blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


15. Drinks

Pearls P.O.V

As i opened the white door that had 'Hair room' writen on a black plate in white. I saw Lous happy face "I knew you would come" she said smiling "Im sorry to hear about your brothers" She said pushing her lips together and sounding sad. I sadly gave her a hlf smile. I looked to NIcole "Awww!" i heared her say. I followed her eyes to where and what she was looking at. It was a sleeping baby Lux. She smiled at me scrunching up her face "She so adorable" Lou smiled at Lux "Shes my baby girl. The boys love her" She explained they always take her out and the desgusting stories people made up. I jumped as the door suddenly flew open and a crying, with laughter Niall runs in. He notices Nicole, stops then clears his throught "Sorry about that" He said trying not to crack up again. Nicole let out a shy giggle "Its fine" she gave him a cheeky smile. I rolled my eyes at her. All the other four Boys came in laughing. I was curious "Whats so funny?" they all looked at me with smiles on their faces Louis started "Well it all started with three chicks who wanted a picture with us, so we said yes, they gave Paul the camera..." He paused laughing. Liam shook his head and continued "Paul counted to three ten out of no where these girls pull their tops up reveling their BIG boobs. You should of seen the picture we were Laughing so much" I couldnt help but Laugh. They all looked at me and Laughed at me Laughing. the whole room was full of laughter. We were enterupted by the sound of an unhappy crying baby. Zayn quickly moved to Lux and Picked her up. He rested her head on his shoulder and bouncing her up and down lightly. I made a cute face "Naww Zayn you would be a good daddy" Nicole smiled "so true". As zayn tryed to put Lux to sleep again we all whispered to each other. It was good because Harry and Louis came and sat on ether side of me. Niall being cheeky sat on Nicoles knee and Liam on the single chair. I just heard Niall whisper to everyone "We should have drinks to night, since were leaving" he made a pounting face at Nicole who scrunched her nose at him. I turned to Louis and we imiatated them and then giggled. They both looked at us evily. I smiled. Liam stood up and came over to us "Wheres your other friends?" Nicole shrugged here shoulders "I dont know ae. you wouldnt want them in her any way they would wake up the baby" She said cheekly pointing, not to Lux but the sleeping Harry next to me. We all laughed. Zayn came over to join us still with baby Lux "Babys look so cute when they sleep" I whispered. Zayn smiled at me then practicly pushed Lux into my arms. I craddled Lux in my arms. Liam and Zayn stepped back and smiled 'You would make a good mumy" they both said at the same time. I smiled and rolled my eyes at them. I was getting really late and we wanted to have a few drinks. I tapped Harry on the shoulder but he didnt wake. Louis decided to whisper sexualy in his ear, making Harry mumble and smile still asleep. We all cracked up at him. Then out of no where Louis smacked him on the forehead causing him to jump up "Im awake" he praticly shouted. I giggled "good dream" Everyone laughed, Harry looked confused. We said goodbye to Lux and Lou then left. Leaving Lux and Lou to go back to their hotel. When we pulled up to the hotel in a black limo, the bar guy was still up serving drinks. We all climbed out and walked to the front door with out hasel. When we got to the bar, the guy was surprised to see me again "Back for more" he said smiling "Sure am" I said cheekly. The Boys order us a shot each of taquilla. We all made faces as we chucked the drinks back. After having few of those we went over to the pool table. Me and Louis vs Nicole and Harry. Niall was sitting down in his own world. Zayn and Liam were trying to play darts. I set the balls up and let Louis had the first hit. He missed completely "Oh did i tell you i suck" I laughed. Nicole took the first shot for her team, the whole time me and Harry giving each other the evils and laughing. It was my turn to win the game. I use to always play pool with my dad at his house years ago, so i was pretty pro. I lined my stick up with the ball perfectly, i pulled the stick back and as soon as i went to hit it Zayn cheered, which made me miss the black, making us lose. Harry and Nicole jumped up and down cheering. Me and Louis shook our heads sadly but trying not to laugh. Louis put his hands in the air "NOOO!!!" We all laughed. I acted sad. I looked up and all i saw was Nicole and Louis shaking hands, Niall still on the chair, Zayn and Liam looking around for a missing dart. I felt two hand wrap around my waist and a head on my shoulder, I knew it was Harry. He whispered "Lets all have a spa?" everyone must of heard because they went running off in the direction of the pool

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