at his atatude, "Well i was just wondering, where has my dad gone and who the hell are you?" I said angrily confused. He frowned back at me "You mean Tane, Hes moved away...................... him and his girlfriend had a fall out as he was telling me, so he moved to" He said before slamming the door shut. I blinked rappidly, "Shit Thanks alot" I yelled before stomping back to the car and hoping in before reversing out the driveway and onto the road, Nicole loked at me funny, I was clutching the staring wheel, and frowning, she was just about to say something but I started before her, "bitter old man, has he got a carrot up his ass or something" I sighed angrily. "Soooo wheres your dad?" Nicole asked, "Well.........where do I start he broke up with Nic and didnt tell me, he moved to christchurch and didnt tell me" I said pulling back up in Vinnys driveway. Nicole looked at me shocked, "So we cant see him?" She asked kinda sad, "Nope" I said before opening my door, "We have to pay for the tickets? Nicole blurted out just as I went to climb out, I sighed and started the car back up. Making me more angry, why didnt she tell me when we were in town............................Why am I feeling so angry, this isnt like me. I losened my grip on the wheel, "Sorry for being so angry, Its just.......", "Yeah I get it, Harry, family, everything" She half smiled, "Yeah" I pressed my lips together, "Lucky I have you" I smiled, "Yeah lucky you have me, Im the best" She said giggling, I shook my head and laughed.

We got to the travel place. We walked in and sat at the same desk, the same lady came out, "so you ready for your holiday?" The lady smiled as she printed off the tickets, "Well its not a holiday, we actually live there" Nicole shrugged her shoulders smiling, the lady smiled "Really whats it like over there?" she asked curious, "Busy I can tell you that" I half smiled, "So different from living here" Nicole added, "So you girls are from here?" she smiled, "Yeah lived here all our lives and decided that this place it a shit hole, so we moved" I laughed, and so did Nicole, The lady catching on alittle bit later and laughed. We handed over the money and some of the money the Boys had left, before she handed over the tickets, "Now dont lose them and have a great time" She smiled, As we walked out "Thank you" We both said.

I pulled up at the gas station and filled the car up for Vinny, thank god he let us use it. We got back home, Vinny just locking the door, "Yess Now I dont have to walk" He grined at us, I chucked him the keys, "And shes full too" I smiled as I unlocked the door and let Nicole in. Vincent rolled down the window and lent over from the driver seat, "Thanks for the pancakes, so yummy" He smield before driving off. I got inside and sat down on the couch, Nicole can back from the room, probably putting the tickets somewhere safe. I pulled out my phone and went in to messages, I tapped on the 'new message' symbol.

'Hey Dad, I was wondering how you are, you probably didnt know Im In Mot since you dont live here anymore. You should of told me You and Nic split. I would of been there for you, im leaving to got back to London, in a few days, so i wont see you before then, But i will try and visit as soon as possible. Love you sooo much and hope your life goes well in christchurch xxxxxxxx miss you lots'

I pressed send, Before putting my phone in my pocket, "What are we going to do today?" I said slumping in the seat, "I dont know, sleep....." Nicole said closing her eyes, I gently slapped her check "nooo thats boring" I groaned, She gave me a funny look, before closing her eyes again, I sighed pulling myself off the couch.................."We could go see your brothers?" Nicole said her eyes still closed......................


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