Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


1. Your Their Coreographer

~Grace's P.O.V~

" 5, 6, 7, 8. Step up, step back and two step turn." I said as I watched all of the 8 year old kids dance around. I was a coreographer for a dance company in London. I am 17, and I have danced my whole life, so why not help out the kids with those dreams as well. "Okay guys, that's it for today. Don't forget your point shoes on Wednesday!" I said as the kids got their stuff together and headed outside go home. I was looking at the long mirror across the wall. I did a doubled turn and an ariel across the floor as I popped out. I love to dance, it is my dream in life. I grabbed my bag and car keys and headed towards my car, but Mrs.Catheleine, the owner of the dance school, called me back inside. I walked back inside the glass doors and walked to her office. "Yes, Mrs.Catheleine?" I asked as I placed my bag on a chair. "I wanted to see if you were interested in a little job?" I looked at her a little confused. "Sure, what is it?" I asked her as she sat at the chair to her big desk. "I need you to coreograph some dances for a few boys." I smiled a bit. "Yeah, I would love to!" I replied happy to help out any dancer in need. "Great, you are my best student, so I would like you to go to Room B6 and practice a few steps to go over with them before I bring them in." I nodded and walked to Room B6. I stretched a bit. I was in my split, when a few boys walked in. Little did I know that these few boys were One Direction! "Okay boys, this is Grace. She will be the one helping you out for the next few months so you will have a few routines to do on your tour." They all nodded and Mrs.Catheleine walked out. I stood up and walked towards the boys. "Hi, I'm Grace." I said as I reached my hand out. "I'm Niall." Niall said as he reached his hand out. Then Harry, Louis, Liam, and lastly Zayn. "Okay well let's get to work." I said as I walked to the front of the room. I was in my hip-hop class clothes which was sweats, and a tanktop with a ripped up half shirt. "So, are you like a professional dancer?" Louis asked as he ran beside me. "Oh, not really. I have just been dancing for a long time." I replied as I smiled at him. "Well, maybe you know my girlfriend, Danielle Peazer." I smiled as Liam asked. "Yeah, I have known her since she was 6. We did a few classes together, but we both got offered different jobs, and we both took them." Liam smiled at me. I smiled at all of the guys and then turned to face the mirror. "Well let's get to work." I said as I turned to face the mirror. "Let's start with a basic step, then we will move on to a routine. So first, left foot down, right foot over, then twist to the back." I said the steps I did them. When I twisted to the back I saw the boys just looking at me. "I'm guessing you guys don't want to do this?" I asked with a bit of confusion in my voice. "I WANT TO PLAY A GAME!" Louis yelled. I laughed in unison with the boys. "What game?" Harry asked Louis. "DARE TO DANCE!" Louis yelled again. We all nodded. "Liam, I dare you to do the moon-walk." Louis said as he looked at Liam. Then, he did it. "Harry, I dare you to do the sprinkler." Liam smirked at Harry. He looked a bit cheeky, then he did it. These guys were so funny! "Grace, I dare you to pop and drop it!" Harry said with a smirk planted across his face. I decided to play along. I stood up and popped until my legs were close to the floor and then went back up. I smiled at Harry. "Was that good?" I asked with a smile on my face. "That was damn perfect." Zayn whispered, but I heard him.

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