blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


17. Hangover

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up in the morning not knowing what happened last night. I streched my arms and legs out while feeling a pounding in my head. I looked over to my right to see three more lumps in the bed. I pulled the blankets away from their heads to see closest to me Harry then Zayn then Louis. I felt a bit confused but got up and walked to the kitchen, noticing Liam on the couch. I opened the cuboard forgetting i wasnt at home, and searched for the panadol. I groaned as the pounding became heavier. I decided it was no use trying to look for something that was plainly not there so i had a glass of water instead. I walked straight passed the sleeping boys and into Nicoles room. I saw on the floor wet foot prints and not far after a bra, undies and blue boxers. I rased my eyebrows, turned on my heels and walked back to bed.

As i climbed in i felt an arm wrap around my waist, it was Harry. He opened his eyes and sat up alittle "Morning love" his husky voice making me shiver and smile "Morning Harry". I moved alittle and slid my hand along the sheets, they were wet. I frowned "Do you remember anything and how this might of got here?" He frowned trying to think "I think we might of got in the pool? or the....." He was enteruped by the person at the other side of the bed Yell "SPA" Louis smiled "It was great fun" The same smile glued on his face. I shook it all off and stood on the bed. I had my bra and jockeys on but the Boys have gotten use to it by now. I placed my hands on my hips ang glared at the three boys still half asleep "Get up now!" I yelled and smiled, they didnt even move but i could see a cheeky smile form on Harrys face. I gave him the evils "if you dont get up now im dragging all three of you off. I have to make the bed" They still didnt move. I bit my lip and sqwintted my eyes in fustration "I warned you" I said as i jumped on Harry turning his body so i was sitting on his stomach. I pinned his hands above his head. I coulds feel his stomach wiggly and he roared into laughter. I shook my head then squeased my way inbetween Harry and Zayn. I lent on Zayn causing him to groan and move abit. I put my feet on Harrys side and pushed him. He slowly started moving towards the side of the bed...Then there was a loud thump, being followed by a "oww" I smiled in triumph then looked to Zayn and Louis who jumped up and out of the bed. I smiled and crawled over to where Harry still lay along with all the blankets. I pulled the blankets off his face and scrunched up my nose and smiled. He pushed his lips together waiting for a kiss. I slide down so im on his stomach again and smiled at him "It doesnt mean anything" I lent down and kissed his lips softly, His pinky lips were the kind of lips you would want to kiss all day. His face lit up, Then i felt two arms grab one of my arms and another two grab the other one. I struggled abit to get out. The two Boys laughing at my reaction. I couldnt help but laugh too. Harry stood up and slowly walked over to me in his...... wet jockeys, i was abit confused. I just shrugged my shoulders and struggled harder.

I could feel their grips tighten as Harry stuck his hands out in front of him and strated tickling me on my sides. I sqwearmed from side to side laughing silently as tears rolled down my face. Harry stopped and stood with his arms crossed "pay back" He winked. The Boys let go of me. I held my stomach because it hurt so much from laughing and walked to the bed. I saw Liam just starting to lift himself off the couch "Morning Laim" I said with out looking at him and continuing to pull the wet sheets off. He sat up rubbed his eyes and ran his finger through his hair, As i turned to throw the sheets on the ground "Good morning love, how was your sleep?" He said while walking over and helping me with the bed. He is such a gentleman "I think it was good cant remember. Do you remember?" I giggled. He stopped for a second "Nope not a thing" he chuckled. When we had finished folding the sheets and blankets up ready for the rooms keeper to come collect them. I walked to the kitchen where Louis and Harry were sitting at the small dinning table. I smiled and sat next to Liam, he was the only one i could trust to not tickle me. I gave Harry, Zayn and Louis the evils, they just let out a laugh.

Nicole P.O.V

I sat up and rubbed my eyes before walking to the bathroom. As i walked past the mirror, i had to double take. I was NAKED! I grabbed the towel of the rail and looked around to see if anyone saw. I ran back to the room and turned the light on so i could find some clothes. I heard a mumble come from the bed. I didnt know what it was so i slowly walked towards the bed. Trying to hold my towel up with on hand and my hair brush, as a wipon, in the other. I used the end on the hair brush to flick the blankets of a lump in the bed. I lowered the brush because lying in bed was a cute sleepy Niall. I decided it was time to get up so with out thinking i cuvked the blankets off him, He was naked too. I covered my open mouth with my hand. I grabbed the blankets and pulled them back up so they covered his 'V' line going down the Niallizard, then walked of to my suit case pulling out dark blue denaim high waisted shorts and a pink singlet before walking to the door.

Pearls P.O.V

We sat there for a few minutes giving each other the evils and seeing who would start laughing first. I tryed to hold it in but i suddenly burst into laughter, Louis pointed at me "Haha you lost" I stood up "Your just too good. Im going to get Nicole up because we have to leave in 2 hours" I explained looking at my phone. The Boys stood up aswel "Same" Harry smiled and followed me to the door. We all stood out side the door. Zayn steppeed forward ready to open the door, when suddenly the door started to open. We all ran to the couch and all jumped on it at the same tim crushing each other in the prosses. Me and Zayn were at the bottom. Harry landed on Louis and Liam was spread out across everyone. Nicole came around the corner, she frowned in confusion "What the fuck are you guys up too?" We looked at each other and cracked up laughing before unwrapping our selves. I went to Nicole she whispered in my ear "Nialls naked in my bed" she pointed to the room as the door opened again and this time Niall came out looking pretty hungover.

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