Dancing With Love

Grace is just a normal girl who loves to dance, but when One Direction comes into her life. Will things start to change, will a love bond start between the two? Read to find out!


38. You Found Me

~Zayn's P.O.V~

"We found an adress." The Police said as he walked out of his office with a few papers. "Thank God." Niall said as he stood up. I stood up exactly after him. The Police started walking down the hall and stopped at someone's office and knocked a few times. I sort of felt like a lost dog following him. Another man in uniform walked out as the other man talked to him about what was going on. After they were finished, they lead us down the hall. "Do you think their with her?" Niall asked me. "I hope." I added. We were brought to a car and hopped in.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I didn't even touch the food that Sarah supplied. "You better eat up." Sarah said with a mouthful of green salad leaves in her mouth. "I'd rather die." i said with the most sarcastic tone I could manage. Sarah started to cough, and Lyndasy's jaw dropped as she looked over at me in shock. "What did you just say to me?" Sarah said as she stood up from her seat. "Nothing." I replied as I looked down at my half covered thighs. "You should be happy. I gave you everything you could ever want and all you do is disrespect me." She said as she walked over to me. "You really think this is all I could want. To live with a girl who kidnapped me and my best friend who you don't even know." I replied as she got closer to me. "You really want to do this?" she asked me as she got closer to my face. "Do what?" I spat. "You want to argue with me." "Get off me." I said as she grabbed onto my arm again. "Jared! Come out here!" she yelled. I was pulled up by my arm as one of the men walked through a door and over to me. "Yeah?" He asked. I could smell the strong scent of whiskey lingering from his breath. "Grace wants to have a little fun." Sarah said as she smirked at me. "What! No I didn't!" I yelled. "I can help her with that." Jared said as he my arm from Sarah's grasp and took me in his arms. "Let go!" I screamed. I then saw Sarah hold out a little black thing. Then I noticed it was a gun. "Better watch what you do and say." Jared whispered in my ear. "You two can go in the back." Sarah said. I saw Lyndasy jolt up out of her seat. "No! Just leave her alone." Lyndasy cried. "Shut up!" Sarah spat and the other guy went behind her and made sure she sat down. I was then being walked backwards by Jared. "Please no!" I cried. I felt the tears starting to water from my eyes as I struggled out of his arms and begged him not to do this. I was then brought into a dark room. "Stop!" I cried as he jerked me onto a bed. "Calm down. Just relax." He whispered in my ear. I felt his prickly whiskers brush against my skin as he got close to my neck. He held my arms above my neck. I then felt cold, hard wet lips kiss at my neck. "Leave me alone." I screamed before he slapped his hand over my mouth. I felt his cold hands move towards the buttons on the back of the dress. "No!" I screamed into his hand.

~Lyndasy's P.O.V~

"Why are you doing this to her?" I asked as I heard the screams come from the back room. All I wanted to do was run back there and kick the guys' ass, but I couldn't with a girl witha gun in her hand. "Maybe she can learn to stay away from Zayn." Sarah said as she listened to the screaming. I couldn't help but cry. My thoughts were ripped away by a pounding on the door. I saw Sarah's face kind of drop as she ran down the hall and closed the door, and now you could barely hear the screaming. She ran back over to me. "If I even hear a peep from you, you're dead." She said as she made sure that the other man kept me from making a sound. I watched as she nervously walked towards the door as I still herd the faint sounds of Grace screaming. I closed my eyes wishing that someone was here to help.

~Zayn's P.O.V~

I waited behind the Police as waited for someone to answer the door. After a few minutes, the door slowly squeaked open. Sarah's face slolwy apeared through the crack she allowed through the door. "Hi, can I help you with something sir?" She asked in a light voice. I knew she was hiding something. "Yes, we need to take a look around." The Police said. Sarah just stood there. "It's actually a mess right now.' She added. The Police just moved the door open and walked in. Sarah led them around, and Niall and I followed.  Sarah walked down a hall with the Police, but Niall and I stayed behind. she was basically only staying on one side of the house. "Come on." Niall whispered as he started walking down the opposite side of the hall. I followed him, and soon enough we came upon another room. The police were now walking in our direction as Niall and I walked into what looked like a dining area. I heard a faint scream and then the Police ran in front of us quickly. We turned around the corner and saw Lyndasy. The Police quickly ran over and pulled the man down that was holding her, and then they also pulled Sarah down as well. Niall and I both ran over to Lyndasy. "Niall." She cried into his chest as he held her. Lyndasy quickly popped her head up with the stained mascara dripping from her eyes. "Grace!" She screamed. Her finger pointed down the hall. I then heard a scream and I took off. I burst through the door, and i saw man holding Grace down as he was unbuttoning the back of a dress she was wearing. "What the fuck do you think your ass is doing!" I yelled as I ripped him off the top of her. I immeadiatley pounded him in the face. I just wanted to kill him. I was then pulled off by one of the Police as the other handcuffed the guy. I yurned around to see Lyndasy hugging Grace, and Niall patting her back. I ran over beside her. "Zayn!" She cried as she wrapped her arms quickly around me. "Shhh." I whispered trying to calm her down. The Police then led us out the house to where there were Ambulances waiting to evaluate the girls. Thank God we found them.

~Grace's P.O.V~

I didn't leave Zayn's arms the whole way to the flat. I was still in shock from what just happened. Lyndasy and Niall were going to stay over tonight as well. We were dropped off at the front of Zayn's flat. "Thankyou so much." Lyndasy and I said as we waved goodbye to the Police. Niall, Lyndasy, Zayn, and I all walked to the front door and once it was unlocked, we walked in. "You guys can stay in the guest room." Zayn said to Niall and Lyndasy. "Thanks again mate." Niall said as he gave Zayn a quick hug. "I hope you feel better." Niall said as he hugged me. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and hugged him back. Zayn shared a quick hug with Lyndasy and then we all headed off to our rooms. I walked in the cold room and then heard Zayn close the door behind him. I quickly turned around and wrapped my arms around him. "Are you okay babe?" He asked me. "I just want you." I whispered because my throat was hurting from when I screamed. "Why don't we change." Zayn said as he grabbed one of his shirts and handed it to me. I quickly changed everything and then hopped under the warm duvet. zayn slipped in moments later. "Never again." Zayn whispered to me as he kissed my forehead. "I will never let that happed again." He said as I snuggled into his chest with his arms wrapped securely around me.

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