blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


21. Funeral

Pearls P.O.V

That night i couldnt sleep knowing my brother inisent bodies lay mostion less in my lounge. I sat up and sighed. I walked into the kitchen climbing over all the sleeping bodies on the floor everywhere. I opened the fridge and pulled a bottle of cold water out and headed back to my room. I stopped just as i walked in the door. I turned and walked into Nicoles room. I stood at the side of her bed, then pulled back the blankets and crawled under. It was warm because she had her electric blanket on. I suddenly felt comfortable. I pulled my knees to my chest and closed my eyes. A few tears ran out "I miss you so much......I need Harry" I whispered to myself. I slowy difted to sleep.

I woke up to Karly running into the room and poking my cheek. I groaned "go away" I said angrily and rolled over. I could hear sniffing and a gentle cry. I turned back to see Karly still standing there with watery eyes and a puppy dog face. She had a black puffy dress on and a cute black bow in her hair. I tilted my head and smiled "Im sorry Bubbz" I tucked her fringe behind her ear. She smiled "Mum said to get up now" she ran off making plane noises and had her arms out like wings. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and streched my neck. I hoped out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

My eyes were puffy and i had bags under my them. My hair was frizzy as always, I just brushed it down. I turned the cold tap on and cupped my hands under the cold water, then slashed it onto my face waking me up. I turned to the towels with a dripping face. I dryed the water off and taking one more look in the mirror. I looked much better. I sighed before grabbing a white rob and walking back to the bed and flicking the blankets of Nicole. She opened her eyes slowly "What?" She said grumply. I shook my head "get up" I walked off smiling. I tyed the rob up as i walked into the kitchen. I decided I wasnt actually hungry so headed to the lounge. I stopped with a confused look on my face "Where everyone?" I said to my mum and sister. Mum half smiled "Their already heading to the graveyard with your brothers" I looked down "oh" I felt two soft fingers pull mt chin up to see my mums gentle face "It will be ok,this is what they would of wanted" She said.

I turned my head to the door as Nicole walked through in a plain black dress and black ballet flats, she didnt have much makeup on. She had her hair straight with a black band reaching from on ear to the other. She walked over to me and put her arm over my shoulder "come on you need to get ready" she sad softly. I nodded and walked to my room and closed the door. I opened my cuboard and pulled out a black laiered strapless dress that had a midum sized bow on the back. I took off my rob changed my jockeys and put a strapless bra on then put the dress on. I pul;led some ballet plain black shoes out from under my bed. I sat down infront of my mirror and put a tiny bit of make up on. I grabbed my hair on the right side and pulled it so it was all on the left. I split my hair in to three parts then platted in starting from the top right side on my fore head to the bottom of my neck on the left side. I cliped a black bow in it and left to go down to the lounge.

I walked out to where Mum and Nicole were talking they turned and smiled then we headed out to the car with Karly in my arms. I clipped her into har pink car seat and sat in the front with Nicole driving and my mum in the back with Karly. When we pulled up to the old white brick church, everyone was just pilling in. We parked the car and got out. We walked to the door. Everyone made room as my uncles and dad carried the closed coffins in. Two of my dads brothers were on Jordans and two of my mums and the same with Leons. Dad walked in the middle of them. As we walked in to the church behind them. I could see lots of people i didnt know but they still shead a tear for the victums. We had all the family sitting up the front. The preist stood up by the statue of jesus. He read from the bible about how they will be welcomed to hevan and will rest in peace. Everyone was crying at this point.

Some family went up a said a few words about them. Me and NIcole glanced at each other, Then she stood up. I looked at her confused. She came over to me and grabbed my hand. She lead me up to the piano and sat me down on the seat, she stood. I felt worried, i dont like crowds. She walked to the preist and got two microphones off him and walked back to me. I was still terified. She put one on a stand and turned it so it was right infront of my face. I looked at her confuse and worried. She smiled then lent down to me "Play 'Angel'" She whispered. I felt i bit easier since i knew what we were doing. I started to play the keys lightly. Touching everyone in its turn. Then it came time to sing. Me and Nicole always use to sing to this song so we already knew our parts. Nicole started;


Spend all your time waiting

for that second chance

for a break that would make it okay

theres always some reason

to feel not good enough

and its hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction

oh beautiful release

memories seep from my veins

let me be empty

and weightless and maybe

ill find some peace tonight


in the arms of the angel

fly away from here

from this dark cold hotel room

and the endlessness that you fear

you are pulled from the wreckage

of a silent reverie

your in the arms of the angel

may you find comfort here

I did a short instramental, before i began to sing. Everyone was looking at us amazed and surprised.


so tierd of the straight line

and everywhere you turn

theres vultures and thieves at your back

and the storm keeps on twisting

you keep on building the lies

that you make up for all that you lack

it dont make no difference

escaping one last time

its easier to believe in this sweet madness oh

this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees


in the arms of the angel

fly away from here

from this dark cold hotel room

and the endlessness that you fear

you are pulled from the wreckage

of you silent reverie

your in the arms of the angel

may you find some comfort here

your in the arms of the angel

may you find some comfort here

When we finished i stood up tears forming in my eyes. Me and Nicole hugged each other. Everyone on was crying, standing and softly clapping. We walked to the coffins. I gentle kissed my hand and placed it on each coffin, then we walked back to our seats. The whole family looked at us shocked and surprised. There was about 5 more people going up and say their grace before my uncles picked up the coffins again and took them out to the grave yard, everyone followed behind. On the way over i spotted a dafidal plant so i picked two flowers then contiued to follow. Whe we got to the spot there was a marble memory stone with their names and when they were born and passed away, and how they were/are sons, brothers, cousins, nefues. The coffin were placed one on top of the other, Leon first because he was the oldest.All the women had hankies wipping away their tears. I looked around at all the people that were gathered around and spotted someone i didnt want to see....Josh. I looked away from him. Everyone was placing flowers and items on the coffins. I walked up to them with a tear running down my face and placed the flowers on the coffins. Then walked back, into my parents arms. After they had gone into the ground and the men had covered the hole with dirt and the Funeral was over. Everyone started to leave. I was on my knees by the fresh grave when i felt a manly hand on my shoulder.

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