blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


55. Ditching work

Nicoles P.O.V

"WOW its like a bomb went off in here" I heard a fimiliar voice say. A boy with blonde hair walked in followed by 4 others. Everything went silent, i felt almost faint. They all had smiles on their faces, I jumped into Nialls arms, repeativly kissing him forgetting all about the incidents that happened with Vinny.

Pearls P.O.V

I walked towards them smiling "Hey boys" I said giving them all a hug and kiss on the cheek, like normal. I stepped back "So is everything ok, the car?" I asked, Liam smiled "Yeah Love, Eds taken good care of it", "We kept the house clean too" Niall said still hugging Nicole. I smiled at him. I looked out the small window that looked out to where the mechanics normally worked, they werent there. I tapped nicoles shoulder and tilted my head towards the door. She knew what i meant, she grabbed Nialls hand a pulled him to the door, "Where are we go....." Nicole placed her hand over his mouth "ssshh" i heard her say.

I smiled looking at the boys they looked so confused. Nicole pulled him across the garage and out to the road making sure Lisa or the others didnt see. She turned to me giving me a gestured to come. I looked at Louis and Liam "You guys will be pretty good at this, having to get away from fans and shit like that" I smiled, They snuck out, Louis knocking a tool over as he went. I gasped as the office door opened. Louis looked back at us 'sorry' he mouthed. I smiled then gave in a Hurry-up look. He carried on sneaking out. I turned to Zayn and Harry and gave them a worried look. I looked back to the garage Lisa was coming over. I pushed Zayn and Harry into the toilet, they were laughing. I smiled "ssshh" I said desperatly. They both smiled at me then chuckled. I closed the door shaking my head.

I grabbed the scrubbing brush and made it look like i was doing something, "Whats all this mess?" She asked angrily. I didnt turn around, "And wheres Nicole" She demanded. I giggled "Shes in the toilet" I smiled toward the window, so she wouldnt see me smiling. She walked over to the toilet and knocked on the door "Nicole are you in here" she asked, I made a worried face hoping they wouldnt give anything away. It was silent for alittle bit..... "mmmhmm" I heard one of the boys make the noise. I tryed to hold back my laugh. Lisa turned around and came up to me "Is she ok?" She asked me, "Yeah why'd you ask?" I said curious. "Her voice was deeper, i thought she might of been sick or something, ohwell get this cleaned up" She said as she walked out the door. i ran to the toilet and opened the door, the two boys came out in hysterics. i shook my head at them "Who said that" I asked, Harry smiled then pointed to Zayn, who nudged him a bit "It was Harry" He said walking past me.

I made sure Lisa was gone, "You boys ready" I winked, they nodded. We weaved our way in and out of the machinery. I pulled them by their hands behind me. We got about 5 meters away from the others when i noticed Louis wasnt there. I walked closer, knowing he was upto something......... "RAAAAAA!!" he yelled jumping out of the ditch. "Holy fuck!!!" I yelled jumping back into Harry, I wrapped my arms around in, hiding behind his back. Louis started climbing out of the ditch we all started to walk off, i passed Louis trying to climb out, "Your a dick Lou" I smiled at him, gently pushing him back down into the ditch, "Hey dont leave me" he said sadly in a funny way. I put my hand out to help him up, but instead he pulled me down, "AHHHHH!! LOUIS!" I yelled as I fell back onto him. We both laughed as the others came to the ditch with worried looks on their faces.

Harry held out his hand I grabbed it before Louis did he heaved me up and Liam helped Louis. We started to walk down the road to a black Range rover, my mouth dropped "Not to try and make yourselves obvious" I rolled my eyes. They all chuckled, "We still gotta look good" Zayn smiled. We got to the car it was empty, i thought paul might of been in there. Liam opened the door for me and Nicole to climb in. I stopped just as I put my foot in, "Theres not going to be enough room" I laughed. Nicole pushed my butt, pushing me into the car "Finally" she whispered. i sat down at the far end, then Nicole in the middle and Niall next to her. Louis was driving, Liam in the passenger seat. The door next to me open and Harry climbed in sitting down by my feet. he titled his head back and smiled, I tuffiled his hair alittle. Zayn sat at Nialls feet. Nicole looked at me then at Niall "I feel like the odd one out" She smiled. 

"So do you girls always ditch work?" Louis asked. "Nahh not usually" Nicole smiled. I thought for a second "does anyone know yous are in New Zealand?" I asked curious, "They think weve gone missing" Zayn laughed, "The only people who really know where we are,are or family and girlfriends" Harry smiled. I had a feeling he was talking about himself, when he said girlfriends, but i didnt say anything.

Nicole P.O.V 

I was so happy our plan worked; saying we left the boys and came back to New Zealand, leaving our house for the boys to look after and the car with Ed Sheeran. I  started feeling a bit sick, I shook it off, maby i was just nervious about Vinny meeting Niall, and Knowing about all the things that happen since Nialls been gone. I felt my breathing get faster, hope Vinny doesnt say anything. I slipped my hand into Nialls comfort coming back to me. i closed my eyes and let out a sigh.

I opened my eyes, looking over at Pearl who was looking a funny picture on Harry Iphone, she looked at me funny, I gave her a worried look.  she gently sqyeezed my hand 'itll be ok' she mouthed. We pulled up outside Vinnys house. We all climbed out and walked to the door, the boys shoving each other playfully. I opened the door more nervious than before, i was still holding Nialls hand. Vinny walked out of the kitchen to see who it was, his eyes widened, as he obivously knew who the Boys were........









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