blurb; Two best friends Pearl and Nicole experience some bad times in their lives but also some good ones. What will happen to their life when a famous boyband is involved.


67. Back to Vinnys....

Nicoles P.O.V

I got up packing Mine and Nialls stuff up, leaving him to sleep in, He has a long trip tomorrow. I left a change of clothes out and our tooth brushes, before zipping the bags up and taking them to the front door. Before going to the kitchen to make breakfast. Pearl was already there making waffles. I helped put the jam on them.

I walked down to Harry and Louis room, I knocked before gently opening the door, to see them packing thier bags. "Breakfast is ready when your finished" I smiled befor ewalking away leaving the door open. I went into Liams room He also had his stuff sorted, their so organised, well they have to be. "Breakfast" I smiled. "Thank you" he smiled. I went back to the kitchen, just as Pearl had cleaned everything, I grabbed the tea-towel  and dried everything.

I sat down eating my waffles as I watched the boys carry thier bags to the door, "Make sure yous didnt forget anything" Pearl said pointing her fork at them.I washed up mine and pearls dishes as the Boys came out and eat theirs cleaning them when they finished, not letting me do it. I rolled my eyes. instead I went over to the couch and clean up the pillows, and clened up around the T.V closing the doors. I went down to all the room and pulled the sheets off putting new ones on,"Hey let me do it" I heard Pearls happy voice say behind me, "no ill do it but you can help?" I asked smiling. She went on the other side grabbing the clean sheet and tucking it in, "I know ive known you for so long but ive never figured out how you get over things so easily?" I asked curious, She smiled "Life goes on" She smiled, chuckling abit. "But .....dont worry" I half smiled before we moved onto the other rooms. How does she do it, like if Niall did that to me I would kill him......but I kinda did it to him. My stomach twisted, "I dont want to tell him" I thought with out knowing I said it out loud. "what?" Pearl said confused, "Oh nothing just talking to myself" I fake giggled, looking away and frowning.

We finished the bed s and walked back to the kitchen, "Oh shit" Pearl said ducking down infront of the couch, "Im not here" She whispered. I looked up to see Ben at the door, He waved and smiled through the glass. I went over and unlocked it sliding the door open enough for my boddie to fit through, "hey I was wondering if Pearl was here?" He smiled trying to look past me, I looked back and saw the Boys take her to one of the rooms. I moved infront of his view, "No sorry" I said trying to figure out what to say. He nodded "oh ok well ill come back later" he smiled, "sorry were leaving as soon as she gets back" I faked a sad look, "Oh could I wait here?" He asked, shit what do I say, I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked over to see Louis, "No mate were abit sick" he said fake coughing, I tried to hold back my smile by pressing my lips together. Ben looked at Louis in disgust, "Ok ill just go, here give this to her" He said holding out a piece of paper. Louis took it "Thanks" He smiled before walking back into the house. "Bye" I smiled before closing the door and locking it. Louis dropped the piece of paper in the bin as he walked out to the car to, help Liam and Harry put the bags in the back.

I walked down the hall to Pearls room "Nearly ready" I smiled, she threw the last bit of clothing into the bag and zipped it up "Yup" she said popping the 'P'. We both came out of the room giggling, I told her about Louis and Ben. I walked out of the front door locking it behind me "Bye batch" I smiled, "Seeya" Pearl said before jumping into the passenger seat. I guess I was driving. Niall was the one who sat on the floor. I started the engine, giving Pearl a memrible smile. Wew waved out to Jacob, as He stretched to get ready for a morning jog, I noticed Pearl couldnt help but stare at his butt, I gently hit her on the arm, She turned to me giving me the evils "What?!" She giggled, "A girl cant stare?!" We laughed.

Pearls P.O.V

we got around the hill pretty fast, We got into Motueka, and drove down the main road, so so so different to London, this road wasnt even busy. we pulled up outside Vincents house,we all walked inside with our bags. "VINNY!!!" I shouted, "YOU HERE!!", "YEAH IN MY ROOM" he yelled back. I walked into his room, he was on his bed watching a movie, on the T.V he had in his room. "How was the holiday?" He asked excited for us to be back, "Great, The Boys leave tomorrow, then we go the next week" I said sitting on the bed next to him. He put his arm over my shoulder "You know I gona miss yous lots" He sighed, "Alone once again" He chuckled. "Dont worry, addvertise about wanting a flat mate?" i sagested. He smiled "Good idea" He said as I kissed him on the cheek, "Dont worry big brother, Ill always Love you" I laughed before walking out of the room, and into the spare room. everyone was spread out all over the room, I sat on the window sill "So excited to go back home?" I smiled at them, "Yeah, will beable to see El again" A smile grew across Louis face, as he thought of her. "and seein family" Liam smiled. "Yeah i cant wait to go back too" I sighed.

that night 9pm...............................

I let Louis, Harry, Niall and Nicole sleep in the bed, me and Liam went out into the lounge, I really didnt want to sleep with harry, and Liam offered to keep me company, We both fell asleep almost instantly.

My alarm buzzed on the floor waking me and Liam. I pressed the snooze button, It was 6am, the Boys plane leaves at 9am. I got up and went to the toilet, I sorted my self out, did my hair and everything else. I went into the room waking the others up by pushing down on the end of the bed bouncing them around, I heard lots of groans as, they woke up annoyed, "come on we have to get up and go, We have 2 hours" i explained. They all fell out of the bed as Nivole pushed them off with her arms, "Come on kids lets do this" She said all pumped up, over nothing, shes so wierd. "We'll get breakfast on the way" I smiled.

Liam wrote a note to Vincent saying thank you for letting them stay. Before we put their bags in the back and left. We stopped off at Mc Donalds, I wound down the window for Louis to say the orders. "Erm yeah we'll have 4 pancakes and 2 cheese muffins....What do you guys want", We all laughed, "Is that all for today" The box said, "Yes thanks"I said before driving to pay and get it. Louis grabbed it from the girl, who looked paralized, "O...M...G" She whispered, Louis winked at her as he grabbed the meals and passed them around, "Seeya Love" He said as we drove of laughing at her reaction.

We got to the airport intime, they put thiers bag through and we all sat on the chairs, People staring as they went by, getting pictures and signatures. A girl came up screaming, I watched as Nicole stood up and stopped her, "Can you just shut the Fuck up, like really screamings not going to get you anywhere" She said suddenly getting angry. She crossed her arms as she plonked back down next to me. "ok" i whispered to myself. 

"This is such a small airport" Louis chuckled, We all smiled at him. "Flight 88643 to sydney" The ladies voice said over the loud speakers. I sighed, "Bye guys see you soon" I smiled as I hugged and kissed them on the cheek, Louis, Liam and Niall. I paused at Harry and gave him a one arm hug. Nicole did the same, btu hugged and kissed harry. "Seeya" We waved as they walked out of the doors that lead to the plane, Me and Nicole ran up the stairs. to the deck outside, We watched as their plane left, we waved till the plane left the ground, "Lets go back to vinnys" I smiled "We'll start saying goodbye tomorrow" Nicole said as we walked down the stiars and to the rover, "We have to drop this off" I laughed, "We cant afford it" Nicole said worried, i sat in the driver seat, there was a note on the staring wheel 'Moneys in the glove box :) x' It read. Nicole opened the glove box, "Yup this should be enough" She said amayzed at the amount of money was there.

We got the rover back and payed for it, then walked home, it only took about 25 minutes. When we got back to Vinnys, Nicole went on her laptop and checked her emails, "Hey Pearl we can go get our plane tickets sometime today" Nicole yelled from the room, I walked into the room, "What about after We've had lunch then we'll go" I smiled as I lent on the door frame.  She smiled "Ok"..............


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