blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


31. Clubbing Night

Pearls P.O.V

I was the third person to step out into madness. Cameras flashing, People yelling out things, but the worst was the girls screaming. I now know how it gets on their nerves.

Paul and another few body guards were on both sides of us all. We finally got into the club. It was much cailmer in there. No cameras or screaming, Just ones asking for signitures, picture or if they wanted to dance, Which Harry did not turn down and I understand why. She was tall, thin and had blonde curly hair. The only thing that stood out the most to me was how much makeup she had on.

The music was so loud but it was good. There were lights flashing everywhere, strobe, colourful ones and ones with patterns flashing everywhere.

Liam, Louis and Zayn were just sitting at the table. Nicole and Niall went to get drinks. I decided I needed to find someone to dance with so I scanned the room and spotted a guy who was staring at me already. He was pretty handsome. He had black shortish hair, He was well buit up. He had a singlet on and a pair of grey skinnys with purple high tops. I stood up and walked towards him. I could see Harry watching me as I past him.

I smiled when I reached him "Hey Im Pearl" I yelled holding out my hand. "pleasure to meet you, Im Shaun" He yelled back shaking my hand. I pulled out the seat next to him. He ordered some vodka shots. We had two each then started talking. "So you came alone?" He asked. I tilted my head "Yes and No" I smiled pointing to Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Nicole "But im not with any of them so yeah i kinda did come alone" I smiled. He kept staring at me "isnt that the famous boy band?" He asked. I nodded my head "Yup"

He started nodding his head gently "Cool" He smiled. It was awkward for alittle bit so I broke the awkwardness "Did you come alone?" He smiled "Of course im not going to bring my girlfriend with me so she can watch me cheat on her" He said trying not to laugh. I frowned alittle. He started laughing "Im kidding, You should of seen you face" I felt more relaxed to know he was kidding. I rolled my eyes and started laughing too.

We had the last two shots before I stood up and grabbed his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor "THIS IS MY JAM!!" I yelled out, it was 'have to party' Gym class heros, its a remix though.

He moved his hips in time with mine. I turned round so I was facing him. I put my arms around his neck and stepped so our bodys were touching. We danced like that for ages. I looked around and saw Nicole and Niall dancing and the other three were grooving together. Harry was with a different girl now this one was also blonde and she was pretty. Me and Shaun happened to be dancing next to them. Harry looked at me I winked at him. He raised his eyebrows twice, as in to say you got yourself a goody. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

I looked into Shauns eyes, I couldnt see the colour of his eyes it was too dark. He moved his head closer to mine. I moved mine to his. Now we were so close our noses were touching. I smiled them moved my head so my lips meet his. They tasted like vodka, He was proberly thinking the same thing for me. We were interupted by Harry asking if he could dance with me. Shaun looked at me like if its ok with you its fine with me. I smiled and nodded. Harry past his girl to Shaun and i went to Harry.

I put my arms around his neck and swayed my hips. "So I can see your enjoying yourself" I yelled in his ear then looking at the girl he was just with. He nodded and smiled. I looked at Nicole who was obviously wasted she couldnt really dance properly. I could see Niall laughing at her.

As Louis went around taking pictures of everyone. He found us and skipped over, He was obviously a bit drunk too. I smiled. He held up his Iphone "SAY CHEESE!!" he yelled. I put my arm over Harrys shoulder and he put his over mine and with our free hands we did thumbs up and smiled really cheesely. Louis smiled "ANOTHER ONE!!"

This time I put my left hand on his right cheek and kissed his left cheek. He did two thumbs up and smiled. Louis snapped it and walked off to the others and took pictures of them at the table.

I looked around and couldnt see Shaun or the other girl. I shrugged my shoulders and whispered/yelled in Harrys ear. He nodded and we walked over to Nicole and Niall, which we interupted thier kissing moment. I whispered/yelled in her ear. She did the same to Niall. Then we all walked over to the table. Where Louis, Liam and Zayn sat.

I walked up to Liam and grabbed his hand and pulled him up, While Nicole got Zayn and Harry got Louis. We all walked into the middle of the room and danced together. We all laughed and had a good time. Paul and the other body guards stood around us. Louis said something to Pual and he repeated it to the other guards, then they all left us.

I got an idea. I grabbed Zayns hand and pulled him to the DJ booth. I talked to the DJ who was there. He nodded and spoke into a micraphone. The music stopped "Chicks and Dudes we have a special guest DJ for you" He anounced. I dragged Zayn to the DJ set. He looked shocked for alittle. The guy continued "Give it up for DJ MALIK!" He shouted. Everyone cheered. I heard on of the Boys yell out "YEAH ZAYN MY MAN!!"

Zayn started playing around with the DJ set it sounded pretty cool. I smiled at him. He gave a thumbs up and I left to go back to the others. Louis kept taking pictures, Me and harry stayed close but didnt do anything, but Nicole and Niall, hooking up every minute, Zayn stayed on the DJ set for ages, Liam just grooved with Louis.

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