blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


11. Cant be true

Pearls P.O.V

We go to were the stage and all the seats were it was dark and huge. Me and Nicole made our way down to the front... the mosh pit. We tryed to sqeaze our way to the front. All we could hear were the sound of talking girls, it was loud. I smiled at Nicole then pulled my phone out of my bag. I had no txts. I clicked onto the camera so i could be ready to take pictures.

It had been about an hour since we had got here and now every seat was full and we were cramed together in the mosh pit. I gave Nicole an awkward smile. She looked nervious and excited. I looked to the stage there was one big projecter screen and two little ones just infront of where the drummer and guitar players would be. There was a three seater couch in the center of the stage and lots of speakers. Suddenly a picture poped up on the big screen and on the little ones it started counting down from 1 minute. A beeping noise went off each time the number changed. I could hear everyone chanting the numbers as they flicked by..... 30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21.........10,9,8,7......

At this point i started to feel butterflies in my stomach. The number finally changed to 1 it seemed like it took for every. Then suddenly the song 'Beautiful' came on and all five gorgeous boys came running out onto the stage. Everyone in the room screamed, even me and Nicole. They all had big smiles on their faces. They were colour cordinated. Liam had grey pants and a grey vest with a white t-shirt underneth and black shoes. Harry had a black tucksedo jacket with a plain white t-shirt and grey pants with black shoes. Niall just had a plain whit t-shirt and grey jeans with white high tops. Louis had a white top with a collor and the buttons done right up and he had black saspenders and grey pants with white toms. Zayn had a grey jersey that had just the top button done up and a white top under it. He also had black jeans and grey high tops. They all stood there for a little then Liam started talking. It was kinda hard to hear him over all the girls but i could still make out what he was saying.

"good evening New Zealand, Im so happy to be here preforming for yous" Everyone cheered. Then harry took his turn "Its great to be back in New Zealand... May favourite country!" Every one screamed again. I blocked my ears for a little. "Its Nice to see the stadium full and everyone having a good time" I could hardly hear what Louis said all the girls screamed to loud. Zayn stepped forward "I just love New Zealand and all you fans, Its great to be back!" Zayn stepped back and Niall came forward his irish acsent making every one 'aww' "Hello New Zealand!" he paused "Im guessing you want us to start! cheer if you want us to start!" everyone screamed ther loudest. I just covered my ears and laughed. I think Harry spotted us because he looked in our direction and smiled then whispered in Louis ear and he looked over to us. Niall held his thumb up and the music for 'up all night' came on. Liam stated off then Harry and the rest. Everyone still screamed i just wanted to tell them to shut up so i could hear the boys. They moved around the stage and sang their solos, and when the corus came on everyone jumped up and down singing along "I wanna stay up all night!!!..........." Me and Nicole looked at each other and smiled i had my camera out and was taking pictures. The song finished and everyone screamed, As the next song came on 'More than this' It was Liams solo. I zoomed up on Harry. I looked on the phone screen and could see he was looking into the camera, I smiled as he poked his tounge out and i snapped the picture. I poked my tounge back at him. I could see him chuckle. After that song they ran off stage for a little. I showed Nicole the picture of Harry. She just started Laughing "SO THEY MUST KNOW WHERE WE ARE!!!" She shouted. I turned to her smiled and nodded, I couldnt be stuffed shouting back. They came back on in different clothes ether they wore browny red, white or blue. "This song is dedecated to all of you out there tonight!" Louis explained. Liam spoke up "it is a cover for Bruno Mars 'just the way you are". All the boys changed positions. Harry and Niall were by us, Liam in the middle, Louis and Zayn were at the other end. The song started and Niall tapped his foot along to the music. But this time Niall started the song and he was pointing at Nicole "Her eyes, Her eyes make the stars look like their not shining. Her hair, Her hair fall perfectly with out her trying. Shes so beautiful..............." i looked to Nicole who was blushing and had a tear of happiness roll down her cheek. All the girls around her were giving her a confused look. I looked at Harry who was next, He was looking back at me "Her lips, Her lips i could kiss them all day if she let me.........." I scrunched up my nose and smiled at him, That so reminded me about the spa. Me and Nicole swaid to their beautiful voices, All the others girls just screamed. We were the only 'Normal' people there, I chuckled a bit. I felt a vibration in my hand and looked down to see my screen lit up and a picture of my mum on it, she was calling me. I shook my head and canceled the call, I looked at Nicole who was looking at me confused. I lent over to her ear and told her my mum was calling me then i lent back. I could see her lip syinc 'why?' I shrugged my shoulders. A few Minutes later it was vibrating again. I looked down to see it was my mum again. I rolled my eyes and answered. Luckly the Boys were just talking and not singing. It was quieter.

"Mum what the hell are you doing calling while im at a concert?!"

I couldnt hear anything. I blocked my other ear. I could hear sobbing in the phone. I was confused "Mum whats wrong?!" I could just hear her "Im so sorry Honey" she sobbed again then continued "It.....Its your......

Nicoles P.O.V

I was so confused to why her mum would call her right now. I just turned back to the stage. I heard Pearl say she could hear her, Then she froze and her phone slide out her hand and I could just she under the light her eyes fill with tears. I was just going to hug her but she ran through pushing all the screaming fans out of the way. I bent down a picked up her phone, her mum was still on the phone "Hello" I said curiously. The voice on the other end sobbed "Whos this?" her mum asked. I knew something bad had happened "Its Nicole, Whats wrong?". Her mum sobbed again "Pearls brothers have been....... Killed in a drink driving accident" Straight away i felt the tears pour out of my eyes. I shoved the phone in my pocket not caring if her mum was still there, I just had to find my bestfriend.

Harrys P.O.V

All i saw was Pearl pushing through the crowd crying, with Nicole after her. I felt an urge to see what was wrong. I walked over to Niall. He saw them run off too. Niall lent over to me and whispered "Tell Paul to get the security to stop them" i nodded and moved to where Paul stood off the stage "Hey Paul could you do me a favour?" Paul looked at me and nodded "sure" I lent down more "tell the security at the door to stop two girls when they run out" Paul looked confused but he pulled out his walky talky and spoke into it. I moved back to my position, more confused and curious than ever.

Pearls P.O.V

I didnt want to talk to anyone or really do anything apart for run away. I pushed past everyone, sometimes being pushed back but i didnt care i just wanted to go. I forgot about everything and kept running through all the girls. As i got to the door the security stopped me. I could see that he was trying to be gentle and kind, but i just didnt want to talk. He stood infront of me "Miss are you ok, I was told to stop you" I felt the tears build up more "I just want to go" I sobbed wiping my tears away. I walked out the door and into the pouring rain. I suddenly felt my knees collapse, holding head with both my hands letting the tears run down my face as the rain hit my body. I felt a splash of water hit my knees. I looked up to see Nicole on her knees infront of me. She was also crying, she lent forward and hugged my whispering in my ear "Im so sorry, I know you were really close to them, Im sorry" She kept saying sorry over and over. I pulled away and stood up "Im going back to the hotel" I let out a sigh. Nicole stood up "Me too"

We walked home in the rain together. When we got to our room i grabbed som jockeys and a bra, then walked off to the shower. When i got out Nicole got in. I grabbed a glass out of the cuboard and poured milk in to it. I held the glass, my hand was shaking, suddenly the glass fell out of my hand and hit the floor. It smashed everywhere. I just stood there. Then quickly turned around opening a cuboard and pulling out a brush and shovel before sweaping up the mess. I dragged my feet to the couch and sat down. I didnt want to turn the t.v on just in case there was anything on the news about the deaths of my brothers. Nicole came out and said she was going to bed. She came over and hugged me "I think it would be good for you to get some sleep" she explained before giving me a half smile and walking off "goodnight" I got up off the couch and walked to my bed. I pulled back the blankets and crawled in. I pulled my knees to my chest "Why did yous have to leave, i didnt even get to see you......alive, breathing. Before all this happened" I whispered to myself, letting out a few sobs. I was just about to full asleep when i heard a knock at the door. I slowly got up not bothering to put any clothes over top my bra and jockeys. I turned the handle on the door and pulled it open.

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