blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


78. Food fight

Pearls P.O.V

Harry left the room and came back holding the same big box from the music store, but this time it had wrapping paper on it, "Here mate, this is from all of us" He smiled and slid the box over to Niall. Niall pulled the paper off with a big grin on his face, he pulled out a Gibson acoustic guitar, he spun it around looking at all the features, eyes wide. As he was spinning it around I saw a signature, "Hey Niall whos that?" I asked pointing to the signature. He tilted the guitar so he could see it, all the boys had smiles on there face.... "Shit... its Elvis" He whispered excitedly.. "Its real too, do you know how hard it was to find a real Elvis signatured guitar" Liam chuckled shaking his head. Niall played a few cords, before Nicole handed the envelope over to him, "This is from me and Pearl" Nicole smiled, He ripped it open. Two tickets to go see his family in Ireland. He looked at them then at us, "Wow thank you" He smiled then paused, "We leave tomorrow?!" He said looking at me and Nicole shocked. Nicole giggled, "Yup so you better get your stuff ready, your staying here tonight" she winked at him, I rolled my eyes.

Niall got up and got a drink and what was left of the cake before leaving to pack his bags. The boys left about an hour after Niall, they helped clean up abit. 

few hours later.......

Me and Nicole stood in the kitchen, think of what we were gona make for dinner, "Well I still feel a bit sick, so I wont have much" Nicole groaned, "Cant handle the drinks ae!" I smirked at her, "Oh shut up, you've had worse day" She gave me evil eyes, I shook my head.
We decided to make mac and cheese. We pulled out he flour, cheese and milk. Nicole boiled the pasta, while I measured the milk out in a jug.
I spun around not watching where I was going and bumped into Nicole, spilling milk on her, I put my hand on my mouth, "Im so sorry" I exclaimed. She sighed, then evily giggled grabbing a hand full of flour and throwing it in my face, I blew upwards, blowing some of the flour off my eyelashes, Then quickly grabbed a hand full of flour and threw it at her, She squealed and grabbed an egg of the bench cracking it on my arm. I reached for the sauce on the bench squeezing the bottle over Nicole and the wall, the white wall. This is gona take ages to clean up, I thought to myself. Nicole threw another egg. both of us laughing like crazy, we just kept grabbing food and throwing it, holding our stomachs because we were laughing so hard.

By the end of our food fight, we were both covered in flour and our hands all slimy, I looked at her silent for a second. A grin appeared on her face, I smiled back, "just like the old days" She whispered happily, I just smiled harder.

The boy opened and Niall came in dragging his suitcase, followed by Harry and Liam. Zayn and Louis must be with their girls. The boys, just stood there staring at us, we are still covered in food. We smiled and started laughing, "What happened?" Niall asked curious, "We were making dinner and then, PEARL STARTED IT!" Nicole shouted pointing at me as if she was getting told off. The boys just laughed. Me and Nicole smirked at each other , the boys realising what we were up to, "Don't you dare" Harry frowned at me, they all walked back trying to keep their distance, Nicole holding the sauce and me holding my sticky hands up. "GET THEM!" Nicole yelled, we ran towards then and chased them around the lounge and into the hallway, they huddled into a corner, "Rookie Mistake" I said evily, "Oh please don't" Niall pleaded, "Its too late for that" Nicole said as she squirted the sauce over all three of them. They all frowned then laughed Nicole went up to Niall a gave him a kiss on the lips before dragging him upstairs no doubt to have a shower together.
I gave Liam and Harry a hug, they both looked at me angrily, "OH sorry for having fun" I said spinning on my heels, but to be stopped by Harrys hands around my waist, I stood infront of him, looking down, feeling awkward since Liams standing right there, I slowly looked up into his big eyes and smiled at his face as it was covered in sauce, I placed my hands on his chest, He just looked at me smiling. I pushed myself away from him, "Follow me Liam" I smiled at him, Harry stood there a bit disappointed that nothing happened. Liam followed me to the down stairs bathroom, "Ill just grab you a towel" I smiled, "Thanks love" He smiled back. Once Liam was sorted I took Harry up to my room and showed him the shower, I chucked a towel at him, "Don't be too long" I smirked at him, "What about you?" he asked, "What about me?" I tilted my head to the side, "Your not coming in with me?", "No, actually im gona have a bath" I smirked again, He squinted his eyes at me. He got In the shower still in his jockeys but nothing else, I turned the bath taps on a waited till it was full, I assumed Harry had long showers so I stripped down in to nothing, 'll be out of the bath before he gets out of the shower, I thought to myself. I dipped my foot in, "geez that's hot" I whispered to myself, I slowly slipped into the water, steam rising off the water, I lent my head back, and sighed, I haven't had a bath in so long.

I sat up washing my body with a facecloth, I didn't notice the shower had stopped, I felt Harry slip in behind me, so I sat in between his legs, He still had his jockeys on. I suddenly felt tired, I placed my head on his shoulders, I felt him entwine his hands with mine, and gently kissed me on the shoulder.

I woke up on my bed wrapped in a towel, I grabbed my phone and checked the time 3am, I groaned an flicked on the light, expecting Harry to be there, but he wasn't. I got up and walked to the bathroom, the water in the bath was drain and my clothes in a neat pile, the water had been wiped of the ground, a sneaky smile appeared on my face, I lent against the door frame, playing with my bottom lip. Hes so sweet, maby he is the guy for me, well I guess everyone makes mistakes, nobodys perfect.

Nicoles P.O.V

My alarm went off at 7am and I felt excited, I nudged Niall to wake him up, "Get up we have an hour before we need to go" I said getting out of bed and putting a night gown on. I haven't even packed yet. I turned on the light, Niall groaning and pulling the blankets over his head. I pulled out my suit case and pretty much put half of my clothes in it. I walked out of the room leaving the light on, I went down stairs the mess was still there but Harry and Liam were gone. I grabbed my phone and rang a service that does cleaning, "Hey we need a heavy cleaning cleaner" I said into the phone, "Ok that fine we will send someone out around 10am, is that ok?" the person asked, "Yup that fine...thank you.....bye" I hung up. Pearl came down stairs in phat-pants and a purple hoddie, "Morning" She said wiping her eyes before getting a glass of Milk. "Are you packed and ready?" she asked me, "yup, but Nialls still iin bed" I rolled my eys, "Well he better get up soon, about.." she said pulling out her phone before continuing "40 minutes Before we have to go" She said locking her phone and putting it in her pocket.

1 hour and 40 minutes later.......

Pearls P.O.V

Nicole and Niall have just boarded the plane and I decided to get a coffee, everyone looked at me funny as I walked through the airport in phat-pants and a hoddie. Some people recognised me but others just thought I was weird. I got a caramel latte then left the airport.

I got home and sacked out on the couch, "What to do now?!" I said to myself.



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