blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


8. "Cant believe this"

Pearls P.O.V

As me and Nicole put our bikinis on to go down to the swimming pool, I think it was an indoor pool. I walked over to the mirror and twisted my body side to side, Nicole came round the corner "You look fine" she smiled i looked at her in the reflection in the mirror "wow who are you trying to impress" i smiled. She had a yellow and pink floral bikini. I tyed my hair into a messy bun then walked off into the kitchen where Nicole was. I pulled a two glasses out of the cuboard and washed them, then grabbed the milk out of the fridge "do you wanna glass, Nicole?" she turned around "yeap" she said cheerfully, I looked confused "why are you so happy?" she turned again "when you said you heard screaming girls the first thing that popped into my head was one direction....." I shook my head she continued "maby it was one direction" her smile got bigger, I started to put the pieces togther but they were interupted by the sound of people running down the hallway. Me and Nicole ran to the door and opened it i looked down the hall "What the fuck" Nicole came up next to me "What" I looked at her "look down there" i said pointing down the hall. There were five guys running down the hall they all had brown hair except for one they all wore normal everyday clothes. Nicole looked at me "boys these days" i shook my head and closed the door, forgeting completely about the screaming girls. We grabbed some towels from the bathroom. I locked the door behind me as we left. we walked down a few hallways before reaching the door to the pool. There were two strong looking men standing at the door. Nicole walked up to the door but one of the guys stopped her "sorry miss you cant go in there" he said apoligeticly. Nicole frowned with curiosity "Why not?" the guards looked at each other then back at us, I felt confused "so....why cant we" i said to the one that was talking to us "Because the boys have told us to keep the girls away from them for awhile" i got even more confused, Nicole just looked angry "What the hell, But isnt this a public place, and what are you going on about saying 'the boys' what boys!!" The guards looked more confused than i was "Wait why are you girls at this hotel?" they asked i rolled my eyes "because we are going to the two day one direction concert tomorrow" The guards looked at each other like they now understood "ohh" they both said. I heard one of them whisper "they dont know" I rased one eyebrow "dont know wha......." i didnt finish because the door flew open and a boy with brown wet hair and deep blue eyes stood there, he had no top on and he was dripping with water, He had a pair of swimming shorts that were red. it was Louis. I felt Nicole grab my arm and tighten her grip. It was wired because i normaly would grab Nicoles arm back in surprise because one of the band members was standing right in front of me, but i didnt feel like it, as if he was just a normal really good looking boy. Louis looked at the guard " Hey Paul,whats with all the racus" he said smiling his British acsent was amazing. His voice sounded a little higher than the other boys i noticed. I could see that he was waiting for a 'OMG its one direction' or screaming. But I didnt feel the need to do any. I knew Nicole wanted to but she held it in "well" i started "we just wanted to go for a swim, but your friends here wouldnt let us in" i said pointing to the guards. Louis looked at me confused "You know who we are right?" I shook my head phacastically "of course i know who you are your Louis.....Famous boy band one dirction" i smiled. Louis still looked confused "Then why arnt you screaming or going nuts" he chuckled. I shrugged my shoulders "I dont know. Maby theres no point screaming over some boys, Its not like your any different to the other boys. Well you are different but your still normal" I said. Nicole slowly releasing my arm, I rubbed it. Louis frowned alittle and then smiled "do you really think that?" I nodded my head. He smiled even more "Come on then love" He touched Pauls shoulder and turned back into the door. I started walking into the door I heard laughter and voices talking. I looked back at Nicole who was in the same spot "Hurry up" i said, all the vocies went quite. I felt a little awkward. Nicole finally decided to move "I cant believe this" she whispered. We walked into the pool area.

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