blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


69. Forever and always

Pearls P.O.V

"yeah" I smiled before walking out to the back to get some flowers, I got  a bunch of red and yellow lilys, before walking back inside. I lay them down on the bench and seporated the colours. In the end there was 3 reds and 2 yellows each. I grabbed out a little chilling bag, and opened the fridge pulling out a few bottles and a bottle of water.

We had no car and Vinny had gone so we had to walk, It wasnt to far about 20 mins away. Mot was such a small town. I wobbled Nicoles shoulder to wake her up, "Lets go?!" I smiled, She shot up and headed towards the door, "Come on Pearl cant keep them waiting" She said excitedly. I run after her locking the door behind me.

When we got there, the grass had been nicely mowed and de-weeded. I saw a few more people walking around, following the grass paths. We stopped infront of their still-looking-new head stones. I smiled "Hi" I said falling to my knees infront of both of them. Nicole next to me. "You two would not believe what has happened to us" Nicole said looking towards the grave stones. I smiled, running my hand along the grass, just infront of the head stone. I smiled, "Yeah we've got so much to tell you" I half smiled. Nicole started off with, Seeing the Boys after christchurch, going out with Niall and moving to London, "Its so cool there, like you told me after you toured europe" I smiled letting Nicole carry on. "Yeah, we've got the nicest house ever, it would be so cool if you could visit" She said looking down at the ground, "But.......yeah its cool" She almost whispered. We sat there for a good hour, talking to them, It just felt like a normal day in the park with them, apart from not being able to hear their voices or see their faces. It was really fustrating, I would say something, and wait for a reply, but nothing......... "Dad and Nic broke up" I whipered, "Hes in christchurch now, I didnt get to see him but Ill try visit, hope he said bye to yous?" I asked.

I checked the time "Well its lunch time, you wana drink?" I smiled at Nicole and then At Leon and Jordan. Nicole Nodded, I grabbed out the bottle of water and handed it to her, "Since you were sick this morning I dont think you will want one of these" I smiled holding up a Corona extra. She looked at me in disgust, "I dont like beer anyway" She said snobbly, "Oh yeah whatever" I smiled, She rolled her eyes and smiled back. I grabbed another two out and put one by each of there grave stones, "I remembered it was your favourite" I smiled talking to both of them. Me and Nicole sat there sometimes in silence, listening to the birds and the wind russeling the leaves. We were there till the sun was just going behind the hills making the sky a yellowy, red colour. I stood up "Well its time for us to go, it was nice to talk to you" I said looking at the ground, I walked foward placing the flowers on each of their graves. "Ill love yous forever and always, even being on the other side of the world, I wont forget about yous" I said before blowing them a kiss and walked off letting a tear roll down my face, Nicole not to far behind me. We both slowly made our way home, it was dark when we got to the door, Vinnys car was back. I walked into the dark house. I looked to the couch, Where Vincent and A very pretty girl sat, his arm around her watching a movie. He looked at me and smiled. I gave him two thumbs up, before me and Nicole walked to the room, I took my pants and top off, so i had my undies and singlet on, I got into bed.

I held my phone in front of my face, Of course I went on twitter, There were loads of pictures of Taylor and Harry, I rolled my eyes. I flicked through my music as Nicole got in bed. I picked The song 'Autum Leaves' By Ed Sheeran. I turned it down and put it on repeat. I plugged in my earphones and fell asleep listening to that song.

I got up early again to Nicole shaking me, she had spew around her mouth, she still seemed half asleep. I groaned  climbing out of bed and grabbing a clean towel from the cupboard in the hallway. She cleaned herself up and got in the shower. "Were still going to see my mum if thats ok?" I yelled from the room. I didnt hear a reply but i guess she would be ok with it. I got changed into short shorts and a white bagyish singlet, on the back was the british flag. I brushed my hair and teeth. Nicole took ages so I decided to sort my stuff out since we were leaving tomorrow afternoon. I pulled out all my dirty clothes, then I took out the clothes I will wear tomorrow, a yellow singlet that said 'girls do it better' and a pair of navy blue skinny jeans. I grabbed the dirty clothes in one bunch, I walked to the wash house and put them in, not turning the machine on, ill wait for Nicole. I stood at the door tapping my foot "Nicole, come on We need to go" I said knocking on the door. I turned the handle and went in to see Nicole sitting down in the shower, the water hitting her back.................................she was asleep. I went and turned the shower off, then grabbed a towel and threw it at her making her jump and slowly stand, "Come on we need to go" I repeated. She blinked a couple of times before getting dressed. While she got changed I went into Vinnys room, the girl had stayed, awww they look so cute. I went over to him a wiggled him gently, "Vinny can we take the car? Vinny?" I whispered, "Yeah whatever" He said shuffling, "Ok sweet thanks" I said before grabbing the keys and walking out closing the door behind me. 

Nicole had got changed and was waiting at the door. I unlocked the car allowing me and Nicole to get in. Just as I went to start the car I remembered "Oh shit the washing" I said undoing my belt, "I already did it, and I put mine in to" Nicole smiled, "Oh thanks"I smiled back before doing my belt up and headed out to Nelson.

45 mins later........................... 

I pulled up outside my mums house, I pushed a few buttons, until I finally got the right one, "Hey mum, its pearl come to visit" I spoke into the speaker, "Oh hey, Ill just let you in" Her happy voice came over the speaker. I wound my window up. The gates slowly opened and I drove up , the alarm didnt go off this time. Even tho the house was huge my mum wasnt a ponsy person, she liked to do her own house work, and gardening. She didnt wear flash clothes. I knockeed on the door, "PEEEWLL!!" Karly screamed as I lifted her up in the air, her giggling. "Heeeyyy!!! dingaling" I smiled giving her a big hug. "Look how big you are" I smiled, "Im fhree" She said holding up 3 fingers, "Wow, big girl" I said as I took her inside Nicole behind me, tickling her feet.

Karlys birthdays pretty soon, but sadly i wont be here, Ill send something over, I thought to myself. i put her down as mum came round the corner, "Hey ping, hows everything been" She smiled giving me and Nicole a hug, "Everythings been good, but missing London" I said making a funny sad face. Mum smiled and told us to come sit in the lounge. Yes my nick name for me is Ping according to my mum and Karlys Ding, Ping and Ding. I sat down as mum went and got us all a juice. We sat down on the seats outside, "So when are yous going back?" Mum asked, "Tomorrow arvo" I half smiled. "Really how long have you been here for?" She asked, "About a week and abit, I guess" I smiled. Nicole was to busy playing with Karly to talk, she would be a good mummy some day. "oh you should of come and seen me" She scold me. "About that...." I trailed off, but mum spoke before me "Did I tell you someone set my house alarm off, bloody idiots" She said frowning. I couldnt help but laugh, "What?" She asked, "Me and Nicole are the idiots" I kept laughing, Nicole joining in. mum rolled her eyes as in to say tipical. "Sooo hows Jon?" I asked curious. "Hes still out on the boats, wont get back till next month" Mum sighed, "But hes enjoying it" She contiued.

We talked all about the Boys, London and Pohara, Dad and Nic. Harry and Taylor, and just alittle about Leon and  Jordan. Still a touchy subject for her. I checked my phone it was 12, lunchtime. Mum looked at her clock, "its time for lunch" She smiled getting up and walking over to the kitchen, grabbing out bread, peanut butter and jam. She made a sanwhich for karly and put her at the table. She sat on a pillow to make her higher, Mum then grabbed out,  some wraps and put them on the table, "Would you two like some chicken salsa wraps?" She smiled pointing to them, "Yeah course!!" Nicole said jumping up and sitting at the table.

We ate lunch. then decided it was time to go, I stood up and gave mum a hug "Ill miss you" I said, " Ill miss you too, make sure you visit asap" She smiled, before moving on to Nicole, who said miss you and bye. I picked Karly up and tickled her, "See you soon" I said kissing her forehead, "Where you going?" She asked titling her head, I smiled "Home". She wrapped her arms around my neck " Bye bye Pewl" She smiled as I gave her to Nicole, who carried her out to the car, before handing her over to mum. We waved out as we left the big white house.

When we got home, I got out of the car and went inside. Vinny and his girl........friend were having lunch, I threw him the keys, "Thanks he smiled, oh yeah and we hung out the washing" He smiled, "Thanks heaps" i said walking over to him, "So whos your girfriend" I whipered, "Oh shit" He whispered back, "Holly this is Pearl and Nicole, Pearl and Nicole this is Holly" He smiled, "Hey" i smiled giving her a one arm hug. Me and Nicole headed to the bathroom and started to pack up our things, but left our tooth brushes and hair brushes out. We cleaned up our clothes folding them nicely so we could fit everyhting in. We sat around in the room for awhile, too lazy to do anything. It was about 6pm when I got up and brought the washing in, folding up my clothes and chucking Nicole hers. We fell back onto the bed, "What a lazy day" I sighed, "Yup sure is" She replied..................................

"OMG PEARL WERE GOING BACK HOME TODAY!!!!" Nicole suddenly shouted, making me jump and fall off the bed, I groaned as the hard cold floor came in contact with my body. I sat up still half asleep. "Nicole you could just let me sleep in for once" I moaned walking into the bathroom with my clothes, I had a shower and burched my teeth, before Nicole did the same. 

We decided to get something for Vinny for letting us stay and use his car. I went for a walk while Nicole stayed home and fluffed around and made sure we had everything. I walked into the same liquor store as the night we had the party before me and Nicole left for the concert. I brought a 24 box of tuis and a block of chocolate. I snuck back into the house and into the room putting it down on the bed. "Alittle something for him" I smiled at Nicole, "Yeah thats nice" She smiled back. The day went faster than we wanted it to, At about 3pm we were rushing around making sure we had everything. Our flight left at 5pm. I grabbed our bags chucking them into the back of the car "Come on you two!!!!!" I yelled out to Vinny and Nicole. They both came rushing out at the same time. I jumped in the passenger seat, Vinny drived and Nicole in the back. We speed along the roads in silence, until i checked the time, "WE HAVE 15 MINUTES!!" I yelled as we just pulled up to the airport. I jumped out and pulled our bags out Nicole next to me to grab hers. We ran to the enterance, Vinny still at the car. We got in and got to the bag people in a few minutes. I threw my bag on, then Nicoles. Then we went into relax mode....... but just as we were settling down our flight comes up over the speaker, "OMG" Nicole shouted, I gave Vinny the biggest hug so did Nicole, "Thanks for everything, ill miss you soooo much" i said quickly. Nicole gave him a hug "We got you a little something, its in our room" Nicole smiled before she let go and we ran to the gates, linking arms, "SEEYA GIRLS!" I heard Vinny yell from behind us, I put my hand up and waved.

A plonked down on my seat, "Shit that was so tense" I sighed, "Tell me about it" Nicole said tilting her seat back abit. We were under the wing so we couldnt see much. I slide the window cover down as I tilted my seat back, "I dont know about you but Im going to sleep" i smiled closing my eys, "Dont you worry Ill be asleep before you" Nicole giggled. I could hear the plane start up and take off, Were really going back to London, this is the most exciting moment in my life so far.

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