blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


65. 'Few drinks'

Pearls P.O.V

We all sat on the grass for awhile, The music turned up alittle, not enough to wake the neighbours. Me and Nicole were facing each other laughing and talking, while the others were doing the same. "Hey when are you Boys going back home??" Nicole said, just after asking me the same question. "Were not sure" Niall smiled, "Well we have to be back by next week thursday" Liam said sounding very organised. Me and Nicole nodded and turned back to eachother and began talking. I could feel their stares burning into my back, "Why dont yous join us?" Louis said patting the spot next to him.

I got up and sat down close to Louis and Nicole facing us, inbetween Nialls stetched out legs. This so reminds me off my borthers, I use to always snuggle real close to them, when we went to the beach or anywhere.

We all shared the bottles of wine, apart from Liam who only had one glass, and Nicole felt sick so she stopped after the second glass. We all still seemed pretty sober, probably because we were drinking slow and injoying it not going nuts. I giggled at my thought. I went to pull my wasnt there, "Hey guys do you remeber where I put my phone?" i asked looking at everyone, but couldnt really make out their faces it was too dark. I stood up and walked up to the sliding door, "Ill be back soon, I remeber where it is" I said smiling.

Harrys P.O.V

This felt like the time I should tell her but I didnt want to. I looked at Lou who tilted his head towards the door where Pearl went. i frowned knowing noone would beable to see me. I really dont want to. I began to stand up, but luckily Pearl walked back out, holding her phone up. "Got it" She said before jumping off the deck and sitting back down.

Pearls P.O.V

I found my phone on the window sill by the hose. "Could you turn the outside light on?" I heard Nicole say as I just sat down, I groaned "Please" She said nicely. I got up again and turned it on, checking my phone before I went to sit down, "Hey guys I might go to be its pretty late" I smiled holding my phone out so everyone could see it, it read 1am. I yawned and made my way up th the kitchen with the wine glasses. Nicole came in and helped wash them. "Could you please try be quiet this time" I giggled to Nicole and Niall, she hit my arm "OH shut up" she smiled before her and Niall head off to bed "Night everyone" Niall yelled loud enough for us all to hear. I gave Liam,Louis and Harry a one arm hug before heading to my room.

I took off my top and pants, so I was in my bra singlet and undies. i climbed into bed holding my phone up to my face.

'hope your alright xx night' I sent to Zayns twitter.

Before locking my phone and placing it on the side table. i looked out the sliding door, at the glowing moon. only if Jordan and Leon were her, they would freck knowing we were so close to the Boys, They would all be like brothers. The Boys and my brothers. Their so much alike. I turned onto my side, curling my  knees into my stomach, and sighed before closing my eyes and falling to sleep almost instantly.

I woke up at 10am to everyone jumping on my bed, "Ohhhh, what do yous want" I groaned rolling over. "Get up, get up, were gona go to the beach!!" Nicole yelled pulling the blankets off me. I curled up from the sudden coldness. "Fine!" I said quickly. They all stopped jumping and got out of the room. I got up put my bikini on and a white mesh trimmed swin. I left my room, to see them patiently waiting Boys and Girl all in their swim wear, ready to go. I smiled apologeticly before they all smiled. I locked the house up and we made ourway down the road.

We passed 'The tree' I smiled at Harry who gave me a cheeky smile back. I was gona go over and see him, but for some reason Louis doesnt want me to, its weired. Ive noticed hes been doing it alot lately, so Ill just go with it for now. We got to the camp ground just before the beach. As we walked through the camp, we saw lots of people around our age, lying and sleeping in the sun after a long night drinking.  I spotted a few good looking boys, who waved at me I waved , giving them cheeky grins, slowing my pace, to be pushed to carry on by Nicole. I poked my tounge out and rolled my eyes at her.

We got to the beach, to see even more BOYS!! my mouth dropped. Me and Nicole smiled at each other. Niall sneakly giving her the Im-watching-you stare. she noticed "Its ok Babe, No ones gona ever be better than you" She said swiftly kissing him. I smiled before taking my top off and running down to the water, Louis, Harry and Liam behind me. Nicole and Niall stayed back lying on the beach being all cute. We got to the water it was packed there were so many people. The waves were pretty big.

I dived in as soon as the water was deep enough. I came up next to Harry. We both smiled at each other. He started moving closer, my first reaction was to wrap my arms around his neck. Our faces got closer. I quickly looked around to make sure no one would interupt. I just cought a glimps of it before it bolled us over, before we even kissed. The wave pulled us both under. We came up laughing holding each other making sure the next wave wouldnt knock us over.

Louis and Liam came over to us, Harry suddenly let go of me. Im so confused right now. We all stood up to see a huge wave coming. "We should all link arms and see if we can stay in the same spot" I giggled. I linked arms with Liam, Liam with Louis and Louis with Harry. I felt someone elses arm link mine, I looked over to see Nicole and Niall smiling at us. Niall moved back, "Wow" Me and the three Boys said as we looked past Niall to see a whole row off people joining in. A whole bunch of 17-23 year olds having fun. "Ready!!!" Louis yelled as loud as he could. We could hear 'Yeaps' coming from far away. We could feel the water sucking us in, Everyone laughed as they tried to stay in the same spot. I could feel my feet sinking into the sand.

It hit wiping out a few people to come up Laughing and grinning. We all managed it apart from Nicole who was on the shore laughing with the other washed up people. We all made our way back to shore Laughing and chatting to the new people we meet.

I felt a cold hand on my shoulder "Hey, Im Ben, were having a bbq and drinks tomorrow night, yous wana come?" He said pointing to the Boys and Nicole walking off the beach. "everyone will be there, its pretty much the whole camp" He said smiling, trying to convinse me to come. "Yeah ok, we'll be there" I said smiling walking off. I turned around, so I was walking backwards looking at him "By the way my Names Pearl" I smiled before running off to catch up with the others. Nicole nudged me "Oooo whos that?" She said smiling. "Ben, he wants us to come to the camp tomorrow night for a bbq and drinks, do yous wana go?" I asked smiling at everyone. "Yeah always up for a good shin dig" Louis winked. "Shin dig, really" I laughed. we got back to the batch and got changed. I went to the kitchen and saw the magazine on the bench, I gabbed it and a cup of water, and walked out to the deck. I looked at the cover, "Wow kendall and kylie are pretty, jealous" I whispered to myself, taking a sip of my warmish water, yuck. I opend the first page.....................


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