blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


2. Great News

Pearls P.O.V

The sun hit my eyes as i sqwintted towards it, seeing the curtains being pulled back "Pearl get up, We have work and im not going to be late this time"

Nicole was a tall skinny beautiful girl, when she smiled her big dimples showed, one on each rosey cheek. Her hazel eyes sparkled in the sun. Her dark brown, blonde streaked hair hung just below her shoulders Any guy would die to be with her.

I groaned and rolled over "But Nicole...

she didnt let me finish "No buts just get your ass out of bed now!" she walked off quietly giggling. I yelled back playfully "OK MUM!"

Nicole is my bestest friend ever we do everything together, we even have the same job. Were planing on saving up enough money to see One Direction preform live, which is our favourite boy band. Nicole is more of a Directioner than me though, her walls are covered in posters, her ipod is fulled to the max with their songs but i dont mind ive gotten use to it since we live in the same flat.

I pulled the blankets off me but still lay there in bed for a few minutes. I groaned and put one foot on the floor then quickly pulled it back up, the wooden floor was frezzing. I hesitated to put my feet down but i decided i had to go toilet anyway. As I ran the warm water to wash my hands i looked in the mirror, My brown hair was frizzy and sticking out everywhere, I had big bags under my eyes and smudged masscara from last nights piss up. I grabbed a small pink facecloth from the top draw under the sink and pumped a few drops of soap on it, placed it under the tap. I began rubbing my face down keeping my eyes closed as hard as i could, because when i get soap in my eyes it hurts like a bitch. After i had washed the soap of i tugged and pulled my black hairbrush through my dangerously knotty hair, then made my way out to the small kitchen. I could smell Nicole making woffles before i got out my door. "yum! that smells so good. Did you make me any?! I asked walking trough the two seater leather couch and the box t.v, 'we really need to get a new one' i thought as i looked at the poor signal we get.

"Yes of course i made you some. I know you love my famous woffles!" she said with a grin on her face. Well it was true her woffles are the best! "but............" she cotinued "you will have to wait untill ive made them all so i know how much we have each" she said to me slapping my hand away as i tryed to grab a steaming woffle. I groaned "This is tourture!" we both laughed.

As we were eating our woffles Nicole came up with a good idea for the future "Well i was thinking if we moved out of New Zealand and opened our own kiwi cafe' restrant in London"

I took a huge bite of my woffle and had to wait till i swollowed it before i could talk "That actually sounds like a good idea, how would we get the money to go over and pay for the shop and all the things we need?" she looked up at me with an evil look on her face "well we do have well paying jobs duhh" she said phacasticaly.

I sqwintted my evil eyes at her. I knew the only reason she wanted to go was because One Direction lived somewhere in London. I laughed at that thought 'Shes so obsessed'

"What?!" she asked me with weary eyes.

"oh nothing" i repled, she sqwinnted back at me, then we both started Laughing before heading in different directins to go get ready. I dragged my feet to my room and flopped down infront of my mirror, turned the radio on which had the song 'small bump' by Ed Sheeran, One of my favourites. I hummed along while putting a smither of foundation, masscara and eye liner on. I could hear Nicole listening to One Direction and singing along. She has a beautiful voice, sweet, nicely pitched but she never entered any talent quests when we were at school, I dont even know why shes amazing!

I heard her yell out to me but her music was so loud i couldnt hear her. I got up and grabbed my baby blue small side bag, took of my pjs and put on my work uniform then walked over to Nicoles room, I knocked before intering "NICOLE!", she turned her head away from her laptop and twisted the knob of the stereo down, making it able to hear each other "Thanks. what did you yell at me before?" she looked absent minded then turned the laptop screen towards me with a huge grin on her face. I looked closely at the screen it had her email up and a message from her mum was clicked open;

Hey Colly and Pearl

Just wanted to let you know works going good down here and.......................... I GOT YOU FRONT ROW TICKETS TO THE 1D TWO DAY CONCERT!!! DOWN IN CHRISTCHURCH. Hope you injoy, Love ya xx

"This is Great news!" I sudenly heard Nicoles excited screams fill the room, I decided to join in because it was pretty exciting. After a couple of minutes of jumping around and screaming our heads off I pulled my iphone out of my pocket, Nicole still buzzing over the message. "Nicole! get your shit ready were going to be late again!"

She slamed the laptop shut and jumped of her bed and was rushing around, all over her room. I decided to leave, I didnt want to get in her way. I walked over to the dinning room table grabbed the car keys "DONT FORGET TO LOCK THE HOUSE ON YOUR WAY OUT, ILL BE IN THE CAR!" I heard a bang then " OW BITCH THAT HURT.....YEAP I WONT BE LONG"

I pushed open one of the sliding doors and stepped out onto the deck on the back yard 'The party yard' my brothers always brought their mates over, there were still a few alcohol cans, ripped out plants lying everywhere and the BBQ still open with a few burnt bits of meat on it. The memories made me smile. Just as i was opening the door to our brand new silver misubishi galant. Nicole came running out and jumped into the passenger seat. I got in and started the engine she softly through the house key at me "Ill proberly lose it" she giggled.

When we pulled up to our work building there was a massive sign it read 'Le Diner Cafe' We parked the car behind the cafe and walked in the back door to be stopped by our boss. He didnt look to happy, his forehead had deep creses and his eyes sqwintted "why are you girls late again!" he said in a deep angry voice. I looked at Nicole and shrugged my shoulders and looked back at our boss, trying to think of a lie. I opened my mouth then closed it again. Nicole looked at me with worried eyes, then smiled "sorry for being late we had to take my cat to the vet hes not very well" she tryed to make it sound as truthful as she could get it. We dont even have at cat, i had to stop myself from laughing. The lie didnt even sound real but he believed it.

As the day went on it was getting slower and slower. My eyes stated to slowly close untill the sound of someone clearing their throught made them fly open. A big smile popped up on my face "Hey handsome what can i get ya" we both started laughing. Standing infront of me was a tall boy with black hair, brown eyes and a perfect smile. He wore really short blue, small checker shorts, they almost looked like cloth boxers and a black top with a picture of a lady topless, she was holding her boobs. He had stubbles of facial hair and a little beard he replied "Hey sis hows work going" he smiled "its ok, just getting a bit bord......" I heared the door to the cafe open "Leon! hurry up i want my blueberry muff........ Oh hey pearl" he smiled, This boy was way taller than Leon he had light browny orange hair his eyes also brown. He wore blue deniam shorts that reached just above his knees and a blue flannie top "well since were family is it on the house" he smiled, i looked at him with my serious face on "No Jordan, for the twenth time" i smiled at him. Nicole brought out their orders and took it to their table. They both looked up "Hey Nicole" Leon smiled. I could she her face it was bright red. She replied with almost a whisper "Hi guys"

That was werid but i didnt think much of it and carried on working. Nicole came back with a smile on her face i looked at her confused "what?" she kept smiling "well would it be ok if........ Leon and Jordan ......... had a few drinks at ours tonight?" it was like she was begging me. I watched as her facials formed a puppy dog face "of course. They dont have to ask. Just give me notice" She jumped around a bit. I could see over her shoulder Leon giving us a werid look. I hugged Nicole then looked at Leon, smiled and winked at him, with that they smiled, i blew them a kiss, and they left.

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