blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


75. Day with Lux

Pearls P.O.V

Lux pretty much jumped from Lous arms into Harrys. I chuckled then turned to Lou who was smiling at Lux and Harry. "So are you sure you can handle her" Lou joked. I smiled at her "Im pretty sure we'll have lots of fun" We laughed looking at Harry trying to hold Lux, her crawling and wiggling in his arms. "She was so excited on the drive here" Lou smiled. "I can tell" I giggled.

Lou handed over a pink bag that everything we need to look after Lux, nappies, bottles, milk powder, her favourite toys and other stuff. We said bye and waved as Lou left. Lux waved aswell. We all walked back into the lounge and sat down on the couch, "So what do you want to do?" I asked smiling at Lux, who smiled back at me with her dummie in her mouth. I chuckled abit. Harry was slightly bouncing her on his knee as we talked. "Erm Im not sure, what do you want to do?" He asked me, I shrugged and lent back on the couch. Harry sat there playing with Lux. Hes so cute with Her!.

20 minutes later........

"Here" Harry said pushing Lux into my arms. I sat up and held her up on my knee, "Ok then" I raised my eyebrow. I held her for a few minutes waiting..... she started to cry alittle Harry chuckled "she'll be ok" He smiled. I turned Lux so she was facing me, Her bum on my knee and her legs stretched out along my thighs. I held my hands on her back so she wouldnt fall back. I smiled at her, wondering what to do. She started to play with the frayed bits on my shorts. She shuffled forward and played with my hair, She pushed my fringe out of my face and then giggled, I smiled. She grabbed my necklace and sat back playing with it in her hands.

Harrys P.O.V

It was funny watching Pearl with Lux, she didnt know what to do. I wanted them to get use to each other but the environment was really awkward. I cleared my throat "Im just need to go to the bathroom" I chuckled before getting up, Pearl giving me a worried, funny look. I gave her a reasuring smile before walking off past the kitchen................... As I walked out of the bathroom and switched the light off I heard Lux laughing like crazy. I walked into the lounge to see Pearl holding onto Lux's legs and letting her dangle down over her knees. I could see Pearl with a big smile on her face. I walked around the couch and sat down next to her. I lent forward so I was facing Lux upside down, Her blonde hair brushing on the ground.

Pearls P.O.V

Harry lent forward and snuggled his head into her face making her laugh harder. He sat back up, as I pulled Lux up. She crawled off my knee and sat inbetween me and Harry. But she lent on my arm. I looked at Harry and poked my tounge out as in to say Haha-Lux-likes-me-more. He rolled his eyes "Only Coz your a girl" He crossed his arms playfully. Lux sat up straight and crossed her arms too imatating Harry. I laughed and jumped up pulling out my phone. I took a picture of them, then put the phone in my back pocket. I sat back down, giggling. Harry grabbed Lux and lifted her above his head. She started laughing again. "Are you laughing at me Lux" He smiled playfully...... "Oh watch..." It happened before I could finish my sentence, I couldnt help but laugh. Lux had dribbled on Harrys face. He put her down on his knee and looked at me funny. I covered my mouth and laughed. Lux jumped into my arms cuddling into my tummy. Harry stood up and left to get a tissue. I held my hand up to Lux "High-five" I giggled. She lifted her hand and gave me a high-five. I cuddled her. Shes so cute.

1 hour later........

"Anyone hungry" I smiled walking into the kitchen. Harry stood up carrying Lux over to the kitchen "Yes" He said as though he was starved. Harry sat down on a bar stool, Lux on his knee. I gave Harry and Lux a butter knife and 2 slices of bread "What do you want on it?" I asked Harry, I put jam, peanut butter and honey infront of him "Pick one" I smiled before turning around and pulled out 2 cans of baby food, mashed apple or mashed pear. "Which one would you like" I smiled at Lux leaning over the counter and gently tapped my finger on her nose. she scrunched up her face and pointed at the mashed apple, "I would'ov picked that one too" I smiled. I put it into a bowl then handed it over to her and a tea spoon. I made myself a jam and peanut butter sandwhich.

After Harry had ate his lunch and helped Lux with hers, we didnt know what to do. We sat on the couch. 
"We could go for a walk?" Harry mentioned after a few minutes silence, "That always gets Lux to sleep" He suggested, "What about the papz and stuff like that?" I asked. "It'll be fine" He smiled, I crossed my arms and tilted my head, gaving him a funny look Lux copying me. Harry laughed "It will be fine" He repeated. clasping my face in his hands, and leaning forward gently kissing me. Gosh what he does to me, 2 weeks ago he cheated on his girlfriend with me, then lied, what is wrong with me......Well like i always say dont dwell on the past. I smiled at my thought and because Lux stood up kissed us both on the cheek. I grabbed her and stood up "You little ratbag" I smiled placing her on my right hip. "Do you wana go for a walk?" I asked her in a baby voice. She grabbed my cheeks a pushed the together. "I guess thats a yes" I mumbled. Harry laughed and grabbed lux's jacket and his. I handed Lux over to Harry then ran upto my room. I opened my cupboard and grabbed out my puffa jacket. I put it on and instanly heated up. I pulled on my blue chucks then went back down stairs.

Lux had a little pink jacket that has a hoodie with a fluffy rim. Harry put the hoodie on for a laugh, she looked like an eskimo. I locked the house behind us. It was pretty cold, but the sun was just coming over the clouds. I had Lux's bag over my shoulder. When we got out the front me and Harry swapped I got Lux and he got the bag. "So where are we walking too?' I asked as we crossed the road. "I have to pick up the present i got Niall and thats just down the road" he said pointing down towards the rush hour traffic, people everywhere, cars jammed up close. I looked at him and sighed "Ok then" I said Holding Lux abit higher than my hip, I could tell she was tierd. she wrapped her arm over my left shoulder and lent her head on my right shoulder. I looked at her, her eyes slowly fluttering shut. I held her close so she wouldnt get cold or hit by any of the people.

We walked through everyone as fast as we could so we wouldnt get noticed, but no that didnt work......"Harry! Harry!" Fans screamed from the left and right, making more people turn. I sighed and held Lux closer. The Girls ran up to him asking for pictures and autographs. I walked to the other side of him and hooked my right arm around his then tugged him to carry on, good thing all the fans had already got signatures and stuff or they would be angry at me, "Come on Harry" I smiled. He waved to the fans then turned to me "Whats the Hurry" He smiled, "Well its kinda boring waiting for you" I chuckled, "Sorry" He smiled, "Dont be, I have to get use to this" I turned my head to look infront of me and slipped my arm out from his, but to be pulled it back again, "Harry" I growled him, "What?" He laughed, "I dont want to look like your girlfriend" I said pulling my arm away giggling. He shook his head "Who cares" He smiled, "do you want to look like a man-whore.....No I didnt think so" I said before he could answer. He agreed and we kept walking, Lux still asleep in my arms, I was looking at every building we went past, "This is so different to little Mot" I chuckled, Harry looked at me in amussement, "How long have you lived here for?" He asked, "About 3 weeks, not including when we first moved here" I smiled. "and you havent seen London yet?" He chuckled, "well no" I said looking around. He smiled "Ill have to give you a tour", when he said 'tour' it reminded me other the TMH tour, "When are yous leaving for the TMH tour?" I asked, "Next year january" He smiled, "Not long now only about 3 months" I smiled nudging him excitedly.

We got to a music shop, 'Music Ground', We walked in and went straight to the guitar section. I saw Harry smile at the guy at the counter, the guy turned around and went out the back, walking back in with a good sized box. Harry went and got it while I admired the awesome looking guitars. I ran my finger alone the strings of a deep blue coloured one, I love the sound of a quitar. harry cleared his throat and we walked out of the shop, I waved to the guy as we left "Thank you" I smiled. We had about 10 minutes before we would be home....."So..whats in the box?" I asked smiling up at him. "Youll see tonight" He chuckled, "Oh Harry come on just tell me" I groaned, "No you have to wait" He looked down at me over the box. Surprisingly Lux was still asleep when we got home, So I took her to my room and put her on my bed. She snuggled into the pillows I put on ether side of her to stop her from rolling off. I closed the door just incase she got up and rolled down the stairs or something, I walked back into the lounge and flopped down on the couch stretching my legs out over Harry, "Ill check on her ever 20 minutes" I smiled at him. I reached over and grabbed the remote and turning the T.v on to Mtv. For the next 2 hours we just lazily sat around getting up every 20 minutes to check on Lux.

I heard Lux calling out for Harry, well Hally as she would say. "Go on Harry" I smiled at him, He groaned "fine". I moved my legs and he got up, coming back 5 minutes later holding Lux, "What took you so long?" i asked, smiling at Lux. "I had to change her nappie" He gave me a disgusted look, I laughed as He handed her over to me. She still looked sleepy so she rested her head on my chest for a little, after about 10 minutes she was up and walking around the room, jumping alover us. I looked to the T.V as 'Live while were young' came on. Lux ran around the coffee table and to the T.V, she put both her hands on the screen, looking from The T.V then at Harry in confusion. She did this everytime Harry came on the screen. We both just laughed. She jumped around her dummie falling out of her mouth, "Uncle Hally!" she yelled looking at Harry then back to the screen "..........NiNi!....................wiam!........LOULOU!...............Za!" She screamed as they came on the screen. "Awww shes so cute" I cooed, Harry just smiled.

I cant wait to have kids, me and Nicole always talk about it, like what clothes, names, toys and everything.......I dont think its weird....well I hope its not weird.............. I heard Harrys phone buzzing in his pocket then the song 'Gangnam Style' comes on, I give him a weird look before he answers, "Hello.........Oh Yeah shes great.........ok see you soon......bye.......ok bye" He spoke into the phone. He gives me a smile "Im sad to say the day with Lux is over" He said pouting, I just rolled my eyes.

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