blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


80. Hanging with Liam

Pearls P.O.V

I woke up at 3am the feeling someone was watching me, I flicked on the side lamp, but nothing, I scanned the room and felt a bit uncomfortable when I notice my curtain wasn't closed properly. I slide back into bed pulling the covers over my face, how I wish Harry was here right now. I eventually fell back to sleep still feeling uneasy.

I woke up as I heard a knock at the door, I wiped my eyes and heard it knock again, I put on a bath robe and walked down stairs, I opened the door to see two cops standing at my door, "Hi, Can I help you?" I asked curiously, "Sorry for waking you miss, but we have had reports of a peeping tom, a tall male in a long coat  was spotted in this area last night" The explained, a shiver ran down my spine, I swallowed hard, "No I haven't sorry" I finally got out, they looked at me funny, "Are you sure miss?" The asked one more time, "Yes im sure" I smiled fakely, "Ok thank you" They said walking back down the driveway. I quickly shut the door and locked it.

I didn't feel quiet right all day, I wanted to hang with someone but not really Harry, he like to get physical a lot and I cant be bothered, I picked up my phone, scrolling through my contacts a choose Liam. "Hey Liam" I smiled in the phone, "Hey love whats up?" He asked, "Oh nothing much really, that's why im calling you do you want to hang?" I said hoping he would say yes, "Ummm.. yeah we could, what time do you want me over?" he said, "When ever you want" I smiled in the phone, "ok love see you soon" then he hung up. Liams voice always make me feel safer. I decided it would be better if I got dressed, so I changed into this,


I just chucked on my clothes, brush my hair and my teeth then walked down stairs just in time too, Liam just knocked as I was on the last step in the stairs, I went and unlocked the door. But no one came in, "Come in!" I yelled from the kitchen, no one. I grabbed a kitchen knife and slowly made my way to the door, I quickly swung it open, to see Liam stand with their with his hands in the air, shoulder height, "Wow, put that knife down Pearl" He said a bit worried, "Was that you knocking on the door?" I asked him scared, "I just got to the door as you opened it". I tilted my head, "Are you sure you weren't here a few minutes before" I asked him, "Im sure pearl, now can I come in?" He asked chuckling. I stepped aside and let him in, I scanned the yard before closing the door. "So what are we doing today?" He asked curious, I was thinking a movie then lunch?" I said walking back into the kitchen and getting me and Liam a drink of orange juice. I lent on the counter, "Sooooo?" I said, "sooo?" he repeated confused, "Yes or no to the movie and lunch" I smiled, "Yeah of course what time are we leaving" He said standing up. "Now" I smiled, placing the empty glasses in the sink.

I quickly ran around the house to double check everything was locked. Liam was waiting in his car so I quickly closed and locked the door before jogging over to his car and climbing in, "where to first?" He asked, I checked the time 11:30am, "Umm I guess movie first, what do you want to see?" I smiled at him, "Ive been really wanting to watch the new X-Men... if that's ok with you Love?" He said hoping I would say yes, "No" I said bluntly, sarcastically. His face dropped "Just kidding silly, I was going to suggest that anyway" I smiled at him.

We pulled out of the driveway, and just got up the road a bit before we were mobbed by paparazzi. No doubt they will turn the whole situation around a say something like we are dating or, 'Liams new girlfriend?!'. I giggled to myself. Liam looked at me funny but didn't bother to ask, "I wish they could just leave us alone for a few hours, let us be free" Liam exclaimed, I smiled at him "Its not that easy since your super famous" I said pressing my lips together. He just nodded.

We pulled up outside the movies, still followed by paparazzi. We jumped out of the car pushin our way through the people. 'Is this your new girlfriend', 'Liam over here', I heard a few of them say. We rushed inside and fast walked to the counter, "Hey can we have two tickets to the new x-men?" I asked, but then noticed the girl was staring shocked at Liam. I waved my hand infront of her face, "Hello?" I said smiling, "Oh sorry, two tickets to x-men?" She finally said, "Yes please" I replied, "That will be $21 thanks" She smiled, She printed off the tickets and handed them to me. "Thank you enjoy the movie" she said as we walked off. "Wow is that what their all like?" I asked him as we got in the queue to the food counters. "Not all some are pretty chilled out" He said, "Kinda like you, you were chill when we all first met you. We actual were alittle surprised" He laughed, "Like I said then yous are just five regular guys, you just have different jobs to a lot of people" I smiled. We got to the counter and got two medium popcorn combos, which included a drink and a small bag off chocolate peanuts, and of course the popcorn. We made our way to the door into the Movie, hoping there wasn't going to be very many fans in there, I noticed he had put a cap on just before we walked in. "I don't think that will do much?!" I giggled, "You'll be surprised how much a cap can change your looks" He smiled back at me. We walked into the dark room as the previews were on, we quickly found our seats and got ourselves comfortable.

By the end of the movie Liam had finished his popcorn and some of mine. We left the movie straight after it was finished just before the lights went on, we rushed back into the car. "So were to now?" Liam asked starting up the car. "I don't know, you pick" I smiled at him, "No I chose the movie you pick where we go", I thought for a second, "Starbucks, Its close and I haven't been there for awhile and im not very hungry after eating all that popcorn" I said, "Ha I ate most of yours Love" He laughed, "Starbucks it is" He said putting his indicator on.

We got to Starbucks. I slide out of the car and waited for Liam to get out and lock the car. We walked into the store, shoving each other and laughing. we got to the counter to see a nasty looking girl, she had an evil expression on her face, I ignored her. "Hey there can we have a ummm, Roasted tomato and mozzarella Panini and a caramel flan latte" I asked politely" She rolled her eyes and wrote it down, before turning to Liam with a big smile on her face, I just looked at her bewildered. "And what would you like?" She asked Liam kindly. I chuckled about her pathetic-ness. "Ummm could I get a Chicken BLT salad sandwich and a ummmm, well actually I go with the white chocolate mocha, thanks Love" He smiled at her, "That will be $32.50" She smiled back at him, bashing her eyelashes, "Ill pay a said stepping forward" Making her frown, "No Love ive got this you paid for the movie" He stepped infront of me. Her face once she heard we had gone to a movie, the atmosphere was so intense you could cut it with a knife. I smirked at her, She rolled her eyes and waited for Liam to finish his transaction, before handing him his receipt and table number. We went and sat at a table on the side of the building so we weren't so exposed to the road and people.

Our food and drinks come not long after we sat down, Geez it tasted so good, I could of gone for seconds and I think Liam knew I could, But I didn't do want to over full the tank.

We left Starbucks around 2:40pm and headed home.
When I got back inside the house I suddenly felt alone knowing Nicole wasn't gona be here. I sighed and walked into the lounge Liam following me. "Whats wrong?" He asked sitting next to me, "Well its just im going to be alone for ages and I don't like being alone" I said leaning my head and groaning. "If you want I could ring the others and we could all stay here with you, some nights Louis and zany will most likely want to stay with Eleanor and Perrie. But you'll still have me and Harry",  "oh. Harry" I said awkwardly. "Im sorry for leaving you by yourself the other night I wasn't a very good host" I said shamefully, "No its fine Love nothing to worry about.. so am I ringing them or not" He smiled, I smiled back "Why not".


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