blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


45. Home

Pearls P.O.V

Again im woken up by Nicole rubbing my shoulder "Were here" She said sounding happier to be back. I lift my arms over my head and stretch. Me and Nicole make our way out of the plane into the cold air of New Zealand. A shiver ran down my body as I exited the airport. We grabbed our bags and waited, My mum finally pulled up and we put our stuff in the boot and jumped into the car. "How are you girls its been a while since iv seen you" She smiles at us. I put a fake smile on my face "Were great, Its been fun in London" I actually smile, its not fake anymore.

On the way back to little Motueka, mum asks lots of question and we answered and laughed, it was the best time iv had since we left, mum always cheers us up. "So where are you girls going?" She asks, Nicole lent forward "Vincents please" She says then leans back. I didnt even know where we were going to go, I gave Nicole a remember-you-didnt-break-it-of-with-Niall-yet look. She nods.

when we pull up outside his house mum pops the boot and we grab our bags, after giving mum a kiss on the cheek she drove off. Me and Nicole walk up to the door and knock, "Does he even know were coming" I say as i knock on the door, "No I dont think so" she replys. I shake my head and knock again. "Im coming!" I heard him say. I started to fell excited, He was Jordans best friend and was like a brother to me.

I bet Nicole nervious, knowing what she did with him last time we were here. I give her a smile, then the door opens and his eyes widen and a big smile grows on his face "Fuck where yous been" He said wrapping us both in his arms. He lets us go, "In London" Nicole smiles. His mouth drops "I didnt know you even left" He said in shock, Me and Nicole giggle. "Sorry for not asking you earlier, but could we stay here for a while?" I ask hoping he would say yes, "Of course you can" He says smiling, I drop my shoulders and relax.

2 weeks later..........................

"Pearl are you ready yet??" Nicole yells to me as I get changed into my bikini, "Yup coming" I yell back.

Me and Nicole are walking down to the river, "The boys will be on tour right now" Nicole smiles at me, "I know, we still have five months to wait, but that eill go quick" I say with a smile on my face, Nicole reflects my smile.

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