blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


79. Meeting the parents

Pearls P.O.V

I sat around most of the day, when the cleaners came I helped out alittle with the hard stains, but went back to the couch after.

I pulled out my phone and clicked on 'google', "I wonder whens the next time the all blacks are coming over" I whispered to myself. The All blacks is a New Zealand rugby team, sometimes they play well but most times pretty shit, but it would be good to see then play a game against England, in England!.

I scrolled down the website, and saw they were coming here next week what luck. I kept scrolling to try find the price, $83 dollars, not too bad I guess. I saved the page to my favourites so I can go back once ive made my decision. Ill ask if the boys want to come too, I thought.

I sighed of bordom, its a sunny day out for once and im inside sitting on my ass.
I stood up and walked to the cupboard under the stairs and rummaged through my things, I pulled out a builders measuring tape. I squeezed out of the cupboard past all the boxes, when I closed the door I heard the sound of falling boxes and a quiet smashing, I sighed lazily, and left it.

I grabbed my pad and pen then walked out the ranch slider and over to the bare patch of grass where I was thinking of making a place to chill on hot days under a cover. I pulled out my pen and pad and roughly wrote down the measurements. Me and my dad use to always build together, we would roughly estimate how long or high measurements and who ever got closest got shouted lunch.

4 poles about 3 meters high, spaced about 3.5 meters length and width 3 meters, I wrote down after measuring it, My rough estimate was pretty damn close. I wrote down on my list that I needed bricks for the ground. I decided on lightish brown wooden posts and wooden roof. I didn't really know when I was going to start this project but hopefully soon to keep me busy while Nicoles gone.

Nicoles P.O.V

Im so nervous about meeting his parents, I assume they are lovely people, just like their son. I looked up at Niall and smiled, he smiled back and put his hand on mine. Didnt seem like we were flying for long.

We got into a rental car and drove to his mums house first.

Pearls P.O.V

I wondered back to the deck and sat down on the step, "NICOLE! IM SO BORED, COME BACK SOON!" I yelled at nothing, then flopped down onto my back. I might as well tan while the weathers good, I thought to myself. I spun my legs around so my whole body was lying flat on the deck, I pulled my t-shirt up to reveal my stomach and covered my face with it.

Nicoles P.O.V

We pulled into his mums drive way my heart pounding, I looked at Niall who had a huge grin on his face, "This is the best birthday present ever" He said leaning over and giving me a quick kiss before walking around to my door and opening it for me. I slide off my chair, and walked hand in hand with him to the front door. Its a cute wee house, nothing to flashy but still looks modern. Niall knocked on the door, a lady with short blonde hair and a warm inviting smile appeared, she was pretty short. She froze, a stared at us in disbelief. "Oh Niall" She smiled almost letting out a tear, "Hey Mum" He smiled back then gave her a hug, I could hear then talking as she rubbed her hand up and down his back. This feels so rewarding being able to give Niall a gift he will remember forever. He kept one arm around his mum and spun so he was facing me, "Mum, this is my girlfriend Nicole, Nicole this is my mum, Maura" he smiled, "Its so nice to finally meet you darling" She smiled taking a step forward and giving me a hug, "Both of you come in out of the cold weather, Ill make you a cup of tea". I followed Niall through the hallway to the lounge, passing loads of baby photos of Niall and his brother, I couldnt help but 'Naww' at almost every single one. We both sat down on the couch, while Maura brought us our tea. "So how has everything been for both of you?" Maura asked us.

We talked for ages, me and Maura getting to know each other, she is defiantly a lovely person. She paused for a moment and smiled before leaving the room, and coming back a few moments later holding a photo album, Niall sighed and put his hand on face in shame.

Maura came and sat next to me, flipping open the album, me and her start gushing over all his cute pictures, while he sat their almost in pain that his mother would bring the book out and show me. Me and Maura laughed at some photos, some of the other ones Brought a tear to her eye.

Once we had finished the album, Maura stood up and put the book back. "Mum were just going to put our things in my room ok?" Niall smiled before grabbing my hand and pulling me up, I finished my tea and placed the cup on the coffee table, "Very lovely tea Maura" I smiled at her, "Thank you dear, ill get you another if you'd like?", "oh yes please" I giggled before Niall dragged me away and out the door to grab our things, "Mum likes you" Niall said happily, "That's good, I was kinda hoping they would" I giggled, "im surprised your normally really mean and no one likes you" Niall teased, "Oh thanks babe" I said grabbing my stuff, pulling a face at him, we took our bags down the hall and into a smallish room light blue almost white walls, a typical boys room, trophies from sports and talent quests, footballs on the ground, an old looking guitar, lucky he had a double bed, He fell onto his bed and let out a long breath, "finally back home" he said muffled by the duvet.

"Mum where's Chris?" Niall asked Maura, "he's gone on a fishing trip with his friends for a few days, ment to be back tomorrow" She smiled, "He'll be happy to see you" she continued, smiling a Niall, "Chris is.." I didn't let Niall finish, "I know babe, directioner for life remember" I smiled at him. For the rest for the night before we went to bed I had about 5 cups of his mums amazing tea and talked and laughed more.

I took off my top and pants, before wriggling into his bed, soft mattress and soft pillows. I snuggled into the pillow, it smelt like him, and so comfy. He slide in next to me, "Niall" I giggled, "What?" He asked curious, "You need to turn off the light" I turned and smiled at him, he sighed and got up, just in his boxers, "oh babe your looking hot" I winked at him. He made his way back in the dark to the bed, then pushing his body hard against my back gently kissing my shoulder, "Goodnight princess" He whispered. I just smiled and snuggled into the pillow, slowly drifting to sleep. 


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