blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


30. Getting ready

Pearls P.O.V

I heard my door open, then I felt an arm move its way down my back and another one under my legs. I felt my body slide along the seat then nothing apart from a warm body against my side. I wobbled alittle as someone carried me. I knew we were inside because in a few seconds it went from in tensely cold and damp to, it almost felt like I was sittin next to a heater.

I got little butterflies as we went up in the elevator. I heard the door ding giving me a little fright. Next thing I knew I was in a soft warm bed. "Godnight Love" I heard a husky voice whisper.

(Me and Nicole shared Harrys bed, He went and slept with Louis untill we find a place. I felt bad for steeling his man crib, so I wanted to get a place pretty quick)


After getting up at 4am for three days straight I was getting really tierd. By Friday I didnt even want to go clubbing but Nicole was forcing me no matter what

"PEARL! get your ass here and into this dress, I want you to wear it tonight. Just try it on!"

I dragged my feet along the floor slowly making my way to her. I stopped and gave her a funny look "Too fancy?" She asked. I looked at her then the dress "Im not wearing that shit"

It was a bright pink layered dress with a huge light purple bow on it. I shook my head and walked back to my suit case. I pulled out a plain black tight dress that fitted my curves nicely. I walked back to her and grabbed the pink dress of her. I held one in each hand "Ugly" I said holding up the pink one "Perfect" I said holding the black one up "Got it?"

Nicole gave me the evils then we both laughed.

The whole day from the morning the Boys were at interveiws and stuff like that so me and Nicole were left at Harrys watching endless amounts of movies the first one we watched was a comedy 'Brides Maids' I love the chick on it, Megan, she was funny. Then we watched a horror 'Hills have eyes'

I scavenged through his cuboards until I came to what I wanted Popcorn. I chucked it in the microwave and left it to pop. I went to put the movie in.

I looked up and sniffed "Something smells so burning.....THE POPCORN!" I said jumping up and running to the kitchen. Nicole laughing at me. I opened the microwave door and a puff of grey smoke flew into my face making me turn away and cough.

I waved the smoke away with my hand. Nicole came in holding he nose. She went and opened up the windows.

I pulled it out with tongs then put it in the bin "Lucky the smoke alarms didnt go off" Just as I said that they went off and the water sprayed over us. I stood in the kitchen and sighed. I could hear people running up the hall. Then the door shot open and five firemen ran in. Me and Nicole just stood in the kitchen. The water had turned off and the alarms stopped.

"Is everything ok" The oldest of the men said. I couldnt really tell what he looked like because he had a mask thing on

I gave him the thumbs up while squeasing my soaking top out "Yup were fine"

They nodded "If there is any other problem just pull the emergency lead"

I smiled "Thanks" with that they left. I looked at Nicole then sighed "I guess we should start cleaning up" I said raising my shoulders. She shook her head "Just call room service" I agreed and called them. they came up in about 10 minutes after. Me and Nicole hleped alittle but got bord and watched the horror.

After the ladys had finished I gave them a tip and lead them out. It was good that everything was pretty much covered in clothes so it didnt get wet.

I saw Nicole look at the clock then sigh "What?" I asked. She frowned abit "When are they coming back" I smiled and shook my head "You just want to suck face with Niall ae.. ae" I said making kissy lips. Nicole scrunched up her nose then pushed me alittle "No of course not" I rolled my eyes "I wish i could have what you two do" I said feeling envyous. Nicole frowned at me "you can Harrys there" I shook my head "No!! me and Harry are just good mates....." before I could finish Nicole butted in "REALLY good mates" I gave her the evils then jabbed her ribs making her move her body to one side, I giggled. "I actually like this side better" She said with a smerk on her face. I smiled.

I heard a fimiliar loud laugh coming down the hall. Nicole emediatly turned her head to me "Harry" We both said at the same time. The door opened and Harry came in with the other boys behind him. "Hey girls" He said as he passed us and went into the bedroom.

Louis came and literly jumped inbetween me and Nicole, he wriggled his shoulders back to get comfortable. I looked at him and rolled my eyes "What a mans gotta be comfortable" He smiled. Liam sat next to Nicole, Niall sat on her knee to be a pain. Then Zayn on the armrest of the couch. I looked at us "This would be such a good picture" They all agreed, then Louis yelled out to Harry "HARRY COME OUT HERE WERE HAVING A PICTURE!" We heard him yell back "BE THERE SOON LOU!"

He finally came out and put Louis Iphone on top of the T.V then pressed the timer button. He quickly ran and jumped on all of us and lying down with his head on Zayns thigh and his feet on Liam. We all made funny faces. "Okay lets get up and ready know" Louis said pushing Harry on the ground. Harry sat up "WAHO CLUB TIME!!" We all laughed. Louis went and grabbed his phone "Harry you noodle you recorded instead of capture" He looked at everyone shaking their heads "oops" was all he said. I shrugged my shoulder "Oh well at least we have it on camera" I smiled and stood up, then walked off to the room to get ready, with Nicole behind me. The others went to thier rooms and Harry went to the bathroom.

After we were ready me in the black dress I showed to Nicole before, and a little bit of makeup. I put on my black high heels. Nicole had Navy blue dress with silver high heels. We walked out to the door and waited for Harry. He came out looking pretty hot. He had black skinny jeans, a black top with a picture of people at a club and white high tops. I couldnt help myself from smiling.

Harrys P.O.V

The girls look so sexy in thier dresses cant wait to kick it with them its going to be so much fun. As we walked out the door I saw Louis and Liam walking down the hall "Lets get wasted" I heard Louis say as he got closer to us. Niall and Zayn came out just as we got in the elevator. Louis was pressing the button to close the doors before they got to it, but Liam pushed his hand away and clicked the open button. Louis put his head down and stepped back "Its ok Lou maby next time" I heard Harry say "What if there is no next time" Louis said trying to sound sad but i could see him smiling.

We got out of the elevator. We were greated once again by Paul and a bunch of girls and paparazzi. I grabbed Harrys arms and held him tight. I saw Nicole did the same to Niall. Harry looked at me and rubbed my hand "its ok" he whispered. We got into the limo, I felt a wave of releaf rush over my body.

On the way there the Boys told us what the club was like. Just as we came up to it Louis had poured shots for us all. Liam siad he didnt want it but we begged him to "This is the only one im having" He smiled. We all held our shot glasses up "To being such good friends from the start....." Louis started "and being able to keep our bond forever" I continued "Also to going clubbing!" Harry and Niall said. We all shot the drinks back a round of slurping an quiet 'woo' and 'ahh' went around. Paul opened the door Nicole was the first to step out of the limo.

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