blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


66. How could you??

Pearls P.O.V

"What the fuc....." I whispered as I read on, "No way" I said gritting my teeth, "why?" I asked myself. I shot up making the chair grase along the grond and I stomped inside.......

I pushed the door open to his room, knowing thats where he would be. I stood at the doorway holding the magazine tightly. My heart pounded. I threw the magazine onto the bed, making him and Louis look up at me. "How could you?!!" I said shaking my head. Louis quickly got up and walked out of the room. Harry opened the magazine. "Its not true, trust me" He said worried or scared, because I knew he was lying. "I  think I trust the magazine, more than you right now" i said angrily but frowning in sadness. "I liked me" I shook my head "obviously I was wrong!", "Please I didnt mean to" He pleaded. "What do you mean you didnt mean to. You knew you were going out with her, you really dont know how I feel right now!!.......i paused before continuing  "I feel like the bad guy, I feel like all the hate will be towards me" I said holding back the lump in my throat. He slowly started to get up, "No, dont even come closer, your defaintly not who I thought you were" I said gently as I turned around leaving the room, "Pearl wait" He said as I closed the door to my room.

I flopped onto my bed snuggling my pillow. As the tears rolled down my cheeks. Why am I crying this is the first time ive cryed over a boy I liked, but why him. I thought to myself. I pulled the pillow in tighter. I heard a quiet knock on the door, I looked up wiping my tears away to see, Nicole and Liam standing in the doorway, "Oh Pearl, Im so sorry, I should of told you" Nicole said sadly sitting down next to me tucking my hair behind my ear. I buried my head into my pillow. The bed sunk in behind me as Liam rubbed my back, "People make mistakes, but this time hes made a pretty big mistake. I dont know why he would do that to a sweet girl like you" He explained "Maby its the presure" Nicole added. I sighed "well he just wanted to ruin my life even more" I mumbled into the pillow before bringing my head up "First my brothers, then the restrant, now this, its just going to get worse" I sobbed placing my head back into the pillow.

Nicoles P.O.V

I could just hear Louis and Niall talking to Harry in the other room, "This isnt like you Harry" muffled Louis voice. "Im just split between them, its hard" Said Harry. "but you cant do this to both of them, Its just sad" Nialls acsent was obvious. I gave up on trying to listen and focused on Pearl, crying over a boy for the first time in her life, Wow, I thought to myself, this must be pretty serious. "Well tomorrow night will cheer you up.......all the hot boys, having a few drinks a good feed" I smiled nudging her trying to make her happy. " She lifted her head and sat up pulling her knees to her chest, "Yeah" She half smiled. Me and Liam sat up on eather side of her. "And trust me things will get better, once were back in London.... clubbing, woop woop" I smiled. She smiled back and giggled. Yuss i made her giggle. "And by then you and Harry will be like two peas in a pod" Liam said putting his arm over her shoulder. "You really think so??" She asked looking much happier, "Im positive" I winked at her.

We stayed in the room for a will, well till it was tea time, trying to make her happy. By the time i decided to go make tea. She was laughing and acting normal, but I knew her to well, she will change as soon as she sees Harry. I walked out of the room Leaving Liam and pearl to keep talking. I decided on mash potatoes, mixed vegetables and steak. Something quick and easy. I put the pot with the potatoes and water on the element on high, placing the lid on I got out a smaller pot and put the veges in it running it under the water and putting it on the next element but not turning it on yet. I took the frying pan off the hook and placed it on the biggest element and turning that on high before drizzling a bit of oil in it. i pulled the steaks out and quickly defrosted them in the microwave before chucking them into the pan.

After it was done I plated it up "Dinners ready!!!" i yelled. I glum looking Harry walked round the corner followed by Louis and Niall, Behind then laughing Pearl and Liam. I saw Pearl and Harry make eye contact and she went silent and tilted her head to the ground, I knew it. They grabbed their dinners Harry , Niall, Liam and Louis sitting at the table, while me and Pearl went out onto the deck. "So that ben dude? he looked pretty snazzy" I giggled as I looked at her face, turn intoi a grin. "Snazzy" she repeated. "Yes snazzy" I said putting on a posh acsent. We both laughed so hard. After we had finished and talked about Ben. I told Pearl to go to bed and That ill clean up.

Pearls P.O.V 

I slid into my bed, the bed slowly heating up with the warmth from my body. I unlocked my phone and looked at the new tweets

@Harry_Styles I ruined everything :(.......'

I flicked passed it onto the next one...... 

@zaynmalik I sorted it out with Perrie, and everythings going well, hope everythings ok???'

I knew he had seen Harrys tweet.

I locked my phone placing it on the side table, and turning onto my stomach and falling asleep.

Harrys P.O.V

How could I be so stupid, This is not me. I looked over at louis lying next to me "Ive ruined everything" I whispered, "Youve said that like 100 times, everything will get better over time" He smiled rolling over turning his lamp off, " I tryed to stop you" he whispered before falling to sleep. I sighed turning my lamp off and sliding the blankets up to my chin. Whats Taylor gana think I have to tell her, I thought to myself....

I didnt sleep very well I kept waking up from the same dream, Everything going wrong, losing everything. luckily I didnt wake Lou up. i stayed awake from 3am to 5am before falling back to sleep hoping to have a better dream, when everything turned out ok.

I woke up to Louis shaking my shoulder, I sqwintted towards him, He had light blue denim, just above the knee shorts and a white T-shirt that had the american flag fading into a blonde girl with ray-bands on. he also had a grey bennie on.  I looked at him "Why did you wake me I was having a good sleep" I groaned.....

Louis P.O.V

I kept shaking his shoulder, until his eyes slowly opened, "Why did you wake me I was having a good sleep" He groaned. "Oh come on Harry, we need to go to this BBQ, get up" I explained, "Thats on tonight" He grizzled sitting up. I went over and pulled the curtain across, the only light was the moon shining into the room. His eyes widened, "Shit whats the time, I cant believe I slept that long!" He said rushing around the room grabbing clothes. "Its 8pm, the others have already gone" I half smiled. 

He stood infront of the mirror, "Look alright?" He smiled, "Oh you look beautiful"  We laughed. I grabbed the house keys locking up before we made our way down to the foot path.  we got to the bottom of the road, "First thing first mate" I smiled walking to the restrant bar on my right. Harry smiled. We walked into the restrant going straight to the bar, I hit the little bell on the bench for fun, the lady stared at me funny. Harry chuckled "This is him being normal" He smiled. "Hey I know you from somewhere" The lady asked, Oh god, I thought. "Erm We'll have 4 shots Jell-O shots" Harry said before she could say anything. She made them in about 40 seconds. We downed them both and payed before leaving. We walked into the camp, the music high, everyone dancing. I was so hopign no one would reconise us.

Pearl waved her hands at us. I smiled and we made our way over to them, they were sitting on camp chairs in a circle around a little fire let under the camp BBQ. "Hey!!!" I smiled as I sat next to Liam, and Harry next to Nicole. They all said 'Hi'. Pearl, Niall and the three other boys had beers in their hands. Nicole had a small glass of what looked like jager. Liam had nothing.

Me and Harry got passed a beer by one of the other Boys, "Oh Yeah this is Louis and Harry, Louis Harry this is Ben, Luke and Jaiden, Jaiden was one of Jordans best friends back in the day" Pearl smiled. Wow she seems so much Happier, Which made me feel happy.

Pearls P.O.V

I enjoyed haning out with new people, Ive had a few drinks, I dont think I want to have anymore, dont want anything unwantedd happening, like me and Harry, me and Ben or any of the others. We all sat around chatting and laughing at stories we had through out our lives. I lent over to Nicole "I really need to pee, come with me?" I whipered. I heard her giggle "You sure you want to break the seal?" She smiled, the light from the fire making it able to see her. We both got up "Just going to shoot to the loo" Nicole smiled putting on an english acsent, We walked away giggling.

After I had finshed in the toilet we were on our way back when I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me into the dancing crowd, "Nicole go back Ill be back soon" I said as quick as I could before I dessapeared, "Pearl!, Dont be too long!" She shouted over everyone. I didnt even know who i was dancing with, a bunch of girls and a few guys all dancing around me. I  tried to squeeze past every one, "Look out, excuse me, got out of the way!" I shouted as I made my way to the exit.

I went back to the group "Oh Lou get off my seat" I groaned as I walked up to him, poking my tounge out as I went and sat next to Ben. Oh I didnt want to sit next to him, this is gona be a big mess. While no one was watching I saw in the corner of my eye Ben suffle his seat closer to me, Shit......... He placed his hand on my leg as we started talking about me. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I shifted mty leg abit making his hand fall off, but he just placed it back on. I sighed looking at Nicole who could tell I was uncomfortable. 'Sit on Louis' she mouthed to me, I went to stand up but, Ben squeezed my thigh and pushed me back down. I slumped in my chair, This guys not going to give up, " hey bro leave her alone" I heard Jaiden whisper to Ben. I quickly jumped up and pretty much ran to Louis knee, jumping on him. "What the hell are you doing?" He chuckled quietly. "That guy makes me feel uncomfortable" I whipered to him.

He smiled allowing me to get comfortable. After awhile, I started to feel tired, I closed my eyes forgetting I was on Louis lap and fell asleep....... "Pearl...Pearl?" I heard an irsh acsent whisper. I slowly opened my eyes. "Yup im awake" i smiled tiredly, "Lets go back to the batch" Louis smiled. He placed me on my feet, I straightened out my top, before we said goodbye and started to walk back. "Im sorry I ruined it, I didnt mean to fall aslepp, Im just so tier......." I was intterupted, "Pearl its alright, it was pretty lame anyway, just a bunch of kids younger than us thinking their cool" Nicole giggled. I put my arm over her should, "I was thinking the same thing" We both laughed, she put her arm over me and we walked up to the batch like that, the Boys behind us.

Louis unlocked the door and we piled in, plonking down on the couch, "Whats the day today?" I asked yawning, "Sunday" Liam answered yawning aswell. "Yous have to be on the plane by tuesday, we better go to bed" I said jumping up and heading towards the hall. "Why?" Nicole asked, "We have to leave tomorrow, and get all our stuff packed, and shit like that" I said stateing the obvious. They all jumped up as they realised it was late and they do need to sleep, we all said goodnight and gave each other hugs apart from Me and Harry. I turned around and gently closed the door behind me, slipping out of my clothes and into bed, it is such a good feeling, when your this tierd, sleep was all you thought about, for now.



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