blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


48. Beach Party

Pearls P.O.V

As we were just heading out the door in our bikinis, Vincent was walking up the driveway, "Hey girls, Were having a few drinks down at the beach tonight, wana come?" He said pointing to the car full of boys, holding beers. I looked at Nicole and shrugged, She nodded, "Yeah well go" I smiled. He smiled back "Just get ready and well go when your done" He said walking inside to get his alcohol.

Me and Nicole headed to our room and put some clothes over our bikinis, I put a orange stripped baggy shirt on that showed my belly button, and hug low on one of my shoulders. I put my light blue denim short shorts on and my blue toms. Nicole blue bat winged, half sleved top over her bikini and black short shorts and jandels.

We walked back outside to see everyone still in the car, I smiled at then "So where am I sitting" I asked Vincent, "Your going to have to sit with thw boys in the back" He said smiling, I pulled a funny face and opened the door to the back, there was seats left and they were all pushed up against each other, there was 6 boys in the back when it is only supose to be 3. I crawled in and across there laps, I speared my legs out along them. I was lying across all the boys knees, They didnt mind. Nicole sat in the front with Vincent.

I pulled out my phone and read the messages from twitter, all of them were the boys saying how great the tours been and thanking everyone. I felt a hand run its way up from the top of my calf-muscle to my thigh, the hand kept moving up, I started to feel abit uncomfortable, suddenly the hand made it to my butt and squeeze. I move my body over a look back to see who it was..................Josh, I didnt even notice he was in the car, I turned back to face the door "Shit" I whispered to myself. I sat up on Justins knee to get away from Josh. I saw Vincents hand on Nicole upper thighsqueezing gentlely.

Nicoles P.O.V

It felt nice having the company of a guy, I giggled and flirted with him, I felt eyes burning in the back of my head, I turned around to see Pearl staring at me, she mouthed 'to far', I felt my stomach twist and my heart beat harder knowing I had been caught, I moved Vincents hand of me and turned my head to the window, I pulled out my phone Looking at the old messages from Niall- 'Love you babe'. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, I quickly wiped it away before anyone saw.

Pearls P.O.V

I shook my head disapointed at her. As we got closer to the beach It was getting darker, It was about 6:00pm and the sun was just going down. He parked the car close to the swimming hole under the bridge. We arnt actually aloud to drink at this beach, so this is well hiden so noone will tell on us or see us. I climbed out of the car with the others behind me. We all help set up the towels and chilli bins.

4 hours later...............

I see Nicole drunk running down the pitch black beach holding her bikini top in the air and 'woohoooing' Vincent chasing after her yelling "boobies", I see Nicole trip over nothing, followed by Vincent picking her up and taking her into the water, I knew what was going to happen "NICOLE!!!!!!!!!,NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled out, she didnt hear me, then they went out of sight, I could just hear giggling, then nothing.

I got up and went to the car, I turned the radio on really loud, Then walked back to my spot, No one wasa around they were all in the water, I didnt feel like swimming so I sat back in my spot. I noticed Josh has been watching me the whole time, but im never going there again. Justin came up and sat next to me, "You ok?" He asked, "Yeah im fine, Just missing life in London and my brothers, but other than that" I said half smiling. He put his arm around me "dont we all" He replied.

I moved my hand so it was on his stomach, He has perfect abs, I could feel him smiling. He moved his hand onto my upper thigh, then to my side, He pulled me around so I was sitting on his lap, straddle, I lent forward making our lips touch, I pulled back knowing in the bottom of my stomach I was doing something wrong, but I dont know how. I pushed his shoulders back so he was lying on the sand, still sitting on him I lent down and started to kiss him passionatly, I started to slowly grind on, making his erection grow. He moved his hips up as I kept grinding, Then I stopped "Not here" I whispered. I got up and grabbed his hand and took him to the other side of the beach.

He got on top this time, he is still in his swimming shorts. I grab the top of his pants and pull them down. He did the same to my bikini bottoms. I stopped him before he went in, I half smiled pulling a condom out of my bikini top and gave it to him smiling.


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