blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


56. late night dip

Pearls P.O.V

I watched as Vincents eyes moved down to Nicoles hand in Nialls, his face went blank, then he walked back into the kitchen. I knew he was angry. "How about you show them to our room" I looked at Nicole tilting my head to the room. The Boys all had funny looks on their faces, proberly from Vincent walking off just like that. Nicole started walking towards the room with the others behind her, Harry looked back at me and smiled. I rolled my eyes then walked into the kitchen. Vincent was leaning up against the bench arms folded. "Noone told me she had a boy friend" He snapped at me, why was he snapping at me. "She didnt know if he still wanted her" I said calmly, "I fucked that girl twice thinking she was single, then boom she got a famous boyfriend!" He growled. I could sence the anger bubbling inside him, "Im sure she sorry, but she doesnt want to lose Niall, so please dont say anything" I pleaded. He shook his head, He stood up and walked toward the front door  "Please Vincent" I said as he left the house closing the door behind him. I sighed then walked back to the room, trying to forse a smile, even tho all I worried about was what Vincent was going to decide.

i got into the room a smile  hitting my face as the Boys all sat on the end of the bed, knowing they were here made me smile, Nicole was in the bathroom. I ran and put my arms out, pushing the boys so they were lying flat on the bed, "I missed you guys so much" i smiled, trying to fit my arms over their bodys, i was lying  on Harry, "We all missed you to Love" Liam chuckled. i pulled my arms in letting the others go, but i stayed on Harry. I couldnt take my eyes away from his, he kept looking at me, possessing me. I put my hand over his eyes then sitting up on his knee. He started laughing. Louis gave harry a serious look, I didnt know what that was about. But I got off his knee and went to the bathroom "Wht are you doing in here?" I asked Nicole, She looked at me sadly "I want to tell him but im scared" She whispered, I wrapped my arms around him "if you do he will understand" I gave a reassuring smile. then leaded her back to the Boys, it felt foreign to walk into my room and have the boys sitting right there.

It was getting dark outside, but it was still really hot, I ended up changing into short shorts and a singlet. I fell onto my bed, the boys now spread out around the room, Louis was sitting in the lazyboy in the corner he had his legs over the arm rest. Zayn was in the window, exactly how Nicole was the other night. Liam and harry still sat on the end of the bed, Niall was hugging Nicole from behind, resting his head on her shoulder, she had one hand on his and the other played with her gold tiger head necklace.

I laughed as Louis pulled his T-shirt up and covered his face, showing his nicely tanned torso "Its so hot, this is so different to home" He moaned. I rolled my eyes at the ceiling. I noticed Harry slowly starting to lean back, He lyed down so his head was on my stomach, I didnt mind. "Why dont we go to the river" I asked everyone. They all looked up at me and smiled, "I guess were going to the river then" I smiled. Louis stood up "Yusss, lets go!!" he yelled running out to the front door. We all laughed, Nicole grabbed her togs "You wont need these" I heard Niall whisper in her ear, I felt a little confused, maby we were just going in our bra and undies. I shrugged it off, Nicole put them back with a smirk on her face, Niall pecked her on the lips before they headed out of the room, Zayn and Liam after them. I sat up alittle resting my weight on my elbows "Harry we need to go now" I said trying to move his head, he held it down "Harry" I moaned, He wasnt going to move, I sneakly jabbed my finger into his ribbs making he squeal like a little girl, and making him shuffle a bit. I quickly jumped up, and made my way over to the door.

I felt two warm hands grab my wrist tying them behind my back, "Are you arresting me officer" I cheekly teased, I felt his breath on my neck. Shit hes getting pretty close i thought....... I got out of his grip, I poked my tounge out at him then ran out to the others outside, he came out after me. Nicole locked the house leaving a few windows open to let the cool air run through the house. Louis pulled out the keys for the range rover, "We'll walk its just down the road" I heard Nicole tell Louis. He smiled putting the keys back in his pocket.

We all walked in a line down the road, Louis and Zayn on the road, moving when cars came, Louis being a smart ass moved at the last minute, which freaked me out everytime. Next to Zayn was Liam, Niall, Nicole, Me then Harry. Nicole and Niall held hands, I was so jealous, I wanted what they had. I looked down at Harrys hand, Should I, I thought to myself. I took a deep breath then put my hand in his. His hand is huge it cover pretty much my whole hand, I saw him look down at what I just did, He looked like it was strange. I slowly started to pull my hand out, but he held it tighter, maby he did want to hold my hand. He moved my hand so our finger were intwined in eachothers. I looked at him a gave him a shy smile, then looked straight again. i noticed Nicole was carrying a bag "Whats in the bag?" I asked her, She unzipped it, 2 bottles of Barncott esate (New Zealand) wine. We both smiled at eachother. 

We finally got to the bridge, we all stopped and looked over the railing, I let go of his hand to hold onto the rail. I could just see the water, because of the dim street lights just down the road. I smiled, it looked so inviting, i gave Nicole a This-will-freak-them-out smile. I grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it over my head, The Boys watched me with couriosity, I unbuttoned my shorts and wriggled out of them. I picked them up and gave them to Nicole. I grabbed the rail, pulling myself over, I took a deep breath, then jumped. I heard the Boys gasping As i fell.  I crunched my legs into my chest just before I hit the water. I came up just as same one jumped in. I looked around to see it was Nicole, we smiled at each other. I looked back up to the boys "Come on Its not that hard!!!!" I yelled to them. They all stripped out of there jeans and shorts, till they just had their jockeys and boxers on. They all hesitatenly jumped in one by one. I noticed someone swimming towards me under water. I started swimming back laughing, They grabbed my ankle pulling me down, I drew in a breath before I went under, I opened my eyes It was Louis, I giggled under water, we watched as the bubbles rose up to the surface. We came back up. Me and Nicole got out onto the rocks.

I smiled at them then at Nicole. We unclipped our bras and let it fall to the ground...........


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