blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


50. Job Hunting

Pearls P.O.V

I sat down next to nicole "We so need to get jobs" I smiled at her, "Yeah that would be a good idea" She half smiled. I stood up and held my hands out, she put her hands on mine and i heved her off the couch.

"WERE GOING JOB HUNTING SEEYA!" I yelled out to Vincent, I didnt even wait for a reply, I held my hand up, "You didnt" Nicole smiled, Around my finger was a key ring, and on that key ring was Vincents car keys, "I so did" I smiled back giving her a high five, I started up the car and quickly pulled out before Vincent came out. He doesnt like people driving his car. "Why dont we try the gas station down the road, doesnt your aunty own it" Nicole explained, I half smiled "Yeaaaah, but shes nutts" I giggled, "Shes not that bad, I havnt seen her in ages, I ve frogotten her name" Nicole chuckled, I throught for a minute "Lisa, I think" Me and Nicole burst into laughter.

We pulled up just outside the station "Are you sure you want to go in there" I asked her, "Yeah its close to home and it wont be hard" She smiled. I got out of the car and walked across the forcourt, When i got into the shop, it looked clean and well stocked, There was a lady proberly a few years older than us standing at the counter, She has brown hair tied up into a bun in the top of here head, and she had a red top that had the gas sations logo on it. I walked upto the counter "Hey is Lisa here?" I asked abit nervous, The girl turned to the office "Theres people here for you" She said to Lisa.

I sighed brasing myself, Lisa came aroung the corner "PEARL OH HOW ARE YOU" she yelled in her high voice, she came over and wrapped here arms tightly around me, "Im good, just cant breath" I smiled, "Oh sorry dear, what are you doing here?" she asked, I straightened out my shirt "Well me and Nicole want a job, if your hireing?" I smiled at her, she thought for a second "Well we do need some one out on the fourcourt and cleaning, but i guess you two want to work together, so............... Yeah I guess" She smiled, "OH thank you soooo much aunty" I said hugging her, "How long do you think youll be working for?" she asked, "Im not sure I guess till we get sick of it" I laughed, Lisa had a serious face on, "I was just kidding" I forsed a smile, She sqwinnted her eyes and went back into her office, I looked at Nicole and shrugged my shoulders.

Not long after she came back out with two red tops and threw them to us, "Are we starting now?" I asked shocked, "May as well" She smiled, I havent worked here since I was 13 so I cant really remember what to do but I guess I should go see whos still working here. I walked out to the work shop, which was where I use to always go out and help out, Im kinda like and fix it girl I love working with tools.

I walked into the garage Nicole close behind, I looked around if I could see anyone. A guy came out from behind a car, Roger, I smiled at him, As he got closer his smile grew "Pearl, youve come back to work have ya" He smiled, As soon as he said my name the other appeared, Yup they all still worked here. Moris, Nev and Shaun, When i was yoounger i had a crush on Shaun, hes not that bad looking, Short bown hair, light brown eyes, a bit shorter than me, but he is at least 3 years older than me. They all came over and said hello, It felt like Ive gone back in time to my younger days..

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