blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


41. Letting the news slip

Pearls P.O.V

I head down stairs after getting changed into my light blue ripped short shorts and a white singlet, with my blue converse high tops on. I decided to make pancakes for everyone. Im going to have to double the mixture, I think to myself.

After I finish making then I place ten plates on the breakfast bar with a bottle of orange juice and cups, Then put the pancakes next to it. I make my way to the fridge and grab the butter out putting that next to everything else and a knife. I step back and look at my set up, Got enough I think nodding my head.

"BREAKFAST IS READY!!" I yell at the top of my lungs. A sudden rush of chatting and foot steps make there way to the kitchen. I notice Nialls not there. I look around abit worried now, hes normally the first one to the food.

I walk around the house looking in everyroom. I make my way to the deck and walk all the way round........then i find him, sitting alone on the deck looking out onto the road.

"Are you ok Niall?" I ask with a tone of worry in my voice. "Yeah im fine" He looks up giving me a half smile. "I made pancakes" I say smiling. "Sweet" He said jumping up, I knew it would cheer him up. We walk inside smiling, But i noticed as he looked at Nicole his smile was gone.

I eyed up Nicole then grabbed myself a pancake.

Once everyone had finished and the dishes were done, I showed everyone where the cleaning stuff is and what need to be done.

Niall gave Nicole a half smile then kissed her on the cheek before we headed towards the door. "SEE EVERYONE LATER, DONT FORGET TO LOCK THE HOUSE IF YOU LEAVE!" I yell as we walk out the door.

"Do you want to walk to work, its not that far and its a nice day?" nicole asks me, "yeah and i need time to talk to you" I say seriously. Nicole suddenly looks worried.

As we leave the house I hear the muisc boom into action "Shit thats loud" I say shaking my head. As we walk down the road I rumage around in my head wondering what to say. I can tell Nicole trying to avoid eye contact.

"Whats with you and Niall?" I ask wary. She looks down "Hes worried and mad at me for smoking weed last night, and I said it is none of his bussiness" She explains. I shake my head "Nicole hes always going to be worried or mad at you for doing something that leaves you unhealthy or sick, you guys are pretty close, he really likes you" i explain. I see a small smile grown on her face "Pearl.....", "Yeah what is it" I ask, "He asked me to be his last night.............I need to say sorry, how could i be so stupid" She sighs.

A big Smile pops up on my face "NICOLE! YOU DIDNT TELL ME THATS GREAT!" I yell making people on the street look at us. We both flush red "Thats embarrasing" I whisper. She puts her arm over my shoulder, me doing the same to her "Im so glade to have a bestfriend like you" She smiles "So, Am, I" I smile, We both giggle.

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